Understanding the ProMotion display on the new Apple iPad Pro

06 June 2017
It's like Retina display all over again.

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tZAR777, 13 Aug 2021Last year I read that Apple had a battery coming down the p... moreyeah, it's unfortunate android phones this year are using more power even with adaptive refresh rate and LTPO screen, let's see what Apple has done this year I bet 13pm will have outstanding battery life even compared to 11pm and 12pm.

  • tZAR777

Last year I read that Apple had a battery coming down the pike in a few years that would highly increase the battery life. I wonder if this is what is being rumored or iff it will be a few years after the 13? It was supposed to be major, like 5 times longer battery life. A whole new technology.

  • Fox Vulpez

Anonanoymoususes, 06 Jun 2017android already did that 10 years ago .... lolIf that were true, I guess they implement it very poorly that no other Android phonemaker even consider to make it more mainstream.

  • Fox Vulpez

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Double the frame rate, half the battery life...Only happen when your OS isn’t smart enough to determine when to use 120 Hz and when to stay with 24 Hz.

  • Fox Vulpez

AnonD-286927, 06 Jun 2017I agree that is a good thing to make popular a great featur... moreApple isn’t the first company who do it, but it’s the first company who implement it correctly so the shift between the the refresh rate are unnoticeable, and not draining battery when unnecessary ( it just run at 120 Hz when needed ).

Yann, 06 Jun 2017120Hz refresh rate is more gimmick, than real innovation. W... moreI totally agree human already strangled at 30 frames, 60 is what you need for smooth action, 120 is totally gimmicks

  • fandroid

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Apple actually bring a genuinely game changing technology t... morefandroids can cope but it is not like one company and highly famous as apple.. as said in one of the comments sharp aqous was the 1st 120 hz back in 2015.

  • AnonD-402029

hmm what about mediatek ClearMotion? i watch 24fps movie on my phone smooth af

  • Celluloid

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Apple actually bring a genuinely game changing technology t... moreDon't rely on the article to do all of your research.

  • AnonD-367917

YES! (Gamechanger)

Making this standard (having so many unified hardware/software devices all with the same spec/capability) will be awesome.
A10 chip will easily do the work as well.... (maybe not in hardcore 3D game titles at 120 frames per second, but - its’ a tablet.)

Being a Nokia 920 owner, every time I pick it up I realise how much I miss using its’ nice display. (Shame Microsoft wouldn’t play nice with industry standards at the time and I had to retire it)

I used to have 200hz monitor back in the mid 90s. (CRT days)
about seven years ago I bought a ToTL Samsung 120Hz gaming monitor.
When I replaced it with a ‘paltry’ 75Hz adaptive v-sync 21:9 screen, I was impressed.

Knowing that ‘once you go high refresh rate’ you NEVER GO BACK, adaptive v-sync felt equivalent to about 100Hz when gaming. This was due to reduced time to get the active frame to screen.

Just moving a mouse cursor around on the Windows desktop shows the adavantages of true high refresh rate interfaces. (Most 120Hz TVs are 60Hz, with 240Hz ‘motion resolution’ being 120Hz screen that only the hardware scalers can make use of generally, a P still only being able to connect at 60Hz).

It has been done before. Its jsut when Apple do it it is to be relied upon by content creators. They know that LOTS OF USERS will have the tech.

Apple also do it right.
My original ipad Pro has a screen that can vary its refresh speed.
Apple spent a lot of money on additional hardware that ‘holds a frame’ allowing it to have exceptional battery life as well. Per usual Apple don’t play the ‘Spec sheet game’ and not many people know what goes into this product. Needless to say this won’t be a flop and will be a gamechanger.


  • Daniel W

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2017You must've missed the sharp aquos mobile line already havi... moreI like how Sharp been very early with many things, from pocket computers and PDAs (when those were a thing), via OIS (on a camcorder), RYGB (for better color) LCD TV, almost bezel-free smartphones (apparently @120Hz too), and so on.

Yet, their products tends to be kind of lackluster. I'd like to like their innovative stuff, but I almost always end up buying from somebody else, a Casio pocket computer, a Psion PDA, a Panasonic camcorder, a Sony TV, a Samsung phone, and so on.

Oh, well, I'm ranting now. I just find it strange how they can have been in the market for so long and managed to make so many good ideas real, and yet not be more successful.

  • Anonymous

Kek, 07 Jun 2017That's a feature that most low and mid rangers won't see. Y... moreTwice as much ... literally. Processing power doubles every two years ... soooo

  • Kek

That's a feature that most low and mid rangers won't see. You have know idea how much processing power 120hz needs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2017No. Why others did not follow is because Android OS cannot ... moreYou must've missed the sharp aquos mobile line already having 120Hz displays...when stating android OS cant cope...like I said, its been done before...in android...your point is lost.

  • Lanyard

Sounds like Sharp's panel...Sharp mobile had been doing 120hz for quite some time now...

  • Anonymous

Didn't Nokia already did something similar with the PureMotion HD+ display on the Lumia 920? 1000ms/60Hz is around 16.77ms. The Lumia 920 display averages at less than 9ms response time?


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2017Nah still can't beat the SuperAmoled display by Samsung.. S... moreYeah. While people do useful thing on their iPads, you watch still pictures on your oversize worthless sd slot support tiny 32gb tab s3.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Because it has been done before...they're bringing nothing ... moreNo. Why others did not follow is because Android OS cannot cope. This requires an interplay between hardware and software.

Mark my words, Android will release support for this in their next OS release.

  • Anonymous

Nah still can't beat the SuperAmoled display by Samsung.. Superior color and black level is more important than 120hz.,

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2017Apple actually bring a genuinely game changing technology t... moreBecause it has been done before...they're bringing nothing new...as usual, just rehashing an idea, adding flashy words, then marketing it to death as if they were first.

the reason many other companies didn't go forth with this is battery life...120Hz drains batteries...fast. It just didn't seem a good tradeoff, even with adaptive refresh to release 120Hz displays. As the adaptive rate will remain lower than 120Hz a good majority of the time (most films, and games run at 24fps, 30fps, or maybe 60fps) for mobile devices. I don't recall a mentioning of any smooth framing (the display artificially adding frames to lower framerate media to match the refresh rate and make it appear more "fluid"). There's also the matter that the GPU involved will need to be more robust with bandwidths to refresh at double the rate.