Huawei Honor 9 official: 5.15" DCI-P3 screen, 12MP + 20MP dual camera, Kirin 960 chipset

12 June 2017
The company is also launching Huawei Pay alongside the Honor 9.

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  • vxdvsdz

Funny how people expect Huawei to drop their latest chip on a budget priced Honor 9 when their own flagships don't have them. Coming with ridiculous expectations and getting disappointed themselves.

Honor 9 series like its predecessor is a budget version of Huawei P10 with very minute differences besides the form factor.

green, 12 Jun 2017camera no OIS.. dissapointed. Huge disappointment. I'd rather they went for 32GB/4gb and keep ois.

  • Anonymous

Mzma PIB, 12 Jun 2017Again with LPDDR3 + eMMC 5.1.. buy Huawei like buying LOTTE... moreMine has the newest not em..

Again with LPDDR3 + eMMC 5.1.. buy Huawei like buying LOTTERY admit by Huawei CEO.. since this rams & flash storage gate, Huawei sale drop slowly in China...

  • Anonymous

Has 5.15 inch, 3000+ mah battery and still has 3.5mm jack unlike Xiaomi Mi6. Xiaomi is lying about for bigger battery at Mi6.

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2017Why huawei release so many model with same kirin 960? That... moreCampers, u know. They slack with the HiSilicon chip and not create new ones for flagship. Then the camera they camp till some other smartphone company decides to beat their leica camera tech

  • imitation

is it samsung gs7?

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2017They had it right with the p9 Now it's all going nowhere ... moreUnless they make another phone with newer HiSilicon chip and more ram and the camera they should create some futureproofing for leica and not camping with the same chip and camera. If this goes on, and people realise that it is all the same, then their sales is going to drop

  • NiJon

NexusBoi, 12 Jun 2017Probably but not as soon as this Friday. But the Honor 8 ca... moreI've previously owned the Honor 8, cant remember when it came to EU though - but as you say hopefully no more than a couple of weeks, hopefully before I go on vacation :P

  • Anonymous

Why huawei release so many model with same kirin 960?
That make their flagship look overprice, why pay more if you can get lower price with not so differece setup

  • Chrsjns

Last year, it was the blue, this year will be the grey....

  • Ram

Will it be launched in India??

  • NexusBoi

NiJon, 12 Jun 2017Looks like I just found my next phone :) Does anyone kn... moreProbably but not as soon as this Friday. But the Honor 8 came to Europe, but I think it takes a week or two

  • vasra

THis is the right price. Will totally obliterate Samsung C10 in Chinese market.
Hope it comes to EU soon as well.

  • Shawn

the best feature of the honor 9 : 3.5mm headphone jack

  • Anonymous

bfvsvczcz, 12 Jun 2017On the negative side, they continue to use eMMC. So don't h... moreCare to elaborate? Thanks

So it's basically a Huawei P10 with a cheaper price tag.

  • Anonymous

a 3.5mm headphone jack. PRAISE THE LORD.

I was really afraid the jack will be eliminated, but Thank you

Huawei we love you.

  • Anonymous

Honor 9 giving stiff competition to One Plus 5 which will more likely be expensive than this.

  • NiJon

Looks like I just found my next phone :)

Does anyone know availability in EU / Denmark?