Huawei Honor 9 official: 5.15" DCI-P3 screen, 12MP + 20MP dual camera, Kirin 960 chipset

12 June 2017
The company is also launching Huawei Pay alongside the Honor 9.

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  • green

camera no OIS..

  • Anonymous

xXENDER FREAKXx, 12 Jun 2017Huawei current high end flagships makes no sense. A lot of ... moreThey had it right with the p9
Now it's all going nowhere
Most of their phones are alike
Honor phones are sold along huawei phones
So if I'm going to get a huawei, what should i get? P10 or mate 9 or honor 9 or what

I have a p10 and it's incredible, but I don't see where they are going with this

  • Sachin INDIA

why not QHD ??? , Last time CEO promised that Huawei will come in QHD , time and market and consumers are now looking for change in their devices and ready to pay bit more !! than why should we buy FHD !!

Huawei current high end flagships makes no sense. A lot of phones released this year and end of last year from Huawei. But in the end, all of them got the same performance, same camera setup and about the same ram configuration (some 4gb some 6gb). HiSilicon 960 and a 20MP + 12MP. So what is their strategy?

Funny, this phone is better than p10 yet cheaper

  • bfvsvczcz

On the negative side, they continue to use eMMC. So don't hurry to buy one from China 3rd party seller.

  • Thor

What about the OIS?

  • fvbsdvs

There is black color as well however not available for sale yet.

Also there is a 4gb version prices at 338$.

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

OK okay okayyyy! I am getting it. Happy?

  • TY

The product is amazing, its price is suitable.

  • AnonD-390711

Nahhh...Lazy design language.They should have done an upgraded Honor magic to be the honor 9.Good spec,around £350 in UK.

  • Anonymous

OMG a 3.5mm headphone jack. thank you