Nokia moves 3000 Symbian devs, to lay off 4000 other employees

27 April, 2011
Today Nokia announced it's moving 3000 Symbian developers to Accenture group and dismisses 4000 other employees, but promises them a solid social responsibility program to help them through...

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  • bag

nokia is still good but i think the os symbian has not done justice with the nokia phones.. this os has declined the quality of the phones and arroused problems..

  • Bart

Nokia made to many mistakes in the past. They live on the old glory. WP7 won't bring nothing new to them because they aren't unique like they use to be in the old days. They destroyed Symbian or Nokia OS. Samsung, HTC and others have WP7 so that makes them just another WP7 smart phone manufacturer. They still think that old glory will save them. In the upcoming years Huawei will have better sale then Nokia. Nokia is a school example of the bad management decisions and bringing Elop is a biggest mistake. Maybe Microsoft will buy them at the end.

  • Ira

Nokia should metamorphosize to a more perceptive company. They are waning badly.

  • faisalatm

Nokia to me have just became a name , nokia is going down hill badly due to several reasons :

1- No new fresh ideas
2- Quality is going down
3- Poor OS
4- Old school planning

it makes me feel bad really a company who can make mobiles as good as n95 n82 and others and others is facing big troubles for the last 2 years to bring something that wows the world.

another thing a company as big as nokia how in the world they didnt see that the world is changing and people are demanding more and more ???

Samsung , Apple , HTC , Blackberry thanks alot you saved our day

  • European

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2011WTF. Elop is Killing Nokia slowly and steadily. I want the ... moreTotally agree!

  • i have nokia 5530xm

i am not a fan of nokia but i m used to symbian and nokia is the one who makes ugly phones (but not mine :P) and ofc symbian has some bugs but i know how to hack it so on my mobile there are never problems (if nokia takes symbian to be closed-source it is over for them) and i manage to find all apps, games etc for symbian that i need and the best thing is that i bought my mob 2 years ago for 250eur! :))

  • Zaman

As I commented previously, Nokia phones are very reliable & durable. But the main problem is that the Symbian OS is not up to date & most of the phones produced by Nokia last 3 years are ugly. You see N78, N79, N82 had good features but the phones were so ugly.
Most of the comments were against Nokia's bond with Microsoft. I think these two mega companies would bring something exiting in the future. We have to wait for sometime.

  • javaman

not sure that fat-goose nokia took the wrong decision not swtiching to android, considering oracle lawsuit against google ... (i'm not fond of wp)

  • Anonymous

WTF. Elop is Killing Nokia slowly and steadily. I want the old Nokia company back, the one that wouldn't sell out. The reason I liked Nokia before was:
-It was one of the most durable phone.
-The best in signal.
-Designs were down to the best art forms.
-New innovation research and implementation.

The reason I am starting to dislike Nokia now:
-Designs are not so unique anymore.
-They barely make new OS or even make major upgrades.
-Adding WP7 as primary OS.
-Driven by just the name "Nokia".
-Hardware not on par with standard smartphones in the market currently.
-Some of the hardware used to be Nokia original designs.WTF HAPPENED?
-C7 was 300 euros when it came out and then same f-king phone with name "Astound" came to U.S. for free-$50.I feel bad for the Europeans.

  • Yani

7000 symbian developers and 1.2 mrd $ was invested per year in R&D (that's roughly 14000$/month per worker) and they couldn't compete with other new OSes (iOS/Android/WP7) ???
I for one do not feel sorry for all those workers! I'm sorry if I'm being harsh, but you can't blame EVERYTHING on the management.
The only thing you could blame the management is they didn't execute the Symbian Open Source Project years ago, but that was also partly your fault because you were scared you would lose your jobs. Guess that was invenitable (too much developers means too much overhead).
If you would open source Symbian in its whole, yes some overhead (not the best of the crop) workers would lose their jobs years ago, but Nokia would get bigger/lively community involvement and Symbian would be forever TOP mobile player, now it will be one of the many WP7 manufactuers with some WP7 involvement.
Just look what did Microsoft's US workers do in such short time with their WP7 effort, they ate Nokia's workers for breakfast, I'm so sad I live in EU! :(

  • Anonymous

7000 developers 0_O

  • Anonymous

HB, 27 Apr 2011im a huge fan of nokia's work.. tho ever since the microsof... moreI also have been a loyal nokia user. nokia's management has failed misreably. They they were behind in touch screen headsets, so they stop producing what they are good at to focus on touchscreens. They turn all of there products into inferior touch screen products. They used to make the sweetest feature phones with metal bodies. no more, quality materials are reserved for shoddy touch screen OS's. The last decent product nokia has made is the nokia 6303i. where's the 6600 slide, 6600 fold, 6700 classic replacements? plastic resistive touchscreen products don't cut it. xman

ps it's time for a little Nordic rage from the Finn's

  • Anonymous

Satheesh, 27 Apr 2011Dear Gurushant. It's not like developers are l... moreAs a fellow R&D Engineer you have hit the nail on the head.

  • Suy541

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2011It is sad day for Nokia and the users. but I am not surpris... moreWhy should Google recruit engineers who failed to develop OSes to compete with its own Android?

Those engineers could become application developers for Android, WP7,or iOS

  • AnonD-324

Well Nokia all I can expect now, is that the prices of Nokia phones should drop because, you are sending away 4000 employees out of jobs.

You know what Nokia, dont worry, they would get jobs else where and worst come worst, incase they are unable to fine work, they can always come down to India and work in a call centre.

They would def be paid peanuts, but some income is any day better than no income.

So now by how much would the price of N8(without the purple screen) drop to.

Hey by the way, Nokia yu can consider giving the purple screen Nokia N8 to the 4000 employees as a good bye gift, lolz


  • Anonymous

Nokia announced to eliminate 7000 positions or about 12 % of its total workforce..
the new cost cutting measures are expected to save the company $ 1.47 billion by the end of 2012

  • Srbh j

Congrats that flock of 4000 might contain mr.elop ceo..`haha

  • maxwell

good for accenture bad for the previous employee of nokia ..

  • ipo

Nokia announced yesterday they're closing a research facility in Romania (Cluj) and laying off 140 workers, perhaps part of the global plan. Still the phone factory near Cluj will continue to operate and no people will be fired.

  • CAT

This is so so sad.... Now how necessary is this change? The "big boy" are gonna coin it to the max with 4000 less workers so they can driver there fancy cars & live it up when this is not affecting only 4000 people!!! this is affecting 4000 people times 4 as this is the average members in a family.
I pray Nokia keeps there word & actually help this people & not just talk becuase it seems they only mentoned that part of "assisting" these people becuase it makes them look good. Well lets hope they keep there word cuz I pleadge if Nokia does not keep there word in helping these people I never support nokia - i hope everybody can stand together in the same way