Nokia moves 3000 Symbian devs, to lay off 4000 other employees

27 April, 2011
Today Nokia announced it's moving 3000 Symbian developers to Accenture group and dismisses 4000 other employees, but promises them a solid social responsibility program to help them through...

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  • joelpogi

it only shows nokia is not that much interested in developing symbian as they are giving it to an outsource. i just hope that accenture develops symbian more than nokia does as symbian is still a good mobile OS...more reliable & has better features compared to IOS and android. its just animation that lacks symbian..

  • jacktackle

what i mean is, nokia is mean. why they could not use this 4000 employees to do the job which they want to get done from 3000 dev's? its just a matter of 2 months study and your guys would've qualified enough to gear up with new business..

  • AnonD-6663

I think everyone should boycott Nokia
They fired thier employees for money what those people should do? Beg for money in the alleys?
Nokia just quit your phones have the lowest specs in the market

  • simple user

Having that symbian and meego are "nogo" for nokia kicking out 7000 from 11000 developers is a no brainer... really :-) i wonder what will happen if WP7.x powered Nokia fails. Though i feel sorry for R&D engineers.

  • Nasir

already highlighted by GSMArena analyst, risky move to shift to windows 7, which has already got low response in market comparative to increaing Android demand in smart phones

  • therock

mr. elop is slowly killing symbian...=(. oh well, time to move on to nokia windows devices.

when the symbian OS final year comes, every symbian OS smartphone should have a final software or firmware update!!

Nokia using android???...heck no!!! Android has different types of malware for being an open source!!

  • AnonD-5791

Sue Nokia =X

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2011good bye Symbian.... good luck to those who holding Symbia... moreameen :) all the best to all dismisses employees :)

  • bassfun

I think it is a right move.
Symbian is a good OS but the problem is it didn't evolve with rivals even though Nokia employed so many software developers for Symbian.
That means these guys are not doing enough of their job.
Another mistake is Nokia over price their smart phones compare to the hardware they use.
For example Nokia high end E7 is not as snappy as rival Androids because of under power CPU but they charge it really high.
It's never late to fix the mistakes, I hope Nokia is in right path of restructuring.
The only sad thing is they didn't chose Android which is best reviving medicine of dying cell phone makers(Motorola,SE)
Finally Nokia and Microsoft are complemented each other while Nokia is in urgent of seems-to-rival-Android OS and Microsoft is in need of a hardware manufacturer who will promote his Windows Phone OS.
This is win & die together strategy, not a win-win though!

  • caribala

The death of symbian?

Hell with nokia then >=(
Nokia sell newest symbian handset for dyng ini nokia's hand.
Is it nokia or trojan horse?

  • Anonymous

good bye Symbian.... good luck to those who holding Symbian device and hoping for update.... all the best to those who going to buy symbian device...

  • Anonymous

rumours new OS will born called QT OS :) maybe new gen of Symbian.

  • Ultra

Simple solution for Nokia. If the only make Android phones, they can hire about 5000 new employees... It only means that symbian sucks that's why they are not earning a lot.

  • Igorriok

I am reading and hear the music from star wars when comes dard Wader
Nokia what you are doing to yourself?

  • AnonD-2725

Douva, 27 Apr 2011I think this is the worst news ever, as if Nokia hit the 'E... moreThe problem is instead of giving the aging decrepit S60 OS a overhaul Nokia continued the love affair with the old hag. And this is where it ended.

  • HB

im a huge fan of nokia's work.. tho ever since the microsoft deal i simply felt disappointed.. i knew this was the end for symbian since then. and even tho i still have my hopes up for nokia and symbian(especially with the anna update) and hopefully meego i cant help but wonder why microsoft? true they got billions but thats basically it..

  • AnonD-7184

I'm really disappointed with Nokia's decision to fire 4000 employees.A company is the shelter for all it's employees. Those people are R&D engineers who shed their blood to meet the target of phone release. And now they are fired because of management's previous mistakes. I know well about these caring programs. All are just for sake of eye cleaning. Watch the movie "the company men" for those engineers situation. I feel really sorry for them.

  • fin

The end is not far avay!!!
soon the only platform is Win and after that MS take over nokia and thats more Mokia (=Bugs).
Long live Android and Sammy or HTC

  • Satheesh

AnonD-2486, 27 Apr 2011I think this is the best decision nokia has ever made... cu... moreDear Gurushant.

It's not like developers are lazy. In Private company like Nokia, How engineers can sit idle or work slowly. that too in R&D?No organization allow it's expensive resources to be idle. How do you think all the phones hit the stores on the announced date? It's because of all the developers hard work.Developers are not responsible for the delay in Symbian. 'cause it's not in their hands.Only management decides the progress and path of development. So they are responsible. All the nice,attractive,snappy phones are made from the blood of developers. So please think before offense please. I'm extremely sorry, if it hurts you. My mind doesn't accept what you said because I'm also an R&D Engineer. and I know how difficult it is to be in R&D.

  • novice

so sad to hear. symbian is still best. wp7 interface is really crap. if we install too much applications how much llong the list would be of tiles ......i have 105 apps installed in nokia symbian and i can get to them with only few touches of fingers. i wont ever buy is better option