Nokia moves 3000 Symbian devs, to lay off 4000 other employees

27 April, 2011
Today Nokia announced it's moving 3000 Symbian developers to Accenture group and dismisses 4000 other employees, but promises them a solid social responsibility program to help them through...

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  • me

what have the developers been doing over the years. Definately nothing. This is real business. no resistance to change.

  • Sun

Windows phones are never going to compete with succes against Android and Apple....

  • Anonymous

I have a lot of Nokia's phone (including 2 N8) and it's a bad notice... I think that's the Nokia's death.

  • Joan

Guess what he's holding??

  • Rab

simply... a disturbing news

  • neo

it seems end of an era. Durable dependable nokia would b history soon. What a shame... If any of top officials can read this.. Please join android club...


I dont understand... the nokia N8 was such a huge success as wel as other previous versions. why would this be necessary

  • Anonymous

nokia start falling down poor, Nokia what are you doing? its better to adopt android im sure you will be back top selling smartphone, hows window mobile compete to android,ios,bada? pleased nokia wake up, you loose your campany and nokia fans start switch to other brand,

  • MVg6

chocowii, 27 Apr 2011The developers are the muscles of a phone company. Don't lo... morethey have already lost them self since joining microsoft.
symbian project will cease eventully and windows will be the main os for nokia.

i was a keen user of nokia but because of the move... i have and i am glad that i have now moved to andriod (samsung)

  • Me

No need to be sentimental. This is business. let Nokia do what ever has to b done. The future matters

  • n/a

Nokia produced good phones, by using windows mobile, which still and I don't believe was any good, they are destroying their market share of good products.

  • Tommy

I believe it's a must, i mean if Nokia wants to get back in the game!!!

  • AnonD-6853

come can't do this.Why you are killing yourself?

  • EskeRahn

Did I hear the cry
for Symbian?

The developers are the muscles of a phone company. Don't lose them Nokia or you'll lose yourself in the long run.

  • Anonymous

very bad by nokia very bad

  • Anonymous