Nokia moves 3000 Symbian devs, to lay off 4000 other employees

27 April, 2011
Today Nokia announced it's moving 3000 Symbian developers to Accenture group and dismisses 4000 other employees, but promises them a solid social responsibility program to help them through...

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  • silvone

I was a nokia fan but last week i got my self a Galaxy S and till nokia woudent get a good OS like android i will never get a nokia.

I think nokia will disapear in maximum 2 years.

  • Me

I blame the previous Nokia management. They should have seen the writing on the wall. Surely with 7000 developers you can make positive history? Previous management is to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • JohnYu

Nokia must develop the once top smartphone OS, Symbian. I am a loyal Symbian user,. I personally don't like WinMo and WP7.. Nokia just have to make the Symbian touch UI -- snappy, fluid and with other optimizations for touchscreen devices.. the should also use powerful CPU's ram and GPU (dual-core perhaps).

  • AvP

In terms it means the end of Symbian. One of the main dangers of outsourcing is the loss of expertise in that field. Nokia, just said Good Buy to Symbian.

  • Anonymous

its the 1st time iv seen a company in this ressession do some thing like this to help the employees its laying off. fair play to them for that.

  • ugeshkumar

the news is not good but disturbing nokia fans. And what about symbian? Nokia should not let is go.

  • Anonymous

"ruling the mobile market with Windows Phone 7 smartphones"

  • Anonymous

Here is the rates why Nokia would have chosen Android to Windows!.. :D Nokia, wrong way, again!..Watch out...­s_ios_in_desirability_sales_in_the_us-news-2565.­php

  • tinyiko-south africa

This is good news by nokia, indeed they realy wanna rule the world again as the number one mobile maker,here in south afica or africa as a whole support this move we believe in nokia and nothing else out there, all the new devices are the copy cats of ane another, nokia started this and the rest follows


  • Max

So wait, 3000 devs move over to Accenture, but keep working on Symbian/MeeGo? Then this was _by no means_ an attempt to reduce their salaries, then lay them off too later (from a company that won't attract as much media attention) at all, yes...?

And I do have a bad feeling about that "we'll help you" program. It sounds too much like one of those "wanna buy my exhaustive course about how to be successful in only a few weeks...?"

All this is no way changing my previous opinion about what Nokia is doing: becoming a trainwreck, really fast.

  • Anonymous

Nokia would make the Symbian a better OS with its 7000 develeopers and it would pass over Android and iOS even!.. But they chose to disappoint them all, though all their faith to stand up the Symbian and also Nokia!.. Nokia is making another wrong decision by choosing windows against android, especially when andrid now has over 250,000+ apps on the market up to now in a few years!.. "Nokia, i hope more power to your elbow!.." :D (My phone N97 and i wanted to change immediately to an android for a month back now, not with a windows!-- Nokia is in the wrong way...) ;)

  • Douva

I think this is the worst news ever, as if Nokia hit the 'End' button for all Symbian fans. Personally I hate WP OS, and the interface of WP7 is so ugly and not organized. I was loyal to Nokia for 9 years so far, and now I feel disappointed for my N8; therefore, I believe it is time for me to swish for a Samsung phone running with Android OS as the Android OS looks like the Symbian, and Samsung hardware capability is way better than Nokia's now.

  • Herocoder

What Nokia didnt have previously was a much more eye-candy, fast and a stable OS like the iOS or the Android and what they did have was a versatile and functionality rich Symbian OS and a huge developer base.

Now what they have in Windows Phone 7 might be an Eye-candy OS but still requires power-hungry specs on the device and hardly completely functional.

If I was Nokia I would have implemented Agressive development improvements on the Devs and cooked up a better OS than Symbian ^3 which aint that bad by itself but it only seems to be a lazy progress on the previous symbian OS. But now that they have spent so much efforts on it .. I think they should stick with atleast one more year and with better strategies on the Symbian ^3.

Trying to ape Apple iphone is going to get them nowhere and sacking of the Developer base .. I see them losing more than gaining ground. Their only advantage is that Microsoft is a solid partner but not sure if they have the goods to deliver esp. when the time to do it is 'RIGHT NOW'

  • bbbbb

this is bad, symbian just on its way getting better, argh... whatever it is, nokia you really disappointed me very much
i keep my n97 til today just to wait another exciting phone from you, now im moving off to android....

  • Sam1902

I just can't believe this.......

  • jason24589

Nokia needs more Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!

  • Anonymous

Symbian surely could have easily caught up with the competition. True it was a bit late . But it has all the required features the other OSs has & more . Only thing lacking is the interface which Nokia could have easily developed .

  • n/a

EskeRahn, 27 Apr 2011Did I hear the cry "ABANDON SHIP" for Symbian?Can someone post, or Mr EskeRahn post a linux forum where I and other can build a replacement to Symbian.

As I had hoped it would be a barrier to 'google's world domination'!

  • jason24589

Too bad for Nokia. *facepalm*

  • rayz

oh boy, just when symbian was starting to look better, they decide to say that its. Guess that also means no to Meebo, when the N900 was so highly raved, and a newer version with a more slimmer profile (maybe an E7/N8 style) could have got that going.

Its just not the OS to me, Nokia needs to start writing apps that people want, as they already have very decent hardware. While the CPU speeds are slow, if you use the N8 for instance, you never really noticed any severe lag compared to android phones as its very much more optimal on how it uses resources.

Shame indeed.... coz Symbian without the direct Nokia drive means we are not going to expect much.

I moved from symbian to android, and switched back, as Android is just not good enough for useable phones, but great for tablets. Shame, i really don't see Nokia going anyware (just like Microsoft).