OnePlus 5 caught cheating on multi-core benchmarks

21 June 2017
The way it cheats is similar but not quite the same as the OnePlus 3 before it.

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  • AnonD-238991

oneplus is trying too much to please everyone... i was thinking of picking the 5 but i dont everyone thinking i cant afford an iphone and thats why i picked its clone... lemme just wait for the next Axon since they now cost the same... Axon design is awesome and it gets major updates... plus that killer DAC

  • AnonD-677381


  • ZloiYuri

Previously OP made phones for geeks and powerful users. Now it's became crap for dumbs. Sorry, BBK corporation, but goodbye. You don't deserve my attention and my money.

  • Anonymous

Who cares,

  • AnonD-677133

"Similar to the Oneplus 3" Oneplus made the fastest android phones last year and I expect the same this year.

  • AnonD-672407


  • AnonD-672407

I wonder why people even buy these rubbish phones by rubbish developers. Pay for the innovation, people, don't just pay for the specs. If you want a quality handset at a lower price, by an older flagship.

  • Anonymous

Honestly only tech bloggers and reviewers care about numbers in benchmark. The real usage experience is different. One plus 3 was a success and hopefully one plus 5 will also be hit.

  • Anonymous

Chinese phones are always cheating. Lol. Who cares about numbers? Software optimization is more important.

  • Anonymous

Just like VW and Audi.....

What more can you expect from a company copy pasted an entire design and bragged about it?

  • Anonymous

Bebe Rexha, 21 Jun 2017ha ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahaExcellent marketing but thats it what 1+1 is . Worst after sales service.

How to tell people that OnePlus 5 is a top performer when the performance is already very powerful lmao

  • AnonD-678866

Who cares....

ha ha

ha ha ha