Samsung Galaxy Note8 to have two storage options: 64GB and 128GB

30 June 2017
The handset will carry a price tag of somewhere between $1,000 and $1,100

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  • AnonD-569198

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2017Note 4. Due to less efficient CPU and screen substantially le... moreI did not say the Note 4 would be better than the Note 8. My statement was simply a personal value statement which you may have interpreted differently.

And as for batteries, its not the use-case of carrying around an additional battery that you cited. Its nice to be able to replace the battery when it wears out.

I don't find the Note 4 lacking in performance to want to replace it.

Here's a tip: don't make in your mind a response to what's not stated.

DNeighbor, 03 Jul 2017If I recall correctly, the upcoming UFS cards will be as fast as... moresomething like A1 and A2.

noti5me, 03 Jul 2017Look at specs of 128GB card: what is the writing speed of a file... moreIf I recall correctly, the upcoming UFS cards will be as fast as the internal UFS memory. Still need then for larger files, even for single cameras or drones.

Latest iPad Pro will offer 512 GB. Soon 1 TB will be a standard, then 2TB.

M33, 30 Jun 2017The price of Galaxy Note20 will be 3000$!eh...likely $3,700 in year 2029 if SS still makes the note, assuming an increment to note# by 1 yearly.= note20 in year 2029.

Savor, 30 Jun 2017In the United States, they never reach those prices. Americans s... moreso your vision is to have 512 GB of internal storage and be done with msd cards? I wonder if there is any apps that will allow the memory hungry videos and photos to be connected to a portable external drive like western digital essential passport 1-3 TB via USB 3 cable and type C at phone and enhance the user experience.

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2017Anyone with a brain wouldn't buy flagship at all unless it's fre... moreBasically you have a brain and need a functioning brain to type your messages into this forum. Thanks.

It is a matter of preference of buyers, their money -> their choices to make. US$1,000 - buy a laptop or a phone - which have and offer the best utility for them.

I rarely scold on the forum and it will backfire on yourself. Why you worry people spend their money $1,000 or more on phones? I don't use any samsung phones but am interested in the comments to have a feel of sentiments.
Thanks and bye.

DNeighbor, 30 Jun 2017I've already got a 128 GB microSD. Just so slow and lags the pho... moreLook at specs of 128GB card: what is the writing speed of a file to the card is REALLY important. I have msd cards of earlier versions and they are transferring to pc at only 23MB/s .So many writers say "why worry? got slot for msd cards". They never think further of the time needed to write to and read from the media.

Fixed storage in phones works faster as the circuitry helps to shorten the seek / write of data. That is why I am suggesting 512 GB storage as the next lap / step in year 2018 and eliminate the msd card.

Sean, 01 Jul 2017For such an expensive phone 1000$++, 128 Gb should be standard..... moreYes, samsung makes memory chips by loads of shipping containers.

Praveen, 02 Jul 2017Oh boy com'on. This isn't something that was expected to be new,... moreRead up about Intel and its minute improvements to its series of processors and then you will become enlightened.

AnonD-669286, 01 Jul 2017It's the old adage you get what you pay for. You spend $12,000 o... moreI was really pissed off by 1+ initial method of sales by requiring invites in order to buy its phones. So the logical step to take, to me, is to take 1- and reject its phones. Simple, no need any scientific theory.

No offer of 512 GB rom and 16 GB ram to be the ultimate in storage and eliminate the need for slow msd cards. What a spitty.

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2017This phone looks great. The Samsung Galaxy Notes just keep getti... moreand their prices are also accelerating as well.

Hero, 02 Jul 2017I am samsung lover since its started. But now samsung took that ... moreperhaps sungkia is a better term....but given its giant parent which has the sales revenue equivalent of the gdp of a country (google to find gdp of countries and sales revenue of samsung), your wish will not be fulfilled.

  • Anonymous

This phone looks great. The Samsung Galaxy Notes just keep getting better every year.

  • Anonymous

Rizwan, 02 Jul 2017Unfortunately, no 256GB ROM/8GB RAM....What a pity!Do you REALLY need all that?

  • SSGodMode

I'll take a refurb Note 7 please. $1100- thats someone's mortgage bro.

  • Hero

I am samsung lover since its started. But now samsung took that step to remove home button that is why i am disapointed.
Now days other smartphone are aslo going to make home button they hadn't before.
I think samsung should seriously think about it otherwise it will become a second nokia.

  • A Note 4 user

AnonD-681515, 02 Jul 2017If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Wasnt the Note4 costing a... moreNo, it was way cheaper.
and the price of Note 8 MUST be much lower due to the programmed obsolesce: the battery is not removable/user-replaceable.

on Note 4 i have to change the battery EVERY YEAR, it only fully lasts 11 months.

  • Rizwan

Unfortunately, no 256GB ROM/8GB RAM....What a pity!

  • AnonD-681515

A Note 4 user, 01 Jul 2017with a decent ROM, Note 4 (F snapdgragon version) is certainly s... moreIf you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Wasnt the Note4 costing about $800 back then?? Today money depreciates so $1000 is not too much to ask for a technology packed phone like the Note8.

I pay $200 for a performance torchlight like the Nitecore TM03. There are many $10 torchlights but they cant compare a hair.