Samsung Galaxy Note8 to have two storage options: 64GB and 128GB

30 June 2017
The handset will carry a price tag of somewhere between $1,000 and $1,100

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Zoser, 30 Jun 2017Have you readed the article? "Users will be able to expand the s... moreReaded :P

  • AnonD-667745

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2017Probably 128gb for South Korea and ChinaIt seems like this but the price is too high with this config

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For this price, it better have 4K display and stereo speakers.

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Probably 128gb for South Korea and China

For all the samsung does to its phones, $1,400, 6/128 GB memory, 3,200mAh battery, qhd screen IPS or amoled, 1 or 2 back cameras, let it be.

I will take the money to buy the pc, it needs serious refresh and update. I still live on ordinarily and well without the note 8 phone.

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AnonD-638825, 30 Jun 2017This is ridiculous... I cannot imagine anyone buying this oth... moreIt's best to wait for the final officially listed price.

I too believed these same rumours that priced the S8 duo around $1000.­bility_and_prices_leaked-news-23184.php

But ultimatelty, their price turned to be exactly how much a new flagship costs.­laxy_s8_s8_for_600_and_700_in_us-news-25542.php

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3300 mAh very disappointed

  • Butuh simon wakwak

That price is just......CRAZY

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OnePlis would still be faster, HTC would still take better pictures, Xiaomi phones would still last more... Yet this phones would cost twice than any of them...

It's getting ridiculous... Fast!

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AnonD-638825, 30 Jun 2017This is ridiculous... I cannot imagine anyone buying this oth... moreYes the prices are too high. But prices are too high on many phones and samsung spends the most money on the higher tech parts and developing them. So they have a right to cost more unlike apple.
However the prices are still high and this is also rumors and speculation at this point.

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Anonymous, 30 Jun 20171,100 dollars for a damn phone? Seriously? Take it or leave it

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Put 16GB ram and 256GB storage.

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2017Hmm no micro SD slot then?Have you readed the article? "Users will be able to expand the storage up to 256GB via microSD card."

For me the prices that reach some mobile phones touch the obscene. The difference between this price and other models at half the price with similar specifications is unjustifiable. But, well, as long as there are people who want to pay it...

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1,100 dollars for a damn phone? Seriously?

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Hmm no micro SD slot then?

Well, apart for the price, that definitely it is (rumored) absolutely not cheap. But at least that it will be 64GB (obviously) as standard (& expandable, again obviously), and that there will be a 128GB optional as well, it's a good news.

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I don't worry much of that $1000 price tag. After a couple of months, the price will be drop to $800 or less, just like their GS8 priced at $650 right now

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This is ridiculous...

I cannot imagine anyone buying this other than some hardcore Samsung fanboy, which is exactly what drives iPhones being bought aswell, hardcore Apple fanboys.

The specifications and features present on this phone are nowhere near the value of 1100€ or 1100$.