Sony's music recognition app TrackID shutting down in mid-September

03 July 2017
"Download Shazam", Sony recommends.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2017If you own Xperia M4 Aqua and after installing all stock ap... moreYou shouldn't have bought 8GB model then, GSMA warned that only 3GB was free.

Also, idk on your phone but on my xperia TrackID was deletable (A long time ago I had xperia XD).

  • Anonymous

Hey people calm down. Removing it isn't that bad. Your storage will free a bit. It is just an app. And Sony mobile division won't die. Sony makes profit from them. Don't trust that negative comments. They are probably Samsung fans.

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2017even in rich country like US their customer service is terrible. It's terrible, because they don't need it.
They have quality products that lasts a lifetime.
Just tell me how terrible is Sony's customer service after the S8 twins get the 7.1.1 update.

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2017Sony's quality checking is low, worst quality M Aqua series... moreM Aqua series was already stopped, in exchange for the XA series.
Touch problem on XA1 is caused by the screen protector that interferes with the screen on the edges because of small bezels *cough S8 cough*

The XA1 on my trial didn't have such issues, and you guys are too nitpicky of something that's not even a major one to be talked about.
Besides, you're not talking about such lags on Samsung high end devices but are so concerned with camera distortion that only happens occassionally.

Your lack of awareness means you don't belong to the world of technology, and it's a shame to have a commenter to not even have an idea of what he's talking about.

AnonD-617820, 04 Jul 2017Sony is over anyway.. Poor after sales and customer service... moreSadly everybody's falling in love with the incredible 4K HDR screen.

And may I respectfully put my middle finger on your face by telling you that here in the Philippines, a lot of people are actually using Xperia phones, namely Xperia XZ, XA, XA Ultra, XA1, etc.

Samsung obviously is almost everywhere, but would be funny if not, given the amount of marketing they do

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2017Sony is not a company to be "dethroned" easily (what throne... moreIt doesn't make sense.
Sony has a lot better sales than HTC or Google, in fact is actually the second most profitable OEM for high end flagships in 2016, number 1 being the Apple.

So if Lenovo would buy a dead smartphone company, I wonder why such brands like BlackBerry and HTC are still an independent manufacturers.

  • Ri

Zoom, 03 Jul 2017Bad signal is sony xzp with a bad cam despite they making c... moreHad my xzp for 3weeks won't compare with s8 since I didn't got it and it didn't have any signal problem even in my place where signal is weak.. Talk about real thing dude if you got the guts not because you hate it and find some stupid reason to just say anything here.

  • AnonD-517906

Wow, that's unfortunate. I just got my first Xperia and this news came out.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-617820, 04 Jul 2017Sony is over anyway.. Poor after sales and customer service... moreeven in rich country like US their customer service is terrible.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2017Samsung's quality checking is low, but we don't asking Sams... moreSony's quality checking is low, worst quality M Aqua series and touch problem in XA1…so sony must stop selling smartphone.

By the way better phones can be bought from many many stores, so we dont need sony anymore. user also can buy better and cheaper china phones from anywhere and sony must stop their phone business.

  • SPOS3Y

Is there a way to download the history im not seeing an option

  • AnonD-617820

Sony is over anyway.. Poor after sales and customer service is the worst I've ever seen. No more Sony

  • Christian

Curiously on the photo is a song from "Redemeer of souls",very fine album from a very old and good heavy metal band.
Kudos to the guy who listen to them,and wanted to know the name of the song.At least in this case,the tech involved in the article doesnt matter,what matter is a good taste for music ;)

  • Anonymous

Bebe Rexha, 03 Jul 2017People are being happy for Sony removing an app, showing ho... moreSony is not a company to be "dethroned" easily (what throne?) but if Xperia makes too many losses, they'll just cut it off, delete it or sell it to lenovo (because lenovo buys every dead smartphone brand *cough* moto *cough*)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-657131, 03 Jul 2017Ishit has lot of updates but little changes in themnah, u r wrong

  • Surficial

Natural consequence of removing the unnecessary excess in sony mobile to reduce costs.
Plenty of alternatives for this however.

People are being happy for Sony removing an app, showing how much they hate Sony.

Xperia Mobile Division will shut down? LMAO Samsung's whole tech business would shut down first and Xperia division would still kickass.
Sony is not a company that's easy to dethrone.

That's wrong.androids are way better.(especially if they run on qualcomm snapdragon.)
For example devices like Samsung Galaxy Note or Xperia z or Xperia SP have long been neglected by manufacturers but they all could run 100% stable nougat or even android O (minus the Vulcan API which is for games graphics and who cares?) unlike iPhone u could turn your Android into anything!just imagine.(no limits to looks and etc and anything that is on someone else's phone it surely could be on yours (software.i surely can't add a fingerprint scanner to galaxy note2)) but u can not use it to make a hologram don't even compare android to ios about updates. (unless your talking about a 200$ phone with a mediatek(most times) processor on it or (sometimes anything other than snapdragon.(Kirin or etc)) which are upgraded (for Sony at least) for the very least 1 year and six months which is actually what you've paid for.and even though u do not get newer android all apps could be upgraded for much longer so its good.
And it's real sad this has happened to was the most capable of all.but we can not call it bloatware since first it's visible and has an app icon in your home launcher.and its not running in the background unlike many other apps ( just when u run it) So it can't Actually be called bloatware while many manufacturers put lots of apps that are not necessary and are invisible to the normal users eyes and are running all the time.i call those bloatware.a normal user can not even determine whether they would cause system disablity if deleted or not (if u show it to them that is) but is there anyone who suspected that trackids loss would cause instability in the rom (sure not) and user's need file managers and browsers and many other stuff but as many did not know basic stuff like what I mentioned they wouldn't know that there's something called chrome or trackid or Google Drive app or a file manager or etc so all these stuff should be preloaded on the device for new users or ones who just can't understand get used to or bother or don't want to spend three hours setting up a new device so manufacturers do that by analyzing the region for example Spotify was on Xperia xz or X devices in some regions and not on some other (so just by switching the rom (official ones of different regions) u could get rid of root not recovery nothing is needed or if a little bit smarter just delete it from the ftf file and flash) (note:I'm sure Spotify was installed as a normal app unlike trackid)So since it existed it means many used it.and needed it.while many didn' on some regions and devices sometimes put its own browser while on most times it was chrome) until marshmallows it put file commander built in.while it didn't as of nougat (it's android built why would they?)

Zoom, 03 Jul 2017Bad signal is sony xzp with a bad cam despite they making c... moreBad signal is when people make false clams without the ability to prove it, just like what you did.

  • AnonD-678801

AnonD-373654, 03 Jul 2017Next Sony shutdown message : Sony Xperia division is shutti... moreBuy Laggy Explosive Craps?? Anyway... You are having a nice dream to close Xperia :v