LG Optimus 2X scores a Guinness record as the first dual-core phone

07 May, 2011
LG Optimus 2X indeed is the world’s first dual-core smartphone (both announced and released). This achievement was acknowledged by the Guinness World Records – the Optimus 2X is the first dual-core phone available to the public.

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  • AnonD-489106

Wow, the first dual core smartphone. Just look at how far we've come.

  • vincent

i like lg they are always original and alway's innovative unlike other phone's imitating them.

  • Anonymous

Congratulation to LG for this acheivement hope they will release more such wonderfull products...:)

  • dvl

The trouble with the qwerty keypads for me is my 'sausage' fingers, BB ones are way to small without me hitting about 4 keys at once and side slide qwerty ones seem just as bad, as for onscreen ones i just gave up and ended up using the alpha numeric keypad. It feels the step forward in technology has been 2 steps backwards for myself.

  • Yani

Anonymous, 09 May 2011This is the most intelligent comment i have ever read on th... moreAnd it was already deleted!
I wonder what it was written ;P

Congrats to LG for this achievement!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]This is the most intelligent comment i have ever read on this site

  • AnonD-7957

AnonD-5777, 08 May 2011All of my friends who started to switch to high-end touchsc... moreYou could also try Samsung B7510 Galaxy Pro. It's sort of a cross between E72 and those cheap QVGA Androids. Don't know if it's any good, though. And there's also motorola Droid Pro and Charm.

  • AnonD-7957

dvl, 08 May 2011I have to admit i am getting fed up with touchscreens too, ... moreYou guys could try the portrait QWERTYs (Blackberry etc). Although touchscreens have already invaded that territory, the basic navigation and text input can be done with hardware keys. Side-sliding QWERTYs are also there, but they're primarily touchscreen operated.

Edit- Darn, got ninja.d. Guessed it right about portrait QWERTYs.

  • AnonD-5777

dvl, 08 May 2011I have to admit i am getting fed up with touchscreens too, ... moreAll of my friends who started to switch to high-end touchscreen phones , will now go back to Qwerties and keypads .. YES I'm charmed by android but Touchscreens push me pack , why not keypad-version of android ?! ,Until that I will stick to my Nokia Eseries Qwerty :)

  • dvl

AnonD-5777, 08 May 2011Guys not all the world uses touch phones , some people ( l... moreI have to admit i am getting fed up with touchscreens too, forever catching the wrong 'sector' by accident and i'm desperately trying to find a decent replacement.

  • Laurynas

AnonD-7957, 08 May 2011Geez, I had read that AMOLED displays have shorter lifespan... moreYes, OLED display is really amazing thing, but Lifespan and Burn-in effect is essential disadvantages of it. And it is pretty serious disadvantages. Sad because SAMSUNG Galaxy S II is really good device. :(

  • Paul

I have this phone, & you are unable to take widescreen photo's which is very silly & wrong

  • AnonD-7957

AnonD-7957, 08 May 2011If its anything like the p500 (optimus one), it would be a ... moreGeez, I had read that AMOLED displays have shorter lifespan compared to LCD, but 1000 hours! I thought it would atleast last till I switch phones anyway, but guess not!

Uh well, if SGS 2 i9103 gets sAMOLED, I'll be happy with the contrast. If it gets S LCD, I'll recall this lifespan issue. Win-win situation (nah, not really).

  • AnonD-5777

Guys not all the world uses touch
phones , some people ( like me ) find it
too delicate to use ! , so when it comes
to non-touchscreen phone , nokia
rules with no competition !

  • Laurynas

Laurynas, 08 May 2011Read all (there is 4) my posts in this section and you will... moreAlso there is a good post of person called "ann", don't miss it too.

  • Laurynas

AnonD-7957, 07 May 2011Are you crazy or what! You actually want "Super Clear ... moreRead all (there is 4) my posts in this section and you will understand about what I'm talking about.
Link: http://www.gsmarena.com/reviewcomm-593.php

I'm not the fan of S-LCD or any other display, I just don't trust OLED displays.

  • Yet Another Android

Microplex, 08 May 2011Lets put LG's rep on the line here: LG were doing great ... moreWow you write huge posts but it's amazing how little fact and substance are actually there.

  • AnonD-7957

AnonD-8006, 08 May 2011Hi,since iam going to use the androidv2.2 vesion optimus 35... moreIf its anything like the p500 (optimus one), it would be a pleasurable experience as it is; but a little tweaking would give you class leading performance. Though I don't know if it has as large a homebrew community as p500. If you can, spend a few more bucks and get the p500.

  • Microplex

Lets put LG's rep on the line here:

LG were doing great things in late 2007 through to mid 2009, they had their world wide smash hit KU990 Viewty which was the only handset from that generation of mobiles to feature DivX 640x384 30fps / MP3 video recording and DivX 5.0/MP3 video playback (where other brands were offering crappy 3gp based video recording) and of course the 5MP camera with a 3" 240x499 resistive LCD TFT screen which back in 2007 was actually very good (i.e.: Not even Nokia had anything like that), the follow up for the Viewty was the KC910 Renoir which was just as good for multi-media but not as nice looking, similar specs but added WiFi, Xenon flash (the Viewty had a strobe flash) better MicroSD card support (up to 16GB v 2GB for the KU990).
Have a look at this page for side by side spec sheet
KU990 v KC910

LG went wrong in mid 2009 right up to late 2010 as they were trying to develop its own platform using Infineon technology (the Viewty & Renoir used Qualcomm platform) and their own UI called S-Class, the end result was the rather nice looking Arena (KM900, which was a replacement for the Renoir KC910), Viewty Smart (which was a replacement for the KU990 Viewty) and the world first see through slider the Crystal (which replaced the KF550 Secret.

It took Google's OS Android to finally wake LG up from the blunder of trying to develop Infineon and S-Class (S-Class is a nice UI but needs CPU and Ram to work properly) and the turn around started with the new Optimus range of handsets and to todays Optimus 2X & Optimus Black handset.

So give LG credit here for fixing their errors.

You can blame LG for also providing Forbidden Fruit company with LCD screens and now that Forbidden Fruit are going from LCD to LED for the IPHONE5 it free's up LG to start being proactive and not reactive in the market place.

So good on LG for getting this award, it shows that even a few dark years of pure crap in the form of Infineon and S-Class that they can turn it around and start being productive and innovative again unlike ...

as for Nokia, please to all the Nokia fans wake up, the Nokia N8, their freaking flagship model is just a copy of the Samsung Omnia HD with a few extra hardware features that were not around in 2009 when Samsung released the Omnia HD.

The only thing that can save Nokia in the smartphone race is WP7, they have realised that with their announcement with Microsoft, and with MS forcing all WP7 phones to have a minimum spec Nokia will finally start doing the right thing and offer 1GHz/512MB devices, its a start on their road of redemption and who knows with the extra money they will be making they might even have MeeGo for the hard core Nokia fans as a "prize" for staying loyal.

Thanks for reading.


  • AnonD-8006

Hi!iam really proud to be a member of LG mobile family.