Counterclockwise: the megapixel race of cameraphones

04 August 2017
We all know how the story ends - the Nokia 808 PureView reaches a peak no one else has visited since.

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  • Anonymous

Amazed at how many fanboys are still praising the crap 808 , thew mine in the trash long ago

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Nokia 808 with single core and 512MB ram can process 38MP photos... moreLOL no one cares.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Taken from Quallcomm website on SD835 "Qualcomm Spectra ISP ... moreFor a reason.... that many megapixels on a small sensor is a recipe for disaster

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Nokia 808 with single core and 512MB ram can process 38MP photos... moreSymbian was absolute trash , hanged all the time and useless interface ,thank god its dead.

  • Danny

What about the Nokia Lumia 1030? It has 50 MP camera.

  • JC JOE

No matter what others say 808 is still the best. I have compete with my friends phones (camera only) ranging from S7,S8,Pixel,G6 they still wonder how a 5 year old phone doing this.

  • Anonymous

still using 808 PV in 2017, too! The only downside is that whatsapp stopped working, but I'd rather continue using the 808 than continue using whatsapp :) I've got a cheap Motorola G4 as a backup, but with no SIM Card in it. Until the day another phone reaches or surpasses the 808 image quality, I'm going to continue using it as my main phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-654245, 07 Aug 2017The magic of the 808 is not the megapixel count of 41 but how it... moreExactly.. Nokia 808 sensor is old tech FSI, no OIS, no phase detection.. The 5 year old tech still leads in image quality today..

Now imagine the sensor updated with BSI, OIS, phase detect, HDR+ etc..

That will be the best cameraphone for at least 10 years after it launches

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2017Nokia 808 with single core and 512MB ram can process 38MP photos... moreTaken from Quallcomm website on SD835

"Qualcomm Spectra ISP

The 14-bit Qualcomm Spectra™ 180 ISP supports capture of up to 32 megapixels(only) with zero shutter lag, and offers smooth zoom, fast autofocus and true-to-life colors for improved image quality."

Even today's SD835 can't handle the Nokia 808 41MP sensor

  • Anonymous

Kyo, 06 Aug 2017What you mentioned might be true but the Nokia n808 didn't sell ... moreNokia 808 with single core and 512MB ram can process 38MP photos in 1 second while Nokia 1020 with dual core krait and 1GB ram took 5 seconds to process 38MP photos..

Nokia with symbian is ahead of its time(minus touchscreen interface but it caught up in belle update)

SD835 of today still can't handle 38MP pictures as quick as 808 LOL

  • Anonymous

TheHater, 06 Aug 2017Sony, please make the IMX500 a 1/1.3" 16mp f1.8 lens with your o... moreIf they will do it and really get serious on their phone cameras, then they will eventually shut down the competition. And since that kind of sensor/cam or whatsoever will only be exclusive to Xperias, phone manufacturers will tend to look for another sensor/cam maker that can match that of Sony's. Just saying.

  • AnonD-654245

The magic of the 808 is not the megapixel count of 41 but how it was able to "blend" those pixels into a very high quality 8mp image. For that time, it was compared to some of the DSLR in terms of raw image quality (on the pixel level). Still today, 808 can produce natural images with less to none imaging processing compared to today's standards with those oversaturated and oversharpened images that comes from the majority of the phones. It's interesting to imagine how it would be a 2017 808 version with today's high tech on tiny sensors in a 'again' huge sensor. That would destroy every cellphone and probably several mid to high-end range compact cameras around. I still have mine to take pictures on special occasions, especially at night taking advantage of its xenon flash.

  • AnonD-70078

Devil GK, 06 Aug 2017Is it better than Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel...?I would say it is if you are viewing large far way images but close up be much the same as the great cameras available now.
so it was before its time. fantastic

  • Aadrian

Nokia N8, Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 1020.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 20178 or more megapixels is enough.For your selfies or cats, i agree.

  • Anonymous

8 or more megapixels is enough.

  • Rafaelinux

Miss my 808 PV daily :'(
That sensor with today's raw saving capabilities would be perfect..!

  • AnonD-108806

I just missed an line talking about the attempt from HTC to use bigger pixels and small resolution called "ultrapixel" in the ending.

  • Anonymous

zodiacfml, 07 Aug 2017If you read dpreview, it will never get close to a 5D or any DSL... moreI quote from dpreview..

"the 808 has done an excellent job, at least matching the average mid-range DSLR for pixel-level JPEG sharpness, and exceeding the abilities of some..."

There's the link for your reference­shy;iew-nokia-808-pureview/2

Nokia 808 = KING of cameraphone to this day period.

Seriously, the slim smartphone race has taken away quite some useful features like Xenon Flash.. My Nokia N8's Xenon Flash used to take crisp and detailed shot in low-light, something that's missing in current crop of smartphones.. Wish there would be a Nokia 808 reincarnation with the same sensor with enhanced camera features like OIS etc & Lumia 1020's camera app..