Weekly poll results: AMOLED runs laps around LCD

13 August 2017
Despite the usual criticisms, AMOLED is clearly the preferred screen technology for phones.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017No the bashing comment section is run by such people of the... moreNo the comments section as the rest of the tech media is controled by apples money, they now want to sell amoled, sooo, now they are pushing amoled ,after years of decrying it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-244675, 14 Aug 2017Hey, 10-bit color depth and sRGB guarantees better color th... more10bit color is not a display type. It can't be better than a display type. The display type that has had the advantage of having it.

  • AnonD-244675

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017Well ofc you need that after all every professional uses th... moreHey, 10-bit color depth and sRGB guarantees better color than whatever OLED or LCD people are arguing about...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017Unfortunately the poll results are driven more by phone own... moreNo the bashing comment section is run by such people of the uninformed like yourself.
The results are because many of us can see the reality that oled tech is dwarfing lcd tech

  • Truth

It is a market decision cooked by phone producers. 90 percent of phone users do not know what is OLED and the manufacturers educate them that it is better so that to pay more money for such better thing and expire the sold thing faster because OLED is technically on shorter life, thus to sell more and more phones.

  • AnonD-598579

Is like Captain America passes Sam.."On your left".

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017As a G3 and G4 owner I can tell you the display is perfect ... more5 years I used my S2. Not one single problem. Burn-in started showing barely after 4 years.
You keep reading the internet, and let others make a choice for you.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-244675, 14 Aug 2017You all can say whatever you want but there's no phone with... moreWell ofc you need that after all every professional uses their phone to edit videos and photos...

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hanifbhutto, 14 Aug 2017despite more color reprpduction capacity and deep black q... moreBecause a tiny low res lcd is the most marvelous thing we've ever laid eyes on

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Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017As a G3 and G4 owner I can tell you the display is perfect ... moreLcd prefect? Wow you really need to grow up

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Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017AMOLED is the preferred technology for Manufacturers becaus... moreMeanwhile my note 2's screen is fine. Even my 2009 omnia hd is doing great.
So 2009-2017 is a short life span for a display you say?

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Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017Actually, LED has longer durability as compared to AMOLED. ... moreThey were talking future. Just look at mid range and budget phones now in chipset, ram, resolution, cameras, and some having oled

  • AnonD-244675

You all can say whatever you want but there's no phone with 10-bit color depth, calibrated to cover ~100% of Adobe sRGB range...

  • AnonD-679976

LCD n AMOLED, both screen are good. LCD is good enough, if u use your phone just for texting, surfing and reading.
AMOLED is preferred by people who loves watching movies, taking pictures and gaming due to its colors are more realistic than LCD.

  • AnonD-679976

people having " display burnt" issue is because the phone brightness is too high and i'm sure u guys always use the phone while charging. when the phone is heated up, it will affect the screen too.so high brightness + phone heated up sure will burn the screen.

It was a bit of an unfair challenge for QLED - they've only just been introduced in TVs and aren't featured in any mobile phones, so there's really no way to tell weather they're any good. AMOLEDs, on the other hand, are in many flagship and mid-range devices, and at mid-range they do look more attractive than average LCD.

I chose quality matters, but I'm using AMOLED myself and loving it. It's sad LG doesn't want to make AMOLED PC monitors, but, hopefully, they'll change their mind soon.

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately the poll results are driven more by phone ownership type, rather than informed consumers.

  • MobileMan

Unfortunately Quantum Dot ( Or MicroLED tech.) is not fully developed for Mobile , yes Sony Triluminos & LG G series is quantum dot & the screen look like Apple Iphone Screen , but still on brightness & colours it has to beat AMOLED by a margin , also i have read tech. sites which talk of more room for improvement in q. dot ( have more smaller LED , better colour switching etc. making it AMOLED like ) , don't talk of IPS LCD here ( Thought its good to have on your 2nd Phone for rough usage as they are still good screens ) , even with colour dimming in 3 years i have seen OLED give better colours marginally than LCD , or may equal Quantum Dot + on colours , but 3 years is big time. It is this difference which make users select AMOLED , all colours are popping & oversaturated to life.

Iphone is no.1 in LCD , & i admire there LCD for Colour accuracy , they speak class but i would say they are Quantum Dot or Quantum Dot + grade , OLED wins if you are into Saturated. Thats why Iphone 8 is going AMOLED right.

  • hanifbhutto

despite more color reprpduction capacity and deep black quility the amoled panel in small screen and lo pixle capacity mostly look bad if one see vey close.

And a Part 2 to my previous post...

Both Plasma and OLED are technologies that have matured vastly over the years. Panasonic had fixed screen burn-in in their later models, but most people already made up their minds before learning this. Later model Panasonic plasmas have virtually zero burn-in (they used something called "pixel orbiting").

By the same token, Samsung OLED phones have less burn-in now than previous models, but again some consumers are of the mindset that the problem still exists.

In the end it's all about what screen you want to look at, and read on, watch videos, and for how long you'll own the device. Personally I will always take OLED over LCD even if there is a little burn-in after 2+ years. I can live with that.