Weekly poll results: AMOLED runs laps around LCD

13 August 2017
Despite the usual criticisms, AMOLED is clearly the preferred screen technology for phones.

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  • AnonD-118053

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017Actually, LED has longer durability as compared to AMOLED. ... moreAMOLED started being cheaper only this year.

  • AnonD-118053

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2017As a G3 and G4 owner I can tell you the display is perfect ... moreYou have a short life, if you wait for everything to be perfect then you will just be waiting. Just enjoy AMOLED.

The comparison of cellphone LCD versus OLED is very much akin to the old comparisons of television LCD/LED versus Plasma. And of course OLED is now on TVs (Plasma RIP).

OLED (and Plasma) technology is a warmer, natural, pleasant, easy on your eyes technology. LCD on most displays feels like looking at fluorescent light, very blue and artificial, it makes your eyes strain more. Granted the newer iPhones look pretty good.

Whether OLED or LCD is more accurate is "in the eyes of the beholder". Both can be really good or bad. It's best to tweak the settings for yourself if that's an option. A top LCD and OLED may be mostly equal in accuracy, except if the user prefers darker blacks, and warmer colors obviously.

On a side note, the "night mode" settings on newer iPhones and iPads helps a lot. You can make the tones a bit warmer to your liking. Just schedule "night mode" to always stay on and dial back the slider.

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Luxor, 14 Aug 2017I just saw this article today. Lol. Apparently people start... moreLOLzzzzzz

AnonD-632062, 11 Aug 2017This result is a given, but aren't the poll results usually... moreI just saw this article today. Lol. Apparently people start commenting since 11 August meanwhile this article appear(reappear) on 13 August.

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Breaksense, 13 Aug 2017As a G3 owner (coming from Galaxy S2), I'll say this. If I ... moreAs a G3 and G4 owner I can tell you the display is perfect and as good as the day I purchased them.

Until the AMOLED technology is perfect (no uneven RBG LED degrade, no burn in) and 100% fixed I'll stay away from them.

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Vegetaholic, 13 Aug 2017Another "who doesn't know nothing" commenter. Fake colours ... moreActually, LED has longer durability as compared to AMOLED.

Additional point is on your "only low phones will have it" comment doesn't align with the reality of LED cost vs. AMOLED cost. LED cost for manufacturing is higher than AMOLED, so a phone maker would keep costs down by using AMOLED.

  • AnonD-678801

Amoled = Fake colors, burning... blaah blaah blaah....
Why those people like it?? Are they blind?

  • Anonymous

AMOLED is the preferred technology for Manufacturers because it's cheaper. Don't buy AMOLED if you plan to keep your phone for a long time. Why?

One downside of AMOLED is that different color LEDs have different life spans, meaning that the individual RBG light components eventually degrade at slightly different rates. Another is the burn-in phenomenon, OLED display color balance can drift very slightly over time.

Not a problem with LED’s as the single backlight means that color balance remains more consistent.

regs, 14 Aug 2017Majority are fine enough with TN. Marketing does its job. M... moreIt's AMOLED all the way for me - efficient in power consumption, brighter, view angles are the most excellent, and you can always tune the saturation with the modes.

My almost 4 years Note 3 has NO burn-ins because it's set to auto-bright. I know someone who has burn-ins because the screen is set to the brightest ALL THE TIME.

LCDs are good, but the power consumption is greater, and less true black replication because of ambient side lighting. I'm so glad Apple is finally switching to OLED screens, and I'll be buying if their Apple Pencil will be integrated onto their Plus models.

Majority are fine enough with TN. Marketing does its job. Most wouldn't even notice poor TN-like AMOLED viewing angles.

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Anonymous, 13 Aug 2017The image retention on LG phones is LG's own fault because ... moreThe G4 and on were not bad quality. LG makes very jice quality displays. There may be an issue in mass production and/or qyality control if anything.

The issues with the G4 and G5 display to me was not in quality but lack of user definable modes and limiting brightness. And brightness throttling.
And the fact that they straight up lied about increases in brightness and other areas.
But the display itself was very nice.

Cheap Xiaomi casual, 13 Aug 2017So much for freedom of choice. The cops have arrived.I just stated my opinion based on experience. I'm not holding a gun to your head. Now move along buddy.

Simon, 13 Aug 2017I feel you. I feel like so many otherwise good phones are r... moreYep, I would've bought the G6 on spot. A very good upgrade to my G3. That until I saw the dreaded 3 letters. A damn shame it is.

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Anonymous, 13 Aug 2017And there are also lcd screens with image persistence on th... moreThe image retention on LG phones is LG's own fault because they use the same low quality LCD screen on LG flagship phones since G4. All other brands have much better LCD screen.

The truth hurts you and you can't accept it.

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AnonD-691126, 13 Aug 2017Both technologies have their advantages. We'll probably nev... moreOled is getting longer lasting. And you will see some good rgb and brighter and more efficient ones within the next year or two that increase the life span a lot. Especially in the blue pixel.
Oled has much room to grow but has matured much more than you think.

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AnonD-2186, 13 Aug 2017Yes, LCD have its share of issues too. But not limiting the... moreYes. But the context of their comment that made me say that was to exaggerate this issue of oled and make it is as if similar and other ones of equal crap did not for lcd

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Both technologies have their advantages. We'll probably never see a flexible LCD, nor a long-lasting OLED in RGB, and, on an unrelated note, a CRT smartphone. OLED is improving, but at the status it was(and is) in my opinion is too early to implement. OLED does retain images for long periods of time; this can be fixed, but the screen will be dimmer. LCD is also capable of image retention, and may even be worse than OLED. I like both LCD and OLED(haven't heard of Quantum Dot).

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AnonD-635604, 13 Aug 2017Sony use quantum dots or LCD? I'm confuse..Quantum Dots are added to LCD.
It is not a kind of screen.

Samsung uses it on LED tvs...

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Anonymous, 13 Aug 2017better than useless 4k lcd which doesnt support daydreamThe useless 4K LCD lets you watch 4K video on it.
Also can reach 6500K by using RGB settings.

S8 is 6700K.

Best oled of Samsung has 142% sRGB. The useless LCD is already able to reach 138%.

Sony can do better than Samsung