Samsung Galaxy Note8 pricing and launch info

23 August 2017
Samsung is coordinating a simultaneous global rollout. Pre-orders will be live by tomorrow.

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Let's wait for Christmas sales. Got an S7 0$ down last year with some goodies and a cheap contract

  • Anonymous

Those prices :o

  • Vendhar

Hi folks. Don't support these companies anymore. Samsung, Apple and etc are very ignorant in their pricing because of their exceptional sales. Go for value gadgets. Sorry Samsung, not this time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2017Priced correctly actually. No one seems to complain that th... moreWell, for iPhones, the sheep have to pay whatever Apple charge them. Do they have a choice? Lol

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2017Was thinking about buying it but that price hike is big... ... moreMe too. I held out for an upgrade as the last two Notes did not deliver. And unless the price on this changes this won't either. My Note 4 is not dead yet battery issues but I can live with that.

  • AnonD-387282

I can buy a macbook air 2016 here in philippines with that price.

  • Mmh

Ugly design for dual camera, ugly price. How on earth did they put this price on it ?!!!

  • Hmmm

1000 eur is just insane amount of money to throw out on a fragile glass phone with programmed obsolescence.

  • DD

The Neymar of smartphone pricing. :D

Hope this means there'll be fewer of us using this phone the way it should be used. Most of the kids these days just want to be trendy. But the note line isn't for kids. This pricing brings the product back to its niche status. Good.

  • Anonymous

Priced correctly actually. No one seems to complain that the iPhone 7+ can get to that price. Nor about the pixel xl...

  • Anonymous

zodiacfml, 23 Aug 2017I just hope consumers stop feeding money to these. The pri... moreBuy a fridge instead.

  • AnonD-684460

i think im just going to get the s8 with pc upgrades

I just hope consumers stop feeding money to these. The price is just ridiculous. One could buy a powerful, gaming laptop for this price. Gaming laptops are not good value either. Imagine that.

  • Harsenik

Ur price is WAYYY to HIGH you need to Cut It! cut it cut it

  • Anonymous

I wont be surprised sed if the price of a phone can buy a second hand car..

  • AnonD-505842

€1000 lol

  • Anonymous

Indian, 23 Aug 2017India - USD 1200 + GST + No GoodiesTime to buy the s8+ 128gb edition

  • Anonymous

I'll wait for 6 months till the price go down. S7 Edge is okay to live with for now.

  • Anonymous

This is the killer!. I hardly see crApple fans anymore these days. they have all bought Sammy. hehehe