Samsung Galaxy Note8 pricing and launch info

23 August 2017
Samsung is coordinating a simultaneous global rollout. Pre-orders will be live by tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

Was thinking about buying it but that price hike is big...

Ima hold out now.

  • Anonymous

HP Enthusiast, 23 Aug 2017Not interesting phone with a ridiculous asking price. It... moreCall me a rebel but I genuinly dont mind the fingerprint sensor position, I would genuinly be a bit unhappy if they did not keep one on the back.

To let you understand more though, I use a folio case so its really easy to use and I can have the phone unlocked at same time as opening the case or as I take it from my pocket.

  • LLL

This is too much.....
Samsung is mad.....

  • AnonD-638825

Talk about extremely expensive paperweights...

1000€ for no updates and sluggish software?


  • Jimbob

Im not paying that silly price..

  • dre

Prit, 23 Aug 2017Canada has price tag of 1300 CAD, wow expensive, looks like... moreyour right. just what i thought using the note8 to gets all those penny loss from the note 7. i just dont see anyone paying 900+ for a smartphone. at least not in 2017.

  • Anonymous

Samsung has real gone over their heads. Ridiculous pricing. Just wait two months people. See how fast the S8 duos price drooped? Don't get sucker into paying full price. Samsung can't retain it's value after a few months lol what a joke

  • Prit

Canada has price tag of 1300 CAD, wow expensive, looks like they are recovering Note 7 loss through Note 8.

  • someone

I am a samsung fan and but their flagships every 2 years ... but $950 is too ridiculous man .. hahahaha .. big no samsung .. too much money for a phone !!

  • Anonymous

UK buyers are always shunted with the crappiest deals

  • Anonymous

1 person trolling nobody believeÂÂ… 2 person trolling still nobody believe but some reader attentionÂÂ… Finally 3 person trolling it brain wash the reader's mind successfully, perhaps smart people still awaken but not you, because the people whose XZs battery is worse is trolling.

£869 is a ludicrous price to pay for a phone, the S8+ at £779 was steep enough, cant justify that cost, i will wait a few weeks before picking one up

  • AnonD-572776

hahaaha... no!

  • AnonD-199238

Just an s8plus with an spen
Upset with samsung

Presentation looked so boring .. there was no excitement either

  • AnonD-607239

And they Sony phones are too expensive. LOL

  • Anonymous

Definitely good looking but pricing kills the interest. Pass.

  • HP Enthusiast

Not interesting phone with a ridiculous asking price.

It is the new S8 with S-Pen with an incremental upgrades by keeping the same absurd placement of fingerprint scanner.

I'll pass over this phone.

  • Indian

India - USD 1200 + GST + No Goodies