Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia X to be available next month, won't be cheap

28 August 2017
The software will be available on September 27. It'll cost €49.90 (including taxes).

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  • Carol
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  • 28 Aug 2017

AnonD-39937, 28 Aug 2017So let's recap: -Linux PC as well as some knowledge of the... moreThis is about niche, my friend. They do not appeal for normal Customers, instead they look for avid ones. Those who are tired of what normal is. Me! I would buy a sony just to test the software, i never oiked android;). But i would rather buy a nokia 8 to install sailfish on it, just cause: Better hardware. Well, i am sadly forced to wait and see what jolla's plans are.

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    • David
    • 6mM
    • 28 Aug 2017

    Some progress but we should really want this as duel boot option for the Nokia 8.
    If they do that I might consider buying it.

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      • AnonD-368020
      • XQh
      • 28 Aug 2017

      The logic is this :
      Those who buy Sony phones think last about value for money and there are good chances that same users will buy this OS if they like it as money is not a concern.
      No one can't even think of launching such OS for redmi devices as we know same users will buy new redmi device instead paying same amount for such OS.

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        • mixa
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        • 28 Aug 2017

        lol wtf, Iove Sony mobiles, but these Jolla guys are selling a virtually dead OS, in a beta stage for freaking 59 euros.Jolla got bought by Microsoft or wut.

        Not to mention the non-userfriendly installation process.

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          • Surficial
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          • 28 Aug 2017

          If they get native android app compatibility working perfectly, there'll definitely be a market it they focus on security and privacy.
          If there taking advantage oc sony's software expertise it should be well optimised and potentially have better battery life than android.
          More options can't be a bad thing, but there's certain things they need done right for this to be a success.

            Paid?! Hahaha...keep it then.

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              • 28 Aug 2017

              AnonD-70078, 28 Aug 2017I had a jolla couple years ago. great idea but bugger all ... moreSony is partnered with SF and they will make it great OS!

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                • AnonD-695531
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                • 28 Aug 2017

                AnonD-39937, 28 Aug 2017" rubbish android, what believes to be the privacy breaker ... moreClaudia, you serious? My smart TV, all my cell phones connected to same gmail ID is interlinked altogether which makes me miserable. In fact installation of any app requires permission and why do I need to share location and tell google all about myself...why sharing all my information to google. I mean its seriously know I have sold all my android based devices, currently using BB OS 10 with no apk app shell installed. Android is simply sick.

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                  • Rtx
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                  • 28 Aug 2017

                  Sailfish costs that much, because???
                  Sailfish is a failed experiment.

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                    • benben
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                    • 28 Aug 2017

                    about god damn time, i'm getting bored with android and their so called updates. most of them are useless and the UI is getting boring by the year. The last good one I had was ICS and lollipop which had good looking UI. I wonder why microsoft are still laying eggs without any work on the windows phones. I wonder why nobody revived symbian to a much better version. I still absolutely love symbian OS. Finally Hello blackberry android boat as well?

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                      • AnonD-70078
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                      • 28 Aug 2017

                      I had a jolla couple years ago.
                      great idea but bugger all on it.
                      android apps did not run well either.
                      android apps run 100% better on Blackberry 10

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                        • Joyslan
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                        • 28 Aug 2017

                        Paid mobile OS (for a previously sold device)... with beta level experience?! What a terrible time we live... 😅😖

                          Well at least some of the premium manufacturers are experimenting with software which is a good sign since none of them, Samsung included, will be able to make sustainable profits from selling Androids. Hardware is pushed so hard that the line between cheap phone and flagship (premium manufacturers commanding more money due to branding) will be blurred out pretty soon.

                          The only differentiating factor that makes sales today is software. People are lining up to buy the phones with latest decimal increment version of Android and manufacturers are milking it by limiting it to new phones. It's also matter of time before Google grabs the whole pie for itself by time locking the new or some features for the others.

                          Where premium manufacturers can compete is user experience. Both front end and back end on Android are it's weakest spots so it's not that hard to come up with better user experience than the one that is so illogical on Android. Also they can compete on the backend by offering consistent performance that requires less horsepower as well as much better battery life. They only need to figure out how to steal that app catalogue of Triple A apps from Android. It ain't gonna be easy but if they come together they will figure it out.

                            I thought there will be another hater again who will say:

                            "Who cares? Look at that phone's bezels."

                              AnonD-39937, 28 Aug 2017So let's recap: -Linux PC as well as some knowledge of the... more Are you a troll?

                                Anonymous, 28 Aug 2017Article says - Jolla and Sony have partnered to bring the S... more Sony might surprise, and release a mobile and/or tablet with Sailfish.

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                                  • Lbf
                                  • 28 Aug 2017

                                  Jolla should sell 50% share to Sony and start building together. Sony also not doing great either so this partership will give both a new life. I have used sailfish OS phone and it's really far from perfection. Jolla ..... please consider this

                                    So they are demanding €50 for a featureless beta OS

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                                      • 28 Aug 2017

                                      Kangal, 28 Aug 2017I'm probably the most qualified to give my opinions on this... moreThe sad part of this long comment is that developers still underpaid.

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                                        • 6XU
                                        • 28 Aug 2017

                                        Article says - Jolla and Sony have partnered to bring the Sailfish OS to Xperia devices. What it will be? An alternative OS that you can install/custom rom --- or default OS in upcoming Xperia phones? Please reply.