Huawei overtakes Apple to become world's second-largest smartphone company

06 September 2017
The Chinese firm achieved the feat consistently for the month of June and July.

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  • JJ

HUAWEI Sells SMARTPHONES with UGLY camera with UGLY OS but is one of the most cheapest devices.

Nope ...

  • AnonD-425519

geordie81, 06 Sep 2017Not so much in the western world it hasnt... it might been ... more"might have been around".
Huawei is definitely known, don't worry about that. In Canada I used to see it over 15 years ago and I've even seen it when I lived in Guatemala.
They're still not very well known for mobile phones here in Canada.
My uncle who works in telecommunication (Mitel company), uses Huawei products and used to talk about them.
You used to see them in modems, etc. They used to be very popular before other Chinese products took over.

  • Anonymous

I am worry the Trump will force Americans buy only iphone and don't buy Huawei or any China phone, you know the "overtake" is from everywhere, currency, economy, factories.

AnonD-425519, 06 Sep 2017Huawei has been known for many of its other products for ma... moreNot so much in the western world it hasnt... it might been around but not a familiar name.... so its rise is all the more surprising and well done

  • AnonD-563937

Sonu4678, 06 Sep 2017Oppo & Vivo's marketing is the best in current smartpho... moreyou are so right , its pretty annoying to see such bad phones sell so good .... but for onething i see oppo adds more than any other oem .

Vineet290, 06 Sep 2017Never!!! Samsung is expanding their J series( the most sell... moreYa right, few years back i bet you also said Huawei would never take over Apple too.


  • Anonymous

They sold Nexus 6p as full metal body.
If uou watch JerryRigeverything you will see it has plastic parts.

  • Anonymous

- Photos used to advertise P9 cam were taken by DLSR.

- P10 can have ufs, emmc, ddr3 or ddr4. It is like spin the wheel.

- 2017 flagship slower than 2016 phones.

msm5, 06 Sep 2017Pretty soon Huawei will overtake Samsung as wellNever!!! Samsung is expanding their J series( the most selling one). Now they have phones for evey criteria (mid ranger dual-cam too). So it's a long way!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-696124, 06 Sep 2017Kudos for Huawei. They are evolving and making one of the b... moreReally good.

Mate 9 is way slower than S820 flagships. Also it has screen made for midranges. Same of XA Ultra. But Sony adds their own stuff to screen. Mate 9 has low brightness and bad color reproduction.

P10 is no better than G6, U Ultra or XZs. Also you never know if your p10 has ufs or emmc. Some units have even ddr3 ram. P10 also has bad image reproduction like Mate 9.

90% of their sales are in China.

the last statement is so true, i love huwaei and what they are doing with their incredible camera, but i cant even figure out what is their flagship, the P10 or Mate 9 or even honor has great camera
cant decide where to put my money on, waiting for the mate 10. i hope this company decides what its flagship really is, cuz the P11 will again be even better than this one
and the mate 9 Porsche design is soo incredible too with its brilliant curved screen. I'm like where to go?

  • AnonD-696124

Kudos for Huawei. They are evolving and making one of the best phones and chips ever.
Also the phones, flagship wise, are solid, premium biuld and premium SOC "Kirin 960"
The Kirin 970 will be a blast, keep in mind it's huawei's own socket, just like exynos to samsung.
Huawei came to replace the already outdated Sony/LG marketshare. While LG was strong in the mid 2012-2013 like sony they lsot too much ground.
Huawei really know what the consumer wants at a considerable reasonable price tag.
Me personally i went for a OnePlus 5 not only because of the price, which is a plus point, i went for the oneplus 5 because of the snapdragon 835. I always loved snapdragon since My nexus 5 snapdragon 800.
My nexus 5 died and the only phone worth upgrading was to a oneplus 5.
i considered the nexus 5x, 6p, xiaomi mi5, mi6, huawei mate 8, mate 9. HTC etc...
my nexus 5 is unusable since March 2017, i have been waiting patiently and the perfect upgrade was the noelus 5. I considered the Huawei Mate 9 tho, i really did and almost bought one.

  • Jack

They deserve it. They've consistently been making incredible phones. I still love the Honor 8.

LOL. They really had to.
This senseless and useless information. I don't like Apple but many people are not buying iPhones because they know something new is coming. Actually, it is quite amazing that they manage to continue selling older iPhones, bought by fans insisting on getting an Apple at a lower price.

  • AnonD-693966

Gilda, 06 Sep 2017Well not everyone can afford an iPhone or is ready to spend... moreHuawei flagship phones cost the same as iPhone

  • Anonymous

Gilda, 06 Sep 2017Well not everyone can afford an iPhone or is ready to spend... moreThen, there are people like me who do not *want* and iPhone, price be damned!

  • AnonD-579159

Alien, 06 Sep 2017I don't want to sink your boar but your precious Huawei is ... moreMany companies say that, like samsung saying the headphones coming with s8 is made my akg. When people found its just a normal Samsung headphones tuned by akg.. One plus saying fastest phone and got caught in benchmark cheating. So what do you call all of them? There are many companies like that... Hope u should remember that.

  • AnonD-425519

geordie81, 06 Sep 2017Well done to huawei for this achievement....they are relati... moreHuawei has been known for many of its other products for many many years. It has just started getting known for its cell phones not too long ago though.