Apple iPhone X production cost estimated at $412.75

15 September 2017
The most expensive component is the OLED from Samsung that costs $80.

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  • bzvzjxb

AnonD-147910, 15 Sep 2017Xiaomi use android. Again the OS is made by Google!xiaomi uses its own custom ROM miui which they code again once the new android version comes.And MIUI has more features than stock.and they have to optimize it with there every device separately.still they sells there phone with very low or minimal profit.basically you pay for the hardware of the device without compromising on the product quality. And that's what make xiaomi different from other devices.

  • Aras2x

How on erth they know what deal apple got with samsung tmc or corning i gues actual price is half of that with so big orders apple can get Best prices

RickGH, 15 Sep 2017I guess Coca Cola should stop advertising too. Heck, Bill Gates ... moreI still buy cola even without seeing the ads.

  • Harukaze87

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2017Exacly! People pay high price for Apple phones because They Are... moreHahaha, good software updates for iPhone compared to Android? That's Apple encourages people to buy another 800-1000$ phone every year? Even with billions spent on advertising they still make 85% of the smartphone market

Typical apple fashion, makes something cheap and sell up to three times more, people will buy it no matter What
No wonder they make billions

  • Anonymous

Poor tsmc, they only get 26 bucks for such a good job??

  • AnonD-677949

It's a dust in the eyes. Paid article to excuse the insane prices of smartphones, not only Apple. No one is pointing out are those prices of components for a single pieces? Because even the average Joe knows that companies get massive discounts when ordering million of components on a contract. I bet the real price for the manufacturing is around 60% of that 412.75. Let's say around 250$ roughly. And the R&D is not that much as they say. 10 million $ to bring entirely new device on market out of rough sketch down to a ready to hit the market - with a half a mil. devices sold that makes 20$ more on the device final price. Give another 10 mill for a advertising, logistics, etc. - here's another 20$ for a half mill units sold. Give another 40 mill for a said device like a exchange broken and defective units. That's 80$ on top. Let's put another 20 mill for something i forgot to mention. that's another 40$. In the end - 80 million $ invested in said device. Alright, let's make it a round 100mil $. That makes 200$ on top of that 412.75 for parts. Half a mill units sold, with a price of 999 - That's 499,5 mill. I know i didn't include a lot of things, but we all know Apple won't sell just a half mill devices. All the companies that hit the magic mark of over half mil unit's sold makes a good profit. Especially when the upgrade a bit some device and polish it a bit. That's pure gold.

  • Anonymous

akw, 15 Sep 2017why not sell , when they can at high price ? it's not a phone fo... moreExacly!
People pay high price for Apple phones because They Are worth of every penny, unlikely Many Android phones that only have high speck but very poor, quality, very poor softaware upgrades, very poor optimization etc...

People pay what They consider good bargain and to Many, Many people the Apple products Are good bargain.
And no, I don't have Apple phone, because my phones cost something like 100$ and I keep them 3-6 years. So I can not Expect them to be so good as Apple products. They Are far above my wallets leaque. But that does not mean that Apple products Are ower priced. If They would sell badly, then They would be owerprices, but They do sell very well indeed, so They Are priced wery well according to customers!

RickGH, 15 Sep 2017You headline clearly states a production cost estimate of $412.7... morethat should be the ingredients cost :)

There is something wrong about this article.
1. The phone they are talking about is 256 gb variant and its priced 1149$ not 999$.

2. According to my other sources - Manufacturing costs

iPhone X - 345$ (Base model)
Galaxy S8 - 307$

AnonD-670091, 15 Sep 2017Nerds usually has hard time understanding how the economy works.... moreWell you are right. But Apple makes the highest profit among all the phone manufacturers.

so they actually earn 200$ from every device..not bad..considering they will sell at least 50million...and 10billion earning

  • akw

AnonD-670091, 15 Sep 2017Nerds usually has hard time understanding how the economy works.... morebest post ever i read with first "your magical" sentence . i am nerd and gonna cry tonight for this ... i am not registered to add you as my friend . yeah Nerds / geeks don't know about bazaar and markets . but we always have 2 side ... one is trick is good but scam can't be good never ... i don't know which big companies do ... but as i be in bazaar ... if you just CONSIDER this kind of costs to estimate how much you should sell your things for everyone at same price you will lose your job / start up ASAP . yes there many Unpredictable expense - Taxes - Complications that give from Municipality in our country - or investment and many many other things . is Apple sell Expensive ? Ans: go away out of my way - is Apple can sell cheaper / with off ? sure easily can -- is Apple ... You can't stop buy their products ... Never mind APPLE 10 iPhone --- A massive investment in companies located in Herzliya - they do that's why they have unique such as Face ID . Ugliness and Expensive ON best iOS phone ever

  • AnonD-632062

And next year, the reports will show that Apple still makes the highest profits in the smartphone industry again. Why am I not surprised?

  • AnonD-670091

Nerds usually has hard time understanding how the economy works. To them the only cost that matters is production cost of the phone(hardware parts) Nothing else considered.. No marketing no R&D costs no logistics no warranty no support costs no quality control..

For these nerds the king of phones, is chinese no name ones which usually making debt for the selling companies example: Most of oneplus products, Motorola under google, Leeco which now is bankrupt etc

Luxor, 15 Sep 2017It does make me wonder why cant they price it lower. Look at chi... moreI guess Coca Cola should stop advertising too. Heck, Bill Gates should relax being a billionaire. Lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-546038, 15 Sep 2017"The most expensive component is the 5.8inch OLED panel manufact... moreTaking into account shipping, delivery, putting the thing together etc... Probably will be a bit more, but still high, high, high profit margins. I noticed today a lot of Apple customers don't have much knowledge on the key words Apple use. Retina display which is just Full HD, they had no idea etc... They are a marketing company first and foremost. They make good products, but the exploitation of their customers is savage, but customers don't care, if they pay for it, they really don't care.

You headline clearly states a production cost estimate of $412.75 and then you go ahead to state in the article that that price excludes manufacturing and R&D costs. What do you understand by production cost?

Oathbreaker, 15 Sep 2017Haters of the iPhone X or anything Apple need to realize that Ap... moreUm, weren't You Apple hater some topics ago? And honestly, i would never buy Apple or Samsung device. At least not a 'phone'. So no, i don't want it. And yes, i am successful enough to be able to buy it. Or Samsung flagship.

  • AnonD-147910

AnonD-538679, 15 Sep 2017What about Xiaomi they dev. Everything of theirs. Apple too expensiveXiaomi use android. Again the OS is made by Google!