Google Pixel 2 specs leak

28 September 2017
Apple took away the headphone jack, guess what Google will remove?

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  • Justus

These leaks are very disappointing.....And the regular size pixel looks like a phone from 2 years ago with the thick top and bottom bezels.

  • Poppa_fif

Hope the xl has squeeze frame

  • AnonD-546038

Just want to see the price Apple is gonna charge for this. That's the most important "spec".

  • madroid

if they're killing the headphone jack google's game over

  • MJK

You sure this is Pixel "2" specs ?!!!!!!!!!!!

AnonD-80334, 28 Sep 2017Comparing with iPhone X doesn't make Google's choices about desi... moreEven I agree, though, that Google's going the wrong way, i.e., the Apple way. But that's the beauty of Android, you think Pixel has some weaknesses, you get an OP5, arguably a better and faster implementation of stock android than even Google itself, at half the price. I think even without considering the price factor, OP5 is more balanced than the rumoured Pixel 2.

  • googlefan

pay for convenience.
lets charge them the same price,
but make it less convenient.

ok google, guess you want to sell less pixels than last time?

  • AnonD-632062


  • .alpha

Didn't Apple try the Apple SIM idea a couple years back but carrier won't go for it because it make switching carriers too easy.

  • Anonymous

Sounds good

  • AnonD-700950

Not interested ... If they release it more expensive than Iphone 8 or Note8 why should I bother?

Even at the same price , the Note 8 and iphone 8 are much much better than this phone

Hopefully it won't be a little disappointment, considering that the expectations are quite high.

  • Anonym-too

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2017I hope it has a medium format camera sensor with f/13 lens.with interchangeable lense, LOL hahahaha...

  • AnonD-703771

Me, 28 Sep 2017google removed headphone jack? Are you sure you have enough info... moreEveryone said that v2 won t have a jack , what are you talking about ? I guess you are still living in your world , sorry for interrupting you , it a hard for you to think a little , I guess

  • Anonymous

Oathbreaker, 28 Sep 2017Unlimited storage until 2023? I still got time to store all my m... moreMonetize Photos? They've already done this since saving your original photos that haven't undergone secondary compression (IIRC, they apply this compression regardless of the resolution, but, additionally, will downscale any pics to 12mp) already eats into your Google drive space (unless you own a pixel). In short, they monetize it via Google drive storage fees.

  • Levy

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2017I hope it has a medium format camera sensor with f/13 lens.You're in luck, it will.

  • Anonymous

I hope it has a medium format camera sensor with f/13 lens.

Back to the nineties, with carrier locked phones and completely locked carrier firmware. It takes courage, yes.

  • Anonymous

Probably the Pixel has a wider angle selfie. Something like 20mm.

no sim card slot not a good idea, Pixel off my christmas list.