HMD will update the current Nokia phones to Android P

02 October 2017
The company is also open to unlocking the bootloaders - but Oreo is the priority right now.

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  • Wayne

"The bootloader may have to wait, though, at least until the devs have pushed Oreo out the door. The work is underway and the updates should be out by the end of the year."
What is the meaning of this? Can anyone explain?

Even the Nokia 2, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5?
I doubt that much!
That promise is as "dependable" as the Android KitKat for the Galaxy S3.

Anonym, 02 Oct 2017Sorry to burst your bubble, but if there's something we've ... moreSorry to burst your bubble, but your knowledge about Symbian and its potential is close to zero. Same goes to opsystems history.

  • AnonD-428442

Promises are easy to say. Let’s see what happen when HMD realizes they get revenue from selling phones, not updating old ones. I’ll bet they will change their tunes quickly. Many OEMs promised updates, yet very few actually delivers.

  • Nokia fans

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2017You're are talking a sh*tload of cr*p. Why would it add on ... moreMe too, since from first day of purchase, My Nokia 808 Pure View still in perfect condition.
Great phone ever made.

  • AnonD-454153

Going back to Nokia ,king of the phone

2 OS updates is fine as long as the phone doesn't slow down considerably. All that matters is the last update doesn't bog down the phone

No point in having 4 OS updates like iOS if your phone becomes slower than a tortoise or worse, becomes as useful as a brick forcing you to buy a new phone.

  • Anonymous

Comment section filled with iPhone comments. Who cares about iPhone? That blind fanboys are making me angry.

  • AnonD-669148

AnonD-670091, 03 Oct 2017How about releasing Nokia8 in Eastern EU first? Sorry but ... moreHMD are new and small, they do not have the same capacity to be everywhere as the big Samsung...! Just buy over Internet from another country!

  • Android P is

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2017P for pudding or plumcakeIt is PANCAKE. hmm too obvious duhh

  • AnonD-670091

How about releasing Nokia8 in Eastern EU first?
Sorry but the supply horrible with HMD, even Nokia 6 made in here with half year delay, this wont cut it. Most people will get other phone, not going to wait till middle 2018 to get it

  • Anonymous

Chard, 03 Oct 2017I hope Nokia will update their phones, at least 7 and up, t... moreGlad to have met another reasonable person in this comment section

  • Anonymous

Merwyn Fernandes, 03 Oct 2017You comment is full of shit You are saying that Mid-ran... moreYou didn't hear, so you have to feel. Enjoy your low end cucumber

  • Anonymous

Joy-808, 03 Oct 2017seriously ??? Nokia is unique.He means that Motorola was really good with updates until Lenovo did buy the company...
So far this is promising. Hopefully HMD keeps their portfolio easily updateable in the future.
Only three different chipsets in the future and only differences in display and size would keep the portfolio easy to update!
One phone using Snapdragon 250, two using 450 and One using 650 and two using 845 or what ever the next flagship will be. That would be six more phone to update next year. But maybe allowing using only 4 different upgrade packages. If they would dump the 250, there would only be three more/year and that may be possible to update.
Samsung who has 30 new phones in year has no chance of updating their phones when also thinking that they use about ten different chipsets every year...

Nokia is starting to get things in order.

Design of the phone closely matches that of the earlier nexus phone (no, the ipixel does not count), reasonable pricing and hardware (sdcard slot is a big plus).

The only thing that i think nokia should do is allow bootloader unlock. it would mean a world of users to access custom roms and take advantage of nokia's hardware in ways they cannot imagine.

google's phone is going the way of apple and soon with lackluster sales they will go the way of windows phone.

  • Van

nexus is back

  • Rajesh potter

Nokia have really come back. But if he want to splash then it should be made technology cheaper than other chinese brands....

  • AnonD-625786

AnonD-632062, 03 Oct 2017HMD is indeed making Nokia great again!Agreed. I am starting to believe Nokia will re-enter the game really soon, and perhaps will become one of the big ones in a few years.
Yeah, sure, it is too early to speculate, but they are headed towards the right path :-)

Hi there, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Do you see that? Nokia promising to update phones to Android P, while Asus will update the already 1 year old ZenFone 3 models to Oreo (at the very least). Even Huawei is releasing updates for their devices. What about you 3? Are you really interested in international markets, or just peddling some toys to sell to people since you no longer cut it inside China?

I remember asking the top management of Vivo in my country about Android updates, and the answer was "we don't know" and that if I am so bothered about updates, I should "consider other brands" of smartphones. Nokia's here, guys, do you feel your brands will compete once Nokia hits its critical mass?

The time is now - get serious about software support - or go back to selling phones in China.....

  • AnonD-596148

great love you h.m.d

shame on you xiaomi..