Foldable ZTE Axon M is official with dual touchscreens

17 October 2017
When you unfold it, you get a 6.75" viewing area, although the hinge separating the screens and the bezels don't help create a very seamless look.

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  • AnonD-90793

gam30to, 20 Oct 2017"anonymous" since you are so smart. I would like to see you... moreThank you... I could not have replied better! Kudos!

  • Anonymous

very genuine, I've seen this kind of phone in Japan called NEC Medias Dual Screen

  • Zoom

Finally someone made a successor to my aging Sony Tablet P.

  • gam30to

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2017That's why you are still young and know nothing of the adul... more"anonymous" since you are so smart. I would like to see you get this phone for $700 bucks and get laughed at by everyone in this world. I am an adult and i can tell you it's useless and ugly design. and you are getting it because of this mirror mode that allows you kids to watch videos across the table? If you are saying table while eating apparently you don't know how to teach your children NOT to be using "screens" when eating. and if it's not while eating i don't see why you need to do that when there are plenty of big TVs to watch together. Please don't call others not knowing the adult world when you don't even know how to teach your own kids. Google how big it is for them kids to be on phones at the table. it's time for you to grow up.

  • AnonD-356282

Foldable phones - I need to see a use case for that. Flip phones made sense at the time.

"Rollable" screens would make sense, like a digital poster or TV screen you can roll up / out and place on a wall.

Perhaps a digital scroll? Like in the good old biblical days?

  • AnonD-222225

Kiyasariin, 18 Oct 2017the chipset kinda disappointed me. this is amazingly useful... moreHow about snapdragon 625 still usable for now

  • Anonymous

AnonD-90793, 18 Oct 2017One of the dumbest ideas I´ve seen lately... it has n... moreThat's why you are still young and know nothing of the adult world.. Screen mirroring is perfect when your children are seated across the table so that both of them can watch the video from both sides.. Screen mirroring is also perfect for gaming.. In the intense mobile legend battle having the ability to see what's under your finger is crucial.. No longer you will be blinded by your own finger because of touchscreen control

  • Anonymous

AnonD-90793, 18 Oct 2017One of the dumbest ideas I´ve seen lately... it has n... moreIts android manufacturers, what do you expect. They always throw stuff at the wall hoping it sticks.

  • AnonD-90793

One of the dumbest ideas I´ve seen lately... it has no practical use... "Mirror mode"... what are you gonna use it for?

Makes absolutely no sense.

Good luck protecting it, it is not bad idea but very impractical, unless somehow you will make it undistructable

  • AnonD-632062

Well, it doesn't have the seamless gap that we hoped it would have. I guess Samsung is best-equipped to release a phone like that currently.

But still it is very interesting, especially the 4 modes, which definitely seem to have it's uses. A bit more better STB ratio and a bigger battery would have helped though.....

Yeah, currently quite interesting...

  • ejrome

would one of the screens be able to act as a keyboard?

  • AnonD-441601

Strange phone if we call this innovation then i want something better :-)

  • AnonD-708902

Kiyasariin, 18 Oct 2017Youtube is one. :DBonjour

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2017Don't see any point in getting a phone like thisYoutube is one. :D

Luxor, 18 Oct 2017The only thing I like about this phone is its multitasking ... moreand finally the ability to watch youtube in the background (Sorta-ish. ^^;)

the chipset kinda disappointed me. this is amazingly useful feature ruined by a last gen cpu!

  • mentalerror

Mallik, 18 Oct 2017Foldable phones are useless innovation of future technologyuntil apple does vr and dual camera

  • Dave

How is this different from the Sony Tablet P from 2012? Other than it being sleeker and with slimmer bezels, it's the same idea. Until the bezel between the screens is non-existent, it's just not a goer.