Microsoft is developing a foldable tablet running Windows 10 on ARM

26 October 2017
It's a similar concept to the canceled Courier project from 2009-2010.

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  • George

Lumia 950 / Mobile 10 is basically a brilliant, straight-forward machine - such a pity that MS didn't persevere and develop the range effectively. I'll use mine for as long as the fading battery can keep things going. Painful the think about its replacement choice.

  • coolcity3

Whybal, 27 Oct 2017Just like the case With Windows phone 7, 8, windows mobile ... moreI consider myself to be a loyal Microsoft user and unlike other "fans" I'm still using my Lumia 950 and will continue to do so until it fails, or until the new devices appear.

The trouble is everybody keeps thinking that if they don't sell as many as Android or Apple they are failing. It's nonsense. Most Android phone makers are LOSING money, and while every new iPhone sees a boost in sales, people are slowly getting bored of the same overpriced thing. iPads have seen sales declining for 4 straight years now and smartphones have reached their limit in screen size and resolution, camera resolution and so on - they have nowhere else to go. A folding Windows computer in your pocket on the other hand, THAT'S innovating and it could do well. Just don't expect everybody to want one. It will be expensive for one thing and the majority of buyers don't buy flagship phones.

Ritzie, 04 Nov 2017So true!! Not sure what happened, but I guess it's with th... moreFor some reason they remind me of Nokia. Was such a power company and leader in its class but never changed and developed when new technology was out and stagnated and stuck to their old ways looking for answers that would never come.
Windows phone was their bold idea which looked like a massive contender against iOS and Android but for some reason the lack of top end releases of hardware was starting to show the cracks that the saturation of low end hardware smartphones wasn't covering up. Their hope that saturation would start showing a improvements in the market wasn't there and we'll the rest is history.

They have potential but for some reason if results don't show in their favour immediately then MS will kill it.....

Hotkolbas, 04 Nov 2017They are a big or massive Corp that can find these sorts of... moreSo true!!
Not sure what happened, but I guess it's with their current leadership...
Way back before (probably the 90's and early 2000's) when they were ruling the IT world, innovations were everywhere.
Now, they've become scaredy cats.
Perhaps because of their leader?

Ritzie, 27 Oct 2017I agree. Even in the software world, they keep on backing ... moreThey are a big or massive Corp that can find these sorts of projects but from what I see they tend to play too safe and when they see a speed bump of brick wall they need to power through they breakdown and run away with their tale between their legs.

The 1 is to rule them all sounds like a great idea which ultimately a lot of people want to be able to do what a desktop can given the limitations of hardware.
I would also like to see rather then Microsoft buying out third party c ok meanies that do something just as good or even better and shutting the system down...... buy out the competition.

  • AnonD-702955

Microsoft should focus on making their OS look better like macOS, there are still ugly UI elements from past versions in Windows 10.

  • Anonymous

ceres, 27 Oct 2017Good idea but knowing MS it will be pricey as hell. MS sho... moreThis is full blown windows. MS already demo desktop version of Photoshop in HP elite X3 without a glitch(atleast not in the demo) :P. This is called Windows 10 on ARM which uses a emulator to run x86 exe in ARM which mean it allow all the apps which can be used in windows 10 desktop OS. With all these info I will not go with this device even if it launch(utill couple of iteration) and I am aware of MS commitment on Hardware :P

  • Carol

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2017Microsoft still leading innovation over Apple.. come on app... moreIn most of the time Microsoft was way in front of apple, i see nothing new;). Apple plays it safe since ever. Then copies what other innovate calling it better. This is pretty much what apple did since... Ever. Steve Jobs it self was actually bragging about this type of strategy. Claiming that is nothing to be ashamed of to steal others work. Cause work cannot be taught, but only stolen. Funny, minding the fact how Apple sues everybody for small meaningless crapp.

  • AnonD-655832

Andromeda OS is x86-64 Windows 10 ported to ARM with native emulation for x86 code.
Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM and 64GB of built-in storage are minimum requirements.
Stylus support matching current Surface Pro.
Heavier and substantially thicker than average smartphones.
There's a chance a different flavour of the device will run on Intel with built-in Qualcomm modem, same to be employed to the LTE Surface Pro.

  • AnonD-711407

lol.. Microsoft is perfect in creating hinge devices! Sure it gets a hype!

  • AdamBoy64

It's a great idea.
Great to see different form factors.
I hope it takes off.

  • Anonymous

Angry Bird, 27 Oct 2017Wh ywould I want to buy this? My lumia 950xl can handle the... moreThe device is not out yet, and it is already fail? if you don't want it other people want to buy it, beside, it says the device is not a phone, most likely it will be a tablet with Microsoft OneNote and other pen-based apps.

  • Anonymous

Microsoft still leading innovation over Apple.. come on apple.. Steve Jobs would be losing his cool

  • Angry Bird

Wh ywould I want to buy this? My lumia 950xl can handle these task or the new mobile phone that MS failed to deliver to us.


  • AnonD-39937

Surface Jurnal? Microsoft should start making a better OS, not another plethora of overpriced hardware...

  • Tom

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2017If it won't run old Win32 games like Postal 2 and Soldier o... moreDo you want it for gaming?, Really?. Computers can be used for some other things, you know?
Rant off: A Nintendo DS emulator should be great in one of those.

  • Anonymous

Hotkolbas, 26 Oct 2017I think MS should just stick with software development. His... moreMicrosoft have long history of making hardware, starting back in the 80s, they make good keyboards and now they have a line of laptops and a desktop, all of them are impressive imo, no reason to stop trying.

  • Anonymous

This could work if they are brave enough not to try competing with current smartphones and make a niche product for people who want a true pen-based interface, or document-based interface, no apps, no files, just documents content and tools, make for pro users not everyone.

  • AnonD-248589

I bet it would run better on an A72 core than those crappy Atoms.

  • watzupken

The concept is great, but I am sure they are not the only ones looking at such folderable phone/ tablets. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if they will even get the product out to the market.