Alien Dalvik will let you run Android apps on the Nokia N9

23 June, 2011
In case you were worried about application support for the N9, you have one less reason to worry now. Along with applications created specifically for the phone, you will even be able to run Android...

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  • tashi

hey there is a front facing camera
in n9­you-must-read-or-watch-about-the-nokia-n9/?sf169­5862=1

  • Hmm

AnonD-7168, 24 Jun 2011what are you talking about? I've used nokia N900 for three days ... moreLOL really oh man, I'm works a treat shame you had problems.

  • Anonymous

This phone is a lag fest. Not even considering to buy it.

  • AnonD-7168

TechLOrd500, 24 Jun 2011Nokia already did such a great job when they released the Nokia ... morewhat are you talking about? I've used nokia N900 for three days and it was the most unpleasant phone I've ever used in my life. I switched to a nokia C7. No apps, horrible battery life. outdone android n iOS? I assume that you have never used an android or iOS in your life. Maemo was a good OS no doubt about that but it failed miserably when developers ignored it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5583, 23 Jun 2011Nokia has the biggest fan-base. Trust me, even if n9 is half as ... moreYanke Group Mobile user study :
40 % of European smartphone buyers plan to purchase an iPhone as their next device
19 % plan to Android
17 % plan to Black Berry
15 % plan to Nokia
( jun 23 2011)

  • Yet Another Android

Release Date, Pricing? On the Roadmap, it says that a Mewgo Handset is coming June 30th. Could this be it?

  • TechLOrd500

Nokia already did such a great job when they released the Nokia N900. They have already outdone 'IOS' and 'Android' with that 'Maemo 5' device years ago. Now, they've really outdone themselves by producing 'MEEGO' powered phones such as the 'Nokia N9' but the 'Nokia N950.' Those who don't know and don't actually have the 'Nokia N900' and fully knows its full features are the ones saying bad things about Nokia and saying that 'Android' is better. WP7 is also better than 'Android' but the 2nd best only when compared to 'Meamo 5' and 'MEEGO.' I have a 'jailbreaked IPHONE4,' 'SGS II,' 'Nokia N900,' and 'SE Xperia Arc.' I have overclocked them all just to know which is the best, display is not much of a big deal but the overall use with the apps, java, the camera is out of the comparison, the ability to 'dual-boot OS,' flexibility with file formats, full HTML browsing support, the conversion of computer programs for mobile use, and of course the reasonable internal memory. The Nokia N900 proved to be the 'fittest among all handsets.' This is the only device that i couldnt change until its successor the 'N950' arrives, ive had this device for 2 years already and the other devices i had were just given away since they got 'obselete' but the 'Nokia N900' will take such a time before it'll become 'obsolete.' I know it is not a 'joke' to spend for all those phones that i have now, i love them all and use them all so it is not really a waste of money and i'm a techgeek who can afford to buy them with 'extra momey' anyway. I hope from that 'unbiased' comment that i gave, everyone has learned the 'truth'..

  • AnonD-5197

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2011Android has a lot of crappy apps, a lot of copies, a lot of stra... moreHow about doing some research before making absurd statements like that?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-10110, 23 Jun 2011in Meego u dont get a "smartphone" u get a "smart... moreHope the smart computers are not priced as much as supercomputers

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7191, 24 Jun 2011Is look like Nokia will go back to what they once afraid for. Li... moreWhat?
Symbian was created long before Windows mobile.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-291, 23 Jun 2011wow thats another victory for ................ ANDROID !!! Yes... moreAndroid has a lot of crappy apps, a lot of copies, a lot of strange apps, with no real userbase.
The only thing I've seen people say about the bad apps on android, is that the amount of apps dont really count, as a big part of them really isnt that usefull.
Its an argument, to why a mobile platform, might not need 200 000 apps.
10 000, is more than enough, for most people, if they are the right ones... but if the percentage of bad apps is the same for those 10 000, as for android, then it wont be enough.

People always want the good apps... there are apps for iOS, which still has no competition on other platforms. Sure both android and nokia users would like to be able to run them. That does not mean that most apps for iOS are interesting.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2011I understand that this blog is for fans of certain operating sys... moreBut full linux OS has other advantages, its not the tweaking only.
Future mobiles will probably run full OSes.
So that the mobile can run desktop applications. We will probably see a lot of different docking solutions, and there, the OS makes a big difference.

  • AnonD-123

I guess this is the next best thing to making an actual Android phone.

  • AnonD-4697


Nokia N9 66,357 hits

Looks like Nokia is on the road again hehehe more hits than SG2? Thats amazing....

  • AnonD-7191

Is look like Nokia will go back to what they once afraid for. Like symbian was created when winmobile was announced but they go back to them now. So do Android now as I see them need a stepping stone to move forward.

  • SFAN

AnonD-11806, 24 Jun 2011agree! iOS, Android watch out! MeeGo is coming! You do know that Stephen Elop is killing MeeGO as well, right? N9 and N950 are the only handsets that they're planning to sell. Elop don't want to lose his shareholders on Windows Phone 7. They may or may not fire Elop. If he's pushing Nokia forward, then they'll probably keep him.

  • AnonD-11806

AnonD-10110, 23 Jun 2011in Meego u dont get a "smartphone" u get a "smart... moreagree! iOS, Android watch out! MeeGo is coming!

  • theFACTS

for the first time.. if nokia succeed in this.. n the android apps works perfectly without bugs.. ill say NOKIA will take over.. and apple n android will die.. PERIOD n Ahem... this is the first time i will n ever say this... because up till now nokia sux... well see wat the future holds.... step up ur game nokia.. take ur throne once back again...

  • rebel

AnonD-10110, 23 Jun 2011in Meego u dont get a "smartphone" u get a "smart... moreno no way,meego looks ugly

  • Anonymous

just like symbian phones can install java apps and java phones cant install symbian apps.

makes android phones damn useless