Google's third Nexus will be made by Samsung

27 June, 2011
Roughly a couple of weeks ago, we told you about the rumored specs of the upcoming third Nexus phone from Google. Now, we have a couple of additions for you from the same source. As always, bare in mind...

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  • Anonymous

Metalcase for todays Smartphone aint good. Plastic feels cheap? Maybe, but what really cheap is, if you have a phone with a big screen, which falls down once and your screen is broken. Metalcase also means much higher tension for everything in your phone. Anybody with a good sense for phisics knows that. And a scratch on Metal looks much worse than on plastic... cant remember a Metalphone, which actually still looked good after 2 years of usage.

  • Yet Another,Android

Googles next Nexus phone should be made by... NOKIA!!! Lol, yall didm't see that one coming

  • Adimonty

My personal opinion why they won't/may not use their own Exynos chips?
Production. Judging by the way they released the I9103, almost immediately after the I9100 shows that they have problems producing enough CPU's

  • Anonymous

well, for all the people commenting about plastic materials of samsung... it keeps the weight low... did you look at S II? Yes, htc phones are more metal... I have a legend and I love it... but, the battery cover keeps coming off. It's not that samsung's build quality is bad.... they maintain a fine line between weight and quality IMHO.

And one thing I utterly hate about HTC is their crappy policy with 3G bands. Why would they want to release two different phones (practically, with same specs) for Americas and Europe? Would it hurt to just release one phone with all the 3G bands? It's a pain for people who travel a lot. Learn from Samsung (S II has all the four bands)

  • AnonD-2806

Wish this wasnt true but the signs make sense, I much prefer HTC for their material choices and industrial design. Even tho Samsung will do a gd job on the hardware, for sure and a google phone gets good support, always :)

  • jesseps

It sucks that the OMAP5432 wont be released until sometime in 2012. Would have been nice to have this out in time for the next Nexus. It would have leap-frogged the new iPhone 4S/5 coming out soon.

  • scorp

People often don't know that there's a difference between build quality and quality of material.
Let me clear this misconception.
Build quality is how well the device is put together. Does it fall apart within a few minutes or does it stay intact the whole time you use it.
Quality of material is what the material is made of and what grade it is. And I disagree about samsung being cheap about their plastics.
Yes, it does feel cheaper than metal, and no doubt it is cheaper. but that doesn't mean it's of no good quality. Top quality plastics are usually very good in terms of durability. that's quality right there.

  • AnonD-519

Well well well ... what can I say ... I am really really really interested in this new news! maybe it will be the famous phone with 1.4 GHz Dual Core YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!


  • AnonD-397

Trichar50, 28 Jun 2011Shame, samsung make great phones but I never like having a luxur... moreHTC metal body not have same perfomance like Samsung plastic!
You people not have idea: "what is wrong with Samsung, why is the best? oh my God i must talk of plastic body"....
Or some totally irrelevant facts!

  • ALonZo

HTC are more solid handsets, with a better UI and smoother feel. Samsung have to get all dual cored up to just even compete with best. I cannot stand Samsung phones, 3 bad experiences and never again!

  • Unique.3k

Nexus Prime??? Optimus is a superphone now??

"Autobots transform and dial out!"

  • Anonymous

another cheap platic droid from samsung .. good work !

  • AnonD-3564

I am actually thrilled to hear this. Samsung did a wonderful job with the Nexus S. I was going to be extremely disappointed if Google went back to HTC, considering the horrible hardware that users experienced with the Nexus One (including myself).

  • Venky

I don't know why everybody posted in this forum crying that Samsung is made of plastic. Then why Samsung Galaxy S is so famous??????????

Samsung didn't mentioned that it was made of plastic.

If you want a good looking phone go and buy other phones whatever you like.

If you want a powerful device, go for Samsung.

Bravoo Samsung!!!
(Samsung Galaxy S User - India)

  • Psiwt

The Geeklord, 28 Jun 2011Actually, not necessarily. If you've been updated on current tre... moreI want that screen. O-O

  • Trichar50

Shame, samsung make great phones but I never like having a luxury item made of plastic.

Performs great feels cheap, which is why I prefer HTC :/


  • AnonD-12212

It wasn't fair that Samsung Nexus S was released with a Super LCD outside Canada, USA and UK. Let's hope the third Nexus be released with Super AMOLED HD WORLDWIDE.

  • jigaga

I like samsung...get the best

  • nc

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2011I wonder how Samsung made N9's AMOLED (old tech) display become ... moreits not... contrast ratio is much better and you can see the display easily in the sunlight

  • AnonD-3537

The Geeklord, 28 Jun 2011Actually, not necessarily. If you've been updated on current tre... moreyes but it's not a Super AMOLED display