HTC U11+ in for review

21 November 2017
Big screen, big battery, big speakers, big ambitions - HTC U11+ joins our review queue.

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Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017I dare you to tell me that they are better than my senheise... morei like htc but totally agree with you. if when the time comes for my htc 10 to retire, i wont buy a phone without 3.5mm, i think at least it is more important than ip68 or 50mah more battery.

  • Anonymous

Rafe Firmani, 23 Nov 2017Yeah man... Self respecting dude will give only best aud... moreI dare you to tell me that they are better than my senheiser momentum HD ones. Like really! Sometimes some things simply don't make sense. Why remove jack when you position yourself for audio quality, even if provided ones are great, removing scope for better one that uses a jack is simply non sensical move

  • Kareem

Rafe Firmani, 23 Nov 2017No need 3.5mm port because HTC has provided to you: 1. Hi ... moreThanks man. Nice article. Let them cry wolf about headphone jack. For they're here just to discredit HTC marvellous work. It simply pain their ass to admit the incredible success HTC has made with the U series.

Ask them how many phones uses headphone jack this year, maybe 1 out of 10.

For me, I'm HTC all the way. From Desire HD, HTC sensation, both XL with beat dre, one x, one xl, m7, one max which I use now, m8, m9, m9+.......I've used a few iPhone and Samsung but their UI isn't for me. I love BlinkFeed so much, and HTC sense even experts knows this,.it has no match.

  • Badziew

Screen-to-body ratio is virtually the same as with Pixel 2 XL, so I wouldn't consider it bad.

  • RNJJ

This phone doesn't get enough credit.
It's cheaper than other bigger companies flagships. Compare it to the Pixel 2 XL for example -Similar internals, both don't have 3.5mm jack. HTC has bigger battery, better sound, comes with headphones out of the box, SD card support. Pixel 2 XL has a better screen-to-body ratio and slighty better camera. Considering this, U11+ should be the expensive one.

If you're a 3.5mm jack guy, you should look away.
It's a no-brainer if you want the best without overpaying.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-712539, 22 Nov 2017"it has an 18:9 screen with close to no bezels" YOU MUST... moreYou did and I did, too. Trust me, we're not seeing mirages. I must say, I am excited for the review of this phone but that's the only line in the article I read that suddenly made me disconcertingly shook my head open-mouthed (or jaw-dropped; your call)

[deleted post]Yeah man...

Self respecting dude will give only best audio quality to his ears,
and HTC hires earphones is the one!

  • AnonD-632062

As someone rightly pointed out, if the author of this article thinks the U11+ has "close to no bezels", then would they Note8 and the iPhone X classify as having "negative bezels"??

Seriously, with an STB ratio of 78%, the dimensions are on the lower side as far as 18:9 ratio phones go.

Those samples are great I wonder how does hdr boost work and design is great launches with oreo has 128gb expandable storage the only thing it lacks is 3.5jack and is it bendable like u11

  • LLL

Thank you GSM Arena :-)

  • robogo

Calling 699 'reasonable' is very unreasonable, there are people whose monthly wage is half that.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Seriously WTF? I'm starting to think this is a (shilling) bot.
I don't like earbuds and i won't try any, be it HTC or other brand.

  • Anonymous

I've seen and try this phone, it's superb especially the camera and audio

  • joe

great phone and amazing preview

  • Anonymous

Rafe Firmani, 23 Nov 2017If you never listen to HTC audio using their provided earph... moreYour shilling is ridiculous. I'm telling you i don't use earbuds and i want to use the usb for charging, but your reply is "just try, it's great".

No matter how you try to spin it, the fact remains: The lack ot 3.5mm jack is a HUGE compromise and an extremely anti-consumer move. No self-respecting person would buy such a phone.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017LOL, WTF are you talking about? "Combined with the phone's ... moreIf you never listen to HTC audio using their provided earphones, I can't tell how truly great it is. Perhaps more easier to explain it to donkey lol.

So, try first you'll know what my point

  • Anonymous

Rafe Firmani, 23 Nov 2017No need 3.5mm port because HTC has provided to you: 1. Hi ... moreLOL, WTF are you talking about? "Combined with the phone's audio"? How do you combine USB DAC with phone's dac? The moment you plug the USB dac, it doesn't matter what phone you're using.

I don't know what is HTC providing, but i hate in-ear phones so that's not an option for me.

And i still need to charge my phone why listening to music (Especially when the battery degrades an year or two later).

And it's still extremely uncomfortable carrying aroud the usb dongle and having to plug/unplug it every time you switch between two devices (Like phones and car audio).

I don't see any gain. If i have the 3.5mm jack, i still have the option to use a high-end USB dac if i chose to.

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017LOL seriously? Buy bluetooth adapter, buy a specific earbu... moreNo need 3.5mm port because HTC has provided to you:
1. Hi Res earphones that has the sound quality MILES better than your Samsung or iPhone. Perhaps only LG V30 comes close to HTC Audio quality
2. The adapter to 3.5mm jack also provided if you opt to use your headphones. The dongle has internal DAC of its own, combined with phone audio will create sound that blows you away! Trust me in that one... That's the sole reason I stick with HTC even when their camera was bad. Eg. M7, M8, M9.
Since the 10, HTC camera is second to none so it gives me double reason to stick with them.
You can also add beefy battery that last you 1.5 days with U11+

Those who crying for 3.5mm jack can cry for another OEM, but not to HTC because you get MUCH MORE than your losing of that hole.

  • Kareem

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017LOL seriously? Buy bluetooth adapter, buy a specific earbu... moreSmiles at your comments bro. It's people like you who go and queue for iPhone x and yet complain that other competitors don't have head phone jack, Sigh!

HTC U11+ is surely a beast, it meets ventually every thing name it, if it's camera you can be rest assured you're getting one of the best, if it's entertainment....then NO ONE ELSE does it better,this one I can bet my last cash. If it's software, bring in iPhone x, uncle Sam and place them side by side with HTC U11+ , you be blown out how much fluidity you get compare the rest.

As I've always say, all HTC needs to do is some well organized adverts for those who are unaware of their solid products.

  • AnonD-392500

AnonD-126794, 22 Nov 2017That is honestly the only negative the phone has, the rest ... moreTrue. It is the beast.