Counterclockwise: the fingerprint reader goes back, front, back and side to side

26 November 2017
How rear-mounted fingerprint readers overtook the front-mounted ones. 

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  • AnonD-632062

Someone at the HQ needs to learn how to make good, easily understandable charts....

  • HP

Luxor, 26 Nov 2017This got me thinking. What is actually consumers define as ... moreBased on your question, then fingerprint sensor is the fastest since we shall no need to look at the phone to unlock it.

The fastest among all of those fingerprint scanner placement would be on the side mounted such like on the Sony Xperias and Nexbit Robin, since we can unlock those even on the flat surface and inside our pant pocket.

For the security purposes, fingerprint method still more safer than the others biometric approaches such like Face Recognition /ID and Iris Scan. If we need the most safe biometric scanner, then DNA scanner will be the one, but we still didn't have this kind of technology yet.

  • Anonymous

Fingerprint sensor on the display will come in just a matter of time.

  • AnonD-595537

Side fingerprint reader is great. Register 5 fingerprints and there you go, no matter which hand you use or if the phone is upside down, as you pick it up, it's being unlocked. Also very comfortable to unlock without having to lift it up.

  • pt020

MotoRolla, 26 Nov 2017He obviously meant repositioning your fingers on side finge... moreHere a short video I made for you
The scanner on the Sony is 3mm wide will fit any phone.

  • pt020

MotoRolla, 26 Nov 2017He obviously meant repositioning your fingers on side finge... moreI was just talking about that too ... no problem when it is on the table.

  • AnonD-375713

Andy, 26 Nov 2017What about Motorola atrix?It's there on the 2011 chart, ATRIX and ATRIX 4G, the only 2 devices with a fingerprint reader on GSMArena database from that year, the fingerprint reader might be at the top, but since it was inclined towards the back, you could count it as a back mounted reader.

  • AnonD-463101

Have to say the side mounted finger print reader is the most comfortable to use, i can't see how having a 1cm phone is a bad thing. I find my P9 to thin at times.

Side mounted fingerprint scanner is the best position, because user can unlock it even the phone is in the pocket or face up on the table or face down on the table or plug onto the car dock.
The back mounted fingerprint scanner hassle to unlock the screen when the phone is on the car dock and can not unlock when place the phone face up on table, but can unlock when face down the phone on the table.
The front fingerprint scanner is not that user friendly, because the thumb must turn a 90°+ to press the FP scanner.

  • Andy

What about Motorola atrix?

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2017I prefer front along with capacitive keys, However I feel s... moreSony simply do their thing and don't follow fashion. But the idea that ultra-thin phones are necessary is really very odd.

  • b3rvirus

I expected Motorola Atrix 4G from 2011 to be mentioned.. oh well, maybe because its fp sensor was still the swipe type

  • Anonymous

I prefer front along with capacitive keys, However I feel side fingerprint sensor is more better option which is only used on Sony's flagship and other brands should follow. Or can't we have both front and side?

  • Anonymous

Irfan, 26 Nov 2017Motorola Atrix 4 G ?????yup.. im also used to have(still have it tho) motorola atrix 1 (atrix 4g for some others), for me at that time kinda the earliest android phone with fingerprint scanner (2011-2012). I even sold my galaxy W for the reason to buy motorola atrix. Kinda the best phone at that time. (ie: lapdock,dektop dock,ir remote,micro hdmi port). awesome!!!

side mounted readers, are the comfiest, the ones i've used on the robin and my XZ1 are way comfier to use than the front one on my honor 9, as i've been used to side power buttons, so a finger or thumb naturally rests there, so it's just pick it up turn the screen on, and boom phone's unlocked, and doesn't have the awkward lock out of an always on reader, as with my honor 9 i used to get locked out as my hand always grazed the reader, and was a hassle and always had to use the pattern to unlock.

  • Irfan

Motorola Atrix 4 G ?????

HP, 26 Nov 2017Fingerprint sensor under the display where we could scan ou... moreThis got me thinking. What is actually consumers define as 'best' biometric system? Best as in the safest or best as in the fastest? Iris, face, fingerprint sensors and all the multiple position it can have on a phone. How exactly it should be?

  • AnonD-481725

HP, 26 Nov 2017Fingerprint sensor under the display where we could scan ou... moreIndeed, but what is concerning me is when you put a tempered glass which is a certain thing, how is it going to work or how is it going to be result in general.

  • MotoRolla

pt020, 26 Nov 2017You do not have to lift the phone to open it, I have The ... moreHe obviously meant repositioning your fingers on side fingerprint scanner while your phone's laying on the surface. Front scanner is best. I sold my XZ1 a week ago because of that camera in low light but side fingerprint scanner ain't that bad.

Also, i don't have to reposition my hand and fingers since my thumb is already in the natural position to scroll through the screen. As opposed to a rear or side mounted fps.