Counterclockwise: the fingerprint reader goes back, front, back and side to side

26 November 2017
How rear-mounted fingerprint readers overtook the front-mounted ones. 

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Hardly use the fingerprint scanner anymore. Iris scanner works just as fast and is arguably more precise.

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    • Anonymous
    • 7Ac
    • 26 Nov 2017

    Side mounted or get the f**k out

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      • AIA
      • 26 Nov 2017

      Who gives a 5uck about fingerprint scanner

        You can make a Poll on this, gsmarena

        What is the geeks preference choice of FPS:
        - on the front (below the screen or under it)
        - on the back (on the centre, or brilliant placement beside camera haha)
        - no need FPS (use face ID, etc)

        This poll would be quite interesting.
        Or you have done it already? I don't remember the result

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          • AnonD-79616
          • YiU
          • 26 Nov 2017

          Back reader is the most comfortable of them all since your finger already rest near it. no need to adjust your hand grib just to unlock your phone like the one in the iphones.

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            • G4M3R
            • utK
            • 24 Nov 2017

            Under screen FPS would be still a good thing if it ever sees the light of day...

              I like the implementation on sony phones even if the phone is a bit thick that way there's enough room to add bigger battery than those very slim phone. Side bezels are ok but not that huge, it's a protection from accidental drop. Back FPS is also okay.