Weekly poll results: the 3.5mm headphone jack is the eternal fan favorite

17 December 2017
Bluetooth and USB-C headphones have a long way to go before they reach the same level of acceptance.

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  • paul

Yes i absolutely need one...
Wireless headphones are rubbish..
Cable headphones are much better (senn hd800)

  • mathew7

Too late to vote, but I'm with the majority. I have enough things to mind (and always forget something), I don't want another one, whether it's a 3.5mm dongle or BT battery charging.
Dongle comments: I don't always listen on the phone, thus a dongle I keep forgetting would basically reduce this 0%. I would rather look at a dedicated media player than dongle (which, again, I mostly forget in taking).
BT headphones: in short, battery life and weight. BT will drain phones battery more (I already force it to 2G or 3G instead of auto depending on where I am), not to mention keeping the headphone battery in check. That's before I go into recompression from MP3 (lucky my CD rips are all FLAC).

  • pt020

walk longer than 10 years with Bluetooth Headphones .. so for Headphones I do not need it,but at home if I want to connect it to my stereo I still do need it.

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2017sorry, i don't trust lenovo. mehI also don't trust China brand and also don't wanna trust China trolls.

I believe tech qiant, their foundation is very strong and reliable.

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2017Well that's just a lie iPhone users keep telling theirselve... more1st of all, I'm not an iPhone user, 2nd, I'm a senior xda member. And what do you mean by 'not the best hardware'. Just check the Apple's CPUs & their performances, you don't need to look any further. Yeah, software is not problem free, but still one of the most stable. App crashes on iPhone (may be, I don't know), so does in my Pixel 2!

  • Anonymous

3D Memorys, 18 Dec 2017You don't use Sony flagship you never know before Sony star... moresorry, i don't trust lenovo. meh

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2017qnovo is not proven. it is just a marketing gimmickYou don't use Sony flagship you never know before Sony start adopt the Qnovo, they already start the Battery Optimisation to upgrade the charging method to increase the battery lifespan for Xperia Z2 and it is in the settings go to Status then Battery Optimisation and activate it. Even after activation the battery Optimisation, the charging speed still very fast takes almost 2 hours from 5% to fully charged for 3200mah battery, it works well because the battery lifespan is still strong, although it isn't like new but still good to hold up for 1.2day (when new it is 1.4day), yet this is my over 3 years phone already from my real-life experience.
The Qnovo even better, you can Google yourself find the official Qnovo, as you personally not an expert on this technology so I won't take your words as a reference, I rather trust an technology giant.

  • GalaxyGuy

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2017WOW welcome to the 20th century...Welcome to the 21st century where we have options. Sorry that you'd rather have a phone from a manufacturer who forces you to only use one technology. 3.5 mm headphone jacks still work and sound great, so why not have the option?

  • Anonymous

3D Memorys, 17 Dec 2017To makes a compact, sturdy, more stable environment and hig... moreqnovo is not proven. it is just a marketing gimmick

Ritzie, 17 Dec 2017Here's another outdated comment (if not ignorant) You've h... moreHave you seen person in life with all the dongles coming off from the phone, hanging everywhere? Yes looks like a dude from 90's, disaster. 3.5mm is for the win

  • Samarth N8 808 user

There are some things I wish to say:
1. I'm happy with the poll result. Shows that people actually think rationally.
2. Noise reduction is possible even with a common 3.5mm jack. I believe even the phone's microphones can be used for this function, to an extent.
3. 3.5mm jack need not be there. We can have a "lock on" design on one side of the phone, and it will solve all problems like waterproofing, internal space, etc.. Maybe exposed terminals might cause distortion, for which we can have a rubberised covering.

I still say, leave both options, 3.5mm jack and USB-C! Like the latest Galaxy series flagships have.

  • AnonD-692303

I think the best cdla hats are those from leeco ...

3D Memorys, 18 Dec 2017Pixel 2 is follow the wrong way. I hope they can learn this... morenot just retained 3.5mm, improved it with 5 pole digital noise cancellation (built in the phone) thus, mdr-nc750 earophones is really awesome when on a plane, near air conditioning or on trains, also can be used with now discontinued stm10 bi-directional microphone ( works all xperia mid range and flagship phones since 2014 z2)

also first to have high bitrate (ie, don't sound compressed) wireless audio since 2015 Z5. Z5 Premium and Z5 compact with ldac (990kb per second), but the latest xperia XZ1 also support rival high bitrate audio APTX HD and bluetooth 5.0 (600kb per second), every single high bitrate wireless codec now

  • Anonymous

AnonD-265586, 18 Dec 2017If I can have a dongle that can charge and listen to the mu... moreWOW welcome to the 20th century...

  • AnonD-265586

If I can have a dongle that can charge and listen to the music/game/movies at the same time, that's OK for me

1ns0mniac, 18 Dec 2017When you buy a phone, you SHOULD get firmware upgrade, smoo... morePixel 2 is follow the wrong way. I hope they can learn this lesson, 3.5mm is universal, they shouldn't remove it.
I appreciate Sony retain 3.5mm and doesn't blindly follow any trends, even the high quality wire-less headphones Sony still retain a 3.5mm to make life easier

  • Anonymous

1ns0mniac, 18 Dec 2017When you buy a phone, you SHOULD get firmware upgrade, smoo... moreWell that's just a lie iPhone users keep telling theirselves. It's neither "the best hardware" nor is the software problem-free.

3D Memorys, 18 Dec 2017You get more firmware updates, more stable and more smooth ... moreWhen you buy a phone, you SHOULD get firmware upgrade, smooth & stable software, right? You are paying the money for all these. In the android world, its a thing now! When you buy an iPhone, you don't have to worry about all these. You getting the best hardware + best software support + best after market service, BY DEFAULT. My point was, when you are paying sooo much for an underwhelming hardware, you should atleast provide better 'in box' accessories. You can not just charge premium for your software. Yes, people can buy their own headphones, I never used any headphones that came with the phone. But with these device without 3.5mm audio jack, without the adapter you can not connect your headphone! If you loose that adapter, you'll have wait till another adapter gets delivered (ordered mine from Google a week ago, still waiting). So, like Apple (they include lightning headphones in the box), they should've provided a USB-C headphones. Yeah, the phone is nice (Pixel 2), but trust me, apart from the camera, this is just an another HTC phone with old design which is not worth $649+tax. The bigger Pixel 2 XL is even more horrible. A cheap LG crap, not even at the level of V30 & yes, wayyy overpriced. Google used be peoples company, now they are just another Apple WANNA BE.

1ns0mniac, 17 Dec 2017Yes most of the people have more than a pair of headphones.... moreYou get more firmware updates, more stable and more smooth just like Sony, Sony even provides a better charging technology to extend the battery lifespan, while headphone you can buy yourself from your favorite one unless the headphone is highly valued than the other implement.

I'm not buying a pixel because of headphone jack jesus man what is wrong with these companies especially google, mocking apple and then following the same path.