References to the mythical Microsoft Surface Phone creep up once again

16 December 2017
The unearthed hints and references are kind of out-there, but could potentially foreshadow the release of a new Surface mobile device, perhaps even a phone.

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  • ???????????N?

AnonD-441601, 16 Dec 2017Windows phones are really bad idea. Like windows its self... more????????????N??
??????????IWC ??????????

  • AnonD-508218

Really wish Windows 10 and BlackBerry 10 hadn’t been killed off. Those were some great softwares. I have a MS Lumia 640 LTE and love that Phone! I noticed some apps have begun to fail to install or upgrade now.

  • ksl

Still stuck with my simple yet efficient MS Windows 540 phone now upgraded to Windows10.
Now, even considering preserving it 'cos would soon be a collectors item. (rare species)

  • Jagganatha

Well, you delete all the tiles that might interfere with what you do most with the phone inhand.
I have just the Camera tile and I keep all the others in the menu list-quite easy really. Everyone forgets the goldmine of free Windows games and essential apps and that the phone is also a 200+GB (with SD card) portable office computer now, which happens to have very good 4K video and a great still camera with a very sharp fast lens. All games play without effort and the cameras advantages over Android are? That you set size and image and video quality etc in off screen menus, so no nasty mistakes occur once you get right to it: you cannot, for example accidentally knock the icon for RAW/jpeg, and end up with only jpeg, as I do on my Android LG G4. Horrible given the dreadful jpeg quality these phones have!! Frankly, the XL is lovely!!

  • crispie

I use a Lumia 950 and run Continuum on a HP lapdock. The phone takes amazing photos and is overall great. And continuum, though not perfect, does work well enough for me to run my small business.

  • AnonD-171785

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2017What do you mean? Live tiles are far superior to any static... moreThat depends on someone's preference, but if you carefully look at the truth, the "Live Tile" UI didn't attract the majority of the users and the developers as well, maybe to you and some others. But sad to say that UI fail and now Windows Phone OS is dead.

  • fdalbor

Even if it is true, after over 2 years trying to get some support from Microsoft and over 12 different windows phone I would not touch any mobile device from Microsoft with a 10 foot pole. Android it not great; but it is better supported than anything from Microsoft. I think most of the public, and especially the people who had Microsoft phones, wont have anything to do with it.

  • melvinmajor

I'm indirectly working for Microsoft and I confirm something is being prepared for the business mobile sector.
Microsoft will be very soon back on the market but don't expect to be directly available for the public because they know that if business consumers are pleased with this new mobile device, general consumers will soon follow in mass with an other model which will be later available.

So yes, Andromeda project is first of all a software related project but it's also linked with a hardware project which is currently under prototyping/testing.
PS: Say hello to Windows 10 S and not Windows 10 ARM ;)

  • Angry Bird

Excellent News! Lets hope it because real. Android is just not the way. Google is greedy, Android is messy. We need another alternative!

  • AnonD-723971 Without a confirmation from Microsoft, this may not be true. But still these is some unconfirmed sign of a mobile device introduction from Microsoft.

  • .alpha

Android killed off Window because it was released earlier and copied iOS so people are more used to the icon grid look. Windows Mobile is clearly a better OS than Android but most people just want a cheaper iPhone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-171785, 17 Dec 2017They should redesigned the UI same that of Android. The "L... moreWhat do you mean? Live tiles are far superior to any static or animated icons.
First thing that bothered me when I switched from Windows was that icons look so boring and dead. And you actually have to pull down the notifications drawer or open an app in order to see what's going on.
With live tiles all you had to do was nothing - just look at your homescreen and the info was already there.

  • Bewildered

OnlyTech, 16 Dec 2017Microsoft should have done.....what HMD Global is now doing... moreBB10 OS (QNX) is still viable and being used in driverless cars.
For the infrequent releases BB could have continued using BB10 it is much more secure than Android. BB on Android have to queue fom security patches

Imagine IOS 11 being tested on previous iPhones and it caused constant reboots battery overheat.

What you don't do is release it especially as you have to launch a new phone (Lumia 950)
That is what Microsoft did

Windows 10 is acting like a malware, after 2 years it still can't be fixed
Hp released the HP elite 3 in anticipation that it would be fixed

Windows 8 won't receive any more updates but is still viable

Any phones running W10 natively cannot be updated to any New OS

Windows 8 could be but like I said isn't

Samsung did not pull out of phones when Note 7 explodes.

Microsoft stopped making new phones du to new phones would automatically receive the same fault as all W10 are prone to.

Microsoft other problem was slow development, virtually every phone company had the non expansion W7 phone. Memory expansion came with Windows 8, by which time nobody stuck around. Third party apps a follow the market, and with only Lumia phones bring made only some made windows version

BB 10 like Windows 8 are secure
Windows 8 can be improved incrementally but is essentially defunct Both do not require monthly updates

  • Anonymous

Today W10 is more of a modular OS that shares the same core. So it is easy for Microsoft to add phone functions to any supported hardware.

This is What I said after Lumia 920 announcement.

Before announcement, Nokia said "Next Lumia will sport PureView".
People imagined It must be 808 40MP Sensor packed.
It was 8 Megapixel and samples were from a DSLR not the phone itself.
(As an owner of Lumia 920, it takes excellent photos in daylight, and with 4 second speed on a tripod, excellent low light.)

People became both thirsty and disappointed. when Idea mixed, the next which was 1020 was grabbed by many people, just for the former hype.

On that time I commented everywhere that WP8 and its generation are bridge to a whole new era of mobile phones with full functionality of a PC.

In late 2012, and early 2013, ordinary tech people by 22nm tech, never trusted me as the technology was based on weak optimization (until 14nm Broadwell-Y arrived in 2014-Q4).

Qualcomm told us that emulators RISC are more powerful than ever, which can run a CISC OS adequately on a RISC machine.

This is what I mentioned before, and sooner or later, a serious rival will be met by Android and iOS.

x86 is one side, Complex computing is another side which pushes this concept forward. If Microsoft do not rail the concept correctly, I can ruin at least half of Microsoft, itself.

  • AnonD-723335

Best device yet made by anyone ..
HTC hd2 easy to multi boot any os,(except crapple os)
Natively boot winnowing 6.5,multi boot into any android Rom you wish to use,capable (just) if running XP (embeded) you name it,somebody did the work somewhere to make it run on an hd2,something like 11 seperate os's !!
Somebody needs to build a modern version of hd2,it was,for 4 years THE android devs phone of choice,even not optimised for android it gave better performance than early android specific devices !!
If HTC had just listened to buyers and users and had just built an up specced version and called it hd3,they would be in better position than they find themselves now.
Only thing that it was missing was a slide out qwerty kb, otherwise almost a "perfect" device,solid,strong,reliable,removable battery, msd card slot,hooked up to a powereed usb hub,it could be used as a desktop pc,slow,but usable,anything could be run through the ish hub ports,kb/mouse/monitor/printers/scanners/audio/etc etc.
Imagine an hd2 with 6gb ram and an sd835 !!!
The perfect personal palm pocketable mobile desktop pc..
Now someone please make one.
Samsung notes good, but not as capable as hd2 was..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2017Surprised most Devs hasn't given up on win 10. Pcs aren't m... moreApps (applications) = programs.

"App" is just the fashion name of "program". It was just a marketing move (like Apple pushed it with the name: App Store).

  • AnonD-171785

They should redesigned the UI same that of Android. The "Live Tiles" UI is very lame from the beginning; hence, it didn't attract end-users and/or developers as well.

I've been waiting for them to change their "Live Tiles" UI, but sad to say they stick on to it so now they're dead.

  • AnonD-441601

oli, 17 Dec 2017you're clueless about OS's. The whole world functions on wi... moreMan far superior?
Hell no.
One of my very good freinds have Lumia 640 and often bringing it to me because he cant come with something.
Windows its a really bad idea.
Maybe not as bad as Iris Scanner.

Microsoft mythical phone that never existed. Windows phone also dead. This is very very doubtful news.