References to the mythical Microsoft Surface Phone creep up once again

16 December 2017
The unearthed hints and references are kind of out-there, but could potentially foreshadow the release of a new Surface mobile device, perhaps even a phone.

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  • oli

AnonD-441601, 16 Dec 2017Windows phones are really bad idea. Like windows its self... moreyou're clueless about OS's. The whole world functions on windows, and does so successfully. You've clearly never used a windows phone.. they are far superior than iOS and android. Apps were the only thing lacking.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-625621, 16 Dec 2017U really thinks nadela is gonna read this?Hi, I was hope and yes I am! Die out, away, off OS Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, BB (BlackBerry OS) and windows phone (windows mobile) is the most bad happens in my opinion

  • AnonD-441601

Windows phones are really bad idea.
Like windows its self but there is no other option because Apple OS is much more complicated and crap.
And linux makes no sense.
I wonder why is microsoft only one competitor on OS field for computers.

AnonD-625621, 16 Dec 2017U really thinks nadela is gonna read this?I just changed my name a few seconds ago and f-in I read it!

  • AnonD-625621

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2017To Satya Nadella! Hi, why you didn't support latest Lumias!... moreU really thinks nadela is gonna read this?

Windows Vs Other Platform Wars to be unleashed.

Bring it MS.

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

Isn't it amazing, a software giant like Microsoft completely killed their phone business and totally forgot about this page while doing so?? I mean doesn't it sound suspicious?

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

I have yet weirdest feelings about this. Don't know whether I should be excited about it or be angry that it is still in rumors?

  • bladder

MS its unifying this platform so much its turning into a black hole.

Chemicals, 16 Dec 2017I never had any problems with WP10 it suited me ok it had a... moreThe problem is just that people wants apps, and that's why android and ios is ruling the os market. Unless there is apps like android and ios has, their won't ever be room for other os. No matter how fast and stable the os is.

Well, a sinking ship is always welcome to waste their money on death ;-)

  • AnonD-632062

Slow news day, huh?

If it's true than it's good news.
Windows has been a good platform, running smoothly at a minimal hardware and reliable. I still use Lumia 630 and 520. Except front cam, both the devices are still good performers.

I would be happy if windows return to mobile world. Maybe apps store is not rich in numbers like Android, but it had enough apps to be productive and social ( and usual calling and messaging)

I am hopeful

I take "windows phone is dead" differently.

Windows on ARM, CShell, Andromeda, Continuum, UWP bridge, etc.
Since Microsoft is working on unifying the OS, the existence of Windows phone specific OS doesn't make sense in the first placeā€¦ should be shut down.

I won't be surprised if a small windows 10 device with phone capability shows up on 2018 (whatever we call it)
I think that's what Nadella is up to

I never had any problems with WP10 it suited me ok it had a lack of apps but apart from that a very fluid OS the handsets well I had a multitude of them dating back from Nokia to the MS takeover last models I used where 550 and 650 with my actual preferred out of the two was 550, although people slated MS Lumia none of the handsets did me a disservice

  • Anonymous

never Windows 10 I use 7

Seems to be the path Microsoft takes nowadays. They are growing Windows into UWP so putting out a new device to showcase/test a newer platform/feature will happen inevitably/eventually. Just like when the 2 in 1s hit the scene 4 yrs ago or so and the surface debut occurred...of course RT was bad decision or idea, seems W10 has got a better hold. Now we can see what Andromeda/WC/W10 will hold going into the future.

If it's dual bootable to Android/Windows I'm in. OTHERWISE.
Kill it with fire!

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2017To Satya Nadella! Hi, why you didn't support latest Lumias!... moreIt is near impossibility competing against iOS and Android in the current scheme of things. Microsoft tried and failed. Only if they could manage to develop a completely new user experience that position them uniquely in the market and develop its own ecosystem by itself (meaning, a new standard) people will be skeptical with their attempt to penetrate over crowded space(especially, premium. Segment they can't compete at price or features with major players).