References to the mythical Microsoft Surface Phone creep up once again

16 December 2017
The unearthed hints and references are kind of out-there, but could potentially foreshadow the release of a new Surface mobile device, perhaps even a phone.

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Too many failed attempts by Microsoft! Ditched those who had invested in the ecosystem and ran away like bad losers. They need to consolidate all App behaviour into their pre-installed apps and try to market it. Do not expect app developers to invest time in this ecosystem until Surface Mobile gets 20% market. For example, A fantastic Camera App with OCR, Vedio,Audio, Picture editing at pro level, scanning tool, imprint tool etc, practically eliminating the need of a dedicated app could accelerate the adoption levels. But knowing Microsoft, they would go after enterprise first and might take all the convoluted rout before becoming irrelevant. Hope NOT!

  • OnlyTech

Microsoft should have done.....what HMD Global is now doing....

Launch Nokia phones....with stock Android...and promise to users with 2 years of android update

Though....rivals....experts....people....would have been laughing and saying "Look...they are using Android....can't they use their own OS"

But would have dented their the is $$$ which matters.

Look....what Blackberry is now doing.

Learn MS....adapt and move on

  • Anonymous

To Satya Nadella! Hi, why you didn't support latest Lumias!? When windows 8 or 8.1 had best experience for windows users! Why you didn't think about graceful and full to the brim like this (Google play) windows store!? Why you didn't good response to windows users requests!?? Man! Please do something just because we've only two ecosystem! World of smart phones has needs to more and more innovation but before innovation had needs to breaking monopoly!! iOS and android are alone it's not good! Give us strong third player and do change kind of game

  • ZloiYuri

If they will release something again - this will be again story of broken promises and throw of users. M$ just cannot do snything now - all good employees gone to other more respectable companies.

  • T

MS should make WP but completely change that garage user interface.
If they are not smart enough to think for themselves, they should just copy the Symbian/Android UI

  • Anonymous

Surprised most Devs hasn't given up on win 10. Pcs aren't made for apps only phones tablets

  • Anonymous

Windows 10 sucks I still use 7, so did their phones. No interest in taking that gamble again. That ship has sailed. Chromebook or andriod for me

  • AnonD-501055

vrvly, 16 Dec 2017Surface phone/note/andromeda... coming is nothing new, actu... moreIt will most likely run full Windows 10 (S/Pro) now that Windows on ARM devices are announced.

Surface phone/note/andromeda... coming is nothing new, actually wp is dead but not wp ui which will be reborn in new device/s. There is just one thing we do not know - date of release. Also there is one thing we know for sure - surface in its name will mean device will be premium, be it specs or price... I just wish it comes also with band and the likes.

  • Anonymous

Boring story.

  • Anonymous

'Andromeda' is a term found quite commonly on the web to describe the potential next Google operating system which could possibly combine Android and Chrome OS. Weird.