Nokia 5 survives scratch, burn, and bend test

18 December 2017
It looks like HMD Global wants to keep the brand's fame for creating solid devices intact.

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  • m5k
  • 18 Dec 2017

I really do appreciate that Nokia purposedly came back making build quality a number one factor knowing its what made them so popular in the first place. It's solid engineering/design that people appreciate and its steering people towards buying a Nokia. They could have gone cheap but purposedly went for a tank like design.....a big thumbs up on that. Waiting patiently on the Nokia 6 2018 and 5 2018!

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    • Aadrian
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    • 18 Dec 2017

    s4f786, 18 Dec 2017Just watched the vid earlier today, the build quality of th... moreOh or worse... not only a concussion I think.

      it is nokia

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        • Dan
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        • 18 Dec 2017

        The metal is always cheaper than a good SoC and other components, so for them is more profitable put a good case, appearance, crap specifications and ask you for a laptop price.

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          • AnonD-696124
          • ix9
          • 18 Dec 2017

          Nokia came strong in 2017. Hopefully one day, it will be one of the best selling brands neck to neck to samsung, xiaomi, huawei and apple. Nokia is determined to be one of the best.
          Good luck to them

            Just watched the vid earlier today, the build quality of the new phones are really good indeed, considering Nokia's history of making really durable phones to the point you could probably throw a 3210 at someone's head and give them concussion lol