Apple confirms it's intentionally slowing down iPhones with old batteries

21 December 2017
The company said it decreased the performance in order to keep the battery life longer.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2017and you think Samsung isn't doing the same? All my Samsung phone... moreDo your research before you post
(hint: difference between "intentional actions" and "lack of optimization or QA")

  • Anonymous

AnonD-669148, 21 Dec 2017This is why ALL phones must have removable/replaceable batteries... moreYou can pay them to insert new one.
No one makes you buy a new phone yearly.
People do it because they want to.

This is a downright deplorable policy and clearly a case of planned obsolescence. I wouldn't want my phone to slow down even if the battery life is half after several years of usage, say 2 or 3 years. SoC is the heart of a smartphone. A slow underclocked processor will get things done slowly, compared to a fast or non clocked processor, thus causing major lags and battery drain as it will take time to process a request (for example, video editing & processing. Many apps and games which requires more than enough processing power will cause some major lags and battery drain). It should be an optional feature, like power saving mode. This gives me one more reason to never buy an Apple iPhone, even though I can afford it.

  • jtrogr

Batteries that are of a certain state will be slowed down so that the phone doesnt turn off unintentionally. And who cares, one day my ip7 slows down it will be fast like the top flagship galaxys.

  • AnonD-669148

This is why ALL phones must have removable/replaceable batteries! There should actually be a law that demand phone manufacturers to have replaceable batteries so that consumers are not forced to buy entirely new phones after only one year!

  • Anonymous

and you think Samsung isn't doing the same? All my Samsung phones become super slow after upgrading the firmware.

  • AnonD-664474

Okay Apple, but I have the iPad Air 2 since 2015, and its performance remains almost the same, from iOS 8 to iOS 11. I mean I can't see it really slowing down or really showing its age in terms of performance.
Okay, it might be a different case with an iPhone, but it was said that the iPhone 5 also has the same thing, yet 3 of my friends that are using that phone aren't really that slow. Okay, they're slow, but not to the point of being unusable. It's just about as fast as, say a 2017 $100 Android phone.

Not saying Apple is not doing anything wrong. I just want to say that despite the intentional performance drop down, ther devices still perform excellently.
Samsung phones are already slow to begin with, so doing the same thing on their devices will bring you back to the computers of 1980's.

  • Mи&#10

AnonD-708551, 21 Dec 2017And why don't they give us a bigger battery or removable battery... more
Because, how would they earn more money on new “brands”, no? It's simple. And greetings to you :)

As usual Apple knows best & user wishes are just that.

  • AnonD-424293

I show this to my friend next to me right now who has iphone 6s he is now try to justify that decision to me apple user are very funny

Hmm, old battery? i-slow..

  • Love the Community

Sonu4678, 21 Dec 2017And they are proud of it?? Better to confirm it outright than to lie and hide.



  • AnonD-39937

at least they confessed that they make phones obsolete and will continue to do so...poor ibuyers...1000$ phones programmed to go obsolete

  • Milan

This kind of news should be covered with much more text and attention then covering it up. This is shame for Apple really. I have their phones from iPhone 6 Plus and always wondering how they maintain

  • AnonD-708551

And why don't they give us a bigger battery or removable battery at the first place then??

And they are proud of it??