Nokia's first WP7 phone reportedly lacks any innovation

19 July, 2011
More rumors on the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphone just came in. The latest bit of online gossip has it that despite the long wait the Nokia W9 might not be as innovative as you would have hoped...

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  • Anonymous

Do you people honestly believe nokia is working in just one wp device?

  • Anonymous

Nokia lacks innovation: what did you expect, it's a Nokia. It's a tradition at Nokia to lack innovation and to take other companies' ideas. Unfortunately, that's the way Nokia is creating his phones lately.

  • emos

that's that same footage of the clip that was posted earlier... and i believe its from the same source

  • Grainy Snapshot

The GSMArena post rightly noted this is basoed on gossip. If you go to the source you can see what Eldar has actually said. He says he has seen "prototypes" and they do not add anything to WP7. I think he has to be trusted as telling the truth on that. That could be because he has seen early prototypes that do not feature Nokia modifications. He also says "We already know that in practice Nokia didn’t get anything at all. There is no chance of changing the display, they cannot add their own unique services. In practice Nokia’s Windows 7 phone is just Nokia’s own design. And that’s it." The report does not state at all what Eldar's source for that is. He does not say he has seen the technical agreements between Nokia and Microsoft or that he has been told these things by someone at Nokia. This could be a problem with the report but it is open to conclude that the reason Eldar does not mention any other evidence for his statements is because he just does not have any other evidence.

This is all too wishy washy to draw any conclusions.

I also think something should be said about Microsoft's stance. Microsoft must know that WP7 needs a shot in the arm. Bringing Nokia in as vendor is a huge boost even if Nokia does just deliver vanilla software in a Nokia hardware bundle. However, if Nokia's contribution can take WP7 to a new level of user satisfaction Microsoft would not want to hamper that. Historically, Microsoft has not been as limiting of developers desires to graft their own interfaces to Microsoft systems. WP7 has been special in that regard but maybe now is the time when Microsoft will say that Nokia's contribution is worth loosening the shackles for.

  • Anonymous

Laurynas, 20 Jul 2011"I think you might have got the terminologies wrong..."... moreMy mistake, my apologies, Scorpion, Snapdragon, they both start with S.

Yep, Exynos and Tegra use same CPUs.

  • Laurynas

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2011I think you might have got the terminologies wrong... For exa... more"I think you might have got the terminologies wrong..."

No, I'm not.
Because we were talking about Samsung's Exynos 4210 (a.k.a. Orion) and NVIDIA's Tegra 2 SoCs. Not about Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC!
Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC and Scorpion CPU is another talk...

"For example, Scorpion is a SoC..."

Scorpion is CPU not a SoC, Snapdragon is a SoC!


agree to declare black day the day that nokia release wp7.
unfortunately I have thought to stop using nokia as most users symbian, terrible disappointment.
Nokia R.I.P. "always be in our hearts"

  • Lol

Of course it has innovation! They took out all the features Symbian users liked, and dumbed down the phones to satisfy the average Joe

  • ianstorm45

well wp7 its just what it is' a windows phone OS, i have the HTC HD7 and the little hub that HTC have on it is just for weather, i dot use it for anything els. what i would be looking from Nokia is well built HQ handset knoing that they build good phones.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I think you might have got the terminologies wrong...

For example, Scorpion is a SoC which is built based on ARM's ARM Cortex architecture but it's not the same CPU as say Hummingbird though it is still using same architecture.

The CPU are not the same but the architecture is the same.

  • Anonymous

Today, when everyone hates Windows Desktop operating system and looking for alternatives, do you think that WP would really attract customers.

Who would want windows to see on their phone once again... Noooo...

  • Cod3rror

Did you people really believe that Microsoft would allow Nokia to do any modifications to WP7? How naive are you!?

There will be no modifications and all Nokia apps, like free maps will be available to all the other manufacturers.

It'll be the same boring WP7, and no one will buy it again.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd rather get a MeeGo N9 than a WP7 N9.

  • stef

That's just because Nokia won't have enough time to implement all their assets in time for the first launch.
Keep in mind that the legal stuff to handle between those 2 big companies may still be discussed. It can't happen in 2 or 3 months.
Besides, neither Nokia nor Microsoft can afford waiting the full readiness of a WP7 packed with Nokia features otherwise this device would only be released mid next year (when mango 2 comes).
It's obviously a first to market that matters. But hey, everybody's doing it, and I am sure you'll get all the freebies from Nokia through an MR next year...

  • AnonD-112

I really want to see how the WP7 Nokia phone will perform. If it is stable and has Free Navigation, good camera I will consider it. I'm leaning more towards the N9, or even the E7.
If the design will be the same as the N9 then this might fail miserably. Let's wait and see what they got up their sleeves. Fingers crossed. :)

  • AnonD-1906


  • Nightshifter

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  • pirate_777

[deleted post]u still seem that u dont get it :) the supplier is the same which is ARM but how each company tweaked the processer makes it different, in exynos it performs better in utility, apps, speed and daily usage in general, where as in nvidia it has better game fram rate, so both have the same core and supplier but perform very differently because after being tweaked to each devices resoultion and internals.

Ok imagine company a and company b,want to make a cake and they have the same flpur and water supplier, each company will end up with a dofferent cake, in taste and shape but still have the same flour and water, so u call them the same ??

They act and perform differently so u FAIL for thinking they are the same. Its common sense man :s.

  • Anonymous

Let's just wait 'til it is released.

  • Julius

pirate_777, 19 Jul 2011iphone 5 is still having issues heating up in prototype stage, b... moreMy goodness, the Microkia section here is turning itself into a teenager discussion.

First of all, iOS is not Linux, it's remotely based on BSD. Second of all, even Android is *very* much different from Linux. Your reasoning makes me chill while denouncing your age.

Now, if you guys please stop making a mess of the comment section, let's turn this place into a better discussion place, ok?

And since you are disputing based on age and not on brains, let me finish saying that here speaks a PhD software engineering, with some decades of life on his back. Ahhh, and very old and hairy grumpy balls. So please cut the teen talk and that attitude and grow up. Make your parents proud. And yes, I'm talking on behalf of parents.

No wonder this world is crazier by the minute. If this is the sign of next gen...

  • peter

Windows phone 7 is faster and smoother than even the latest hardware androids. Compared mine with a samsung S2 at work. Android just started to get fast enough with the twin core processors and 1GB of RAM. I have half of that on my WP7. WP7 is also much safer, in fact totally safe and you do receive all updates and don't have to rely on OEM or networks. Very simple reasons why WP7 will be 20% by 2013, won't be surprised if it's more. Please use a WP7 before you write comments about it.