Nokia sales grew throughout 2017, reached a total of 8.45 million units

02 February 2018
After a modest start in Q1, HMD took the reborn brand global and sales shot up.

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  • Anonymous

Nokia will be back again, their product design is still the best. Chinese brands and Samsung are copycats, Apple only knows one design.

Jeez. Really? You guys cant come up with something new other than \Nokia chinese/?

First, Chinese products being so bad is old stereotype. Sure, it was bad, and some of those are still. But they surely produce something good.

Second, god, how many times. Both Nokia and HMD are finland. Seriously, is it that hard to type on Google and click the wikipedia?

My old Nokia 3210, C3, C5 and 620 are made in China. So what?

My currently used iPhone 5s is also made in china.

They choose china to manufacture because it is NEARER to distribute to Asia. How much will it cost and how long will it be if Nokia manufacture the phones in Finland and Apple produces iPhone in US.
Asian wont afford it, and company wont sell their product. But this is actually good, Local company could grow up more.

  • AnonD-674280

abduz, 02 Feb 2018Just because it's made in China, doesn't mean it's worse qu... moreThats funny when it's old good brand name. When it's something like leagoo, Vernee, Okitel and so on that are China companies then they are cr**. Worst quality on the market and what not. But when the device have old good brand name then everyone dont care about that where is it made of. How do you all justify it ? How can you say this new Nokia have better quality ? Cause the company have old brand name that use to have the best quality ? Now that they have been out for a year they still dont have all models for global version of them. They want maximum profit and there for have the good old brand name to justify the product price while it's all made same like any other brand that come out of China. If a device dont have a brand name, then it's no quality bs. Just tag a name on a device and everyone sees that it's a quality while there is no proof of it. New Nokias have not been on the market so long to say they are quality work. Give them few years to proof them selves and not just go out and say they have quality devices while they have been in the market for one year and as a new start up company.

Numbers looks promising.
Soon Nokia will outsale all other competitors like 20 years in past.
I am believe to that that day is closer and closer, trust me.
Go go go Nokia we your hard stubborn fans love you :-)

  • AnonD-602143

nokia is not that nokia it was in 2002 t0 2009...its products are now just substandard... sorry beauty...nothing

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2018Nokia used to make good quality phone from Finland. Not too... moreJust because it's made in China, doesn't mean it's worse quality. Nokia 6 for example, is currently considered to be one of the most reliably durable built devices. Nokia 8 feels just as nice to hold as the older Nokia premium device 8800. The Lumia's were built by Nokia's own factories yet these latest devices actually feel much better and more premium.

FOXCONN who builds these devices, is also responsible for producing other quality hardware out there, such as the iPhone and Xbox.

So before you throw such statements, do your research and at least pick up one of these devices, to see how great these devices that were produced in China actually feel.

  • Anonymous

My dad's Nokia 5 works fine. Go Nokia. Go.

  • Anonymous

Nokia used to make good quality phone from Finland. Not too sure anymore since now it's in china

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2018And what about morality? Do you know how much they pay thei... moreComment about righteousness is a very low tactic comment not worthy really of a reply in a respectful forum. You have no idea how much we support fair trade, human rights, equality, fairness and doing what's right. One single item of our inventory I, Chinese made and very good at that. Like I said in my original comment. In all countries one must choose wisely where they manufacture goods. The one we use has a sound record. Whilst your comment on wages has validity in many areas, in a plethora of companies, think twice before your make insidious assumption on other people generally. You'll do better.

  • Anonymous

kurotsuki, 02 Feb 2018Cheap? Their paycheck is comparable to my country in south ... moreTheir working condition makes commit suicide. Doesn't even matter if they make millions.

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2018And what about morality? Do you know how much they pay thei... moreCheap? Their paycheck is comparable to my country in south east Asia. Their advantage is, most of them are more hard worker compared to most of our labors in the country. So I get it when most of manufacturers chose China as their manufacture base.

By the way, our Nokia doesn't have "Made in China" label, because it actually assembled within our country (using our labors, not Chinese's). Likewise Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, and any other brand available in this Country.

  • Brano

I wish they would make a camera with 1/1.5" sensor and xenon flash

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Feb 2018And what about morality? Do you know how much they pay thei... moreI don't think you'll buy apple phones then, or for that matter any phone except fairphone then

  • Anonymous

Fitbri, 02 Feb 2018China is not an issue. I wish people would stop being so sh... moreAnd what about morality? Do you know how much they pay their labour? Obv you don't or you wouldn't have invested there as a righteous person or maybe you aren't one.

  • Anonymous

Min, 02 Feb 2018Chinese phones growing.Maybe someday they can challenge Huawei for the best Chinese manufacture position.

Min, 02 Feb 2018Chinese phones growing.China is not an issue. I wish people would stop being so short sighted and bagging on about that as if it was a valid argument in all cases.

Many pristine companies the world over manufacture there. What matters is the quality of the factory, good governance, good manufacturing practices, adhering to and compliance to strict design licence rules etc.

To use your argument, you may as well say some of the very best ethical and quality companies in the world that have stellar products are crap just because they manufacture their. How totally ridiculous.

My company is based in Australia & Canada, but I chose an impeccable factory in China to do our boxes. Like any place for that matter, you must do due diligence in where you select to manufacture your products - simple. HMD have obviously done their homework and chose wisely.

Nokia by the way in 2017 have produced some of the toughest quality builds of many smartphones. It is a much bigger picture than simply brushing a company with a negative China tone as if that has currency in all quarters.
Go Nokia/HMD collaboration 2018 - the best is yet to come

  • Min

Chinese phones growing.

  • AnonD-725644

AnonD-715008, 02 Feb 2018Snapdragon 835 will be used in the new flagship by Nokia. ... moreIf their pricing, specs and design is good then it will surely give tough competition.

  • AnonD-715008

AnonD-725644, 02 Feb 2018Nokia MWC 2018 is your arena and we spectators are eagerly ... moreSnapdragon 835 will be used in the new flagship by Nokia.
But...anyway, I hope that they price it accordingly. Will be a competitor to OnePlus 5T.

Now Nokia has bring a true competitor against the Galaxy S9 Active and they'll hit the jackpot