Nokia sales grew throughout 2017, reached a total of 8.45 million units

02 February 2018
After a modest start in Q1, HMD took the reborn brand global and sales shot up.

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  • AnonD-725644

Nokia MWC 2018 is your arena and we spectators are eagerly waiting for your flagship phone. Don't disappoint us and kindly make sure the phone reaches every market in short span. Then your sales will surely out grew others

  • kingxperia

And they'll keep growing from here on. This is great news for the old dogs. Sony am looking at you. Rise of the old dogs is here, people.

  • Love the Community

If Jake Paul is in charge of marketing HMD Nokia, he would say the lines like "sold 8.45 million units as a startup, never done before!"

  • Anonymous

Like to see a modern version of N70, N95, Lumia 520. Like what they did with 3310.

  • Aadrian

Nokia is the best.

Time to release a true challenger NOKIA !!!!!!!!