LG reportedly pulling out of the Chinese smartphone market

03 February 2018
Competition from local brands has turned out too much for the Korean company's mobile division.

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  • swarnabha mandal

thanks to this report

  • AnonD-675204

LG has terrible quality control and terrible customer service in china/hong kong...
If i was in China why would I choose a brand with no support as opposed to local brands with service centres everywhere

  • AnonD-696124

XoX, 04 Feb 2018LG laggy UI? Are you nuts??? LG have the lightest UI in mar... moreLG has a heavy unoptimized UI, that's why it loses in every speedtest vs a samsung, oneplus, pixels, iphones, xiaomi, ...
LG has a heavy UI, different than stock.
Oneplus has a near stock UI with some modifications and that's why it's the fastest.
Don't come in here saying LG doesn't have a heavy UI, everybody knows LG has their own skins and it's unoptimized as heck. Even xiaomi's UI isn't as heavy.

  • Mr.X

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2018Are you surprised? LG phones have crap quality. Look at how... moreHi, Don't just comment blindly, Lg is known for best display quality, They have addressed the problems in the next gen phone, You should check the reviews of the lg phones before commenting on a pubic forum, /lg g6 and v30are military grade phone. If you haven't seen just go and check the drop test that is available on youtube.Sorry I'm not offensive to anyone just posting what I know

  • Anonymous

Good, focus on other country with long OS support, LG support mostly just original G family, leaving G pro or V late update

  • Anonymous

Are you surprised? LG phones have crap quality. Look at how LG handled the bootloops of G4 and V10, the screen retention, the fragile camera glass. They ignored all of those issues. They kept releasing phones with their same crap Quantum IPS since G4 which has screen retention / ghosting issue. They kept releasing phones with fragile camera glass since G5. They never learned from their mistakes.

  • Anonymous

Mich, 04 Feb 2018One day everyone will regret when there is no competitors i... moreIt won't happen.

  • ST

Sell LG phone cheaper than Chinese phone...maybe still have some hope

Unsurprising given how underwhelming their mobile devices are. A stark contrast to their amazing tv line.

  • Anonymous

1. poor software update/fixes/security for older devices (it is a long term recommendation strategy)
2. poor hardware inspection/burn-in testing
3. sale prices are too greedy for a bad history binding.
4. slow innovation.
5. poor solution for a model with defective hardware. - "just stop the sale/production/support, Jim! iwant it vanished from this world, Jim!"

  • XoX

AnonD-696124, 03 Feb 2018if it came with stock android with a few tweaks like oxygen... moreLG laggy UI? Are you nuts??? LG have the lightest UI in market.

Sammy have the laggyest UI in the world follow by Alcatel and Xiaomi.

Thats true nobody in Portugal have LG phones because people here are dumb, only buy icrap devices and sammycrap.

Im from Portugal and i am very happy with my LG V10...never change for a sammy or icrap device.

  • AnonD-672395

LG just needs to mass Retrentch people from the mobile division, and move on.

  • MrNice

Looks like Life isn't Good with LG.

  • Mich

One day everyone will regret when there is no competitors in market against samsung

  • AnonD-468012

nothing-, 04 Feb 2018Yeah but i don't like their UI and never heard if they are ... moreOf course, cause Meizu is more Underrated than LG. Flyme OS is one of the most good UI from chinese phone after EmotionUI. Even their mid-range already has AI from Flyme 6.

  • Dara

LG might be recovered if it follows OnePlus strategy. Now, at identical price as Samsung, LG stands no opportunity in the competition.

  • AnonD-683236

OogWay, 04 Feb 2018No way Android makers will go to AOSP. They need ways to se... moreI agree with you but when things goes wrong start over is always a choice.

AnonD-683236, 04 Feb 2018It's understandable why LG sale so low, it's because their ... moreNo way Android makers will go to AOSP. They need ways to set themselves apart from another maker. That's why Samsung introduced tons of useless services into their phones and resulting the phones start to lag over time. IMO, LG has the least amount of built-in crapwares.

  • Anonymous

For a 300€,LG G5 is by far the best middranger money can buy.Nothing wrong with the fact that G5 is still featured in their website.
And when I think it has an removable battery,3.5mm headphone jack,and one of the best dual cam setup out there,I honestly couldnt apprehend why anyone would buy "no name" junk over that?!?

  • He662

Lg v30 display oled burn and lg ui very slow and poor concept