Apparently the Sony Xperia XZ2 gets 6GB RAM in the US, UK and Canada as well

28 February 2018
However, the XZ2 Compact might be stuck with 4GB in all markets.

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  • Anonymous

Is there much difference between 4GB to 6GB of RAM?

  • Comte Barros

Yes! Keep us posted, please.

  • Mike

I am hopeless with the back design xz2. You have look back to your previous smart phone X Performance. I Love the design so much. Please do not change your own thought. I Love Sony.

  • Crit

FromChinaWithLove, 02 Mar 2018Ignore all my comments and called me a liar! Typical blind fanbo... moreA well-informed person won't ever wrote something that seems katsara is overflowing in his brain. Your head is full of words but sadly, you can't even construct a single sentence.

  • AnonD-736033

AnonD-311835, 28 Feb 2018Jesus!! enough with the design sh!t already.... I think its beau... morewhatever but the side mounted fingerprint sensor is better I have use xa1 plus and I think side mounted sensor was easy to use

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018Just from bumping up the RAM by 2GB lol XZ Premium destroyed all phones with its 4GB ram. So 6GB ram in Sony phone? It will beat all others.

FromChinaWithLove, 02 Mar 2018Ignore all my comments and called me a liar! Typical blind fanbo... moreAgain with the "blind fanboy" name calling... Now it's very obvious you know less about computers/phones(absolutely nothing wrong with that but you seem to go over with your knowledge).

Now the US version of the XZ has nothing to do with 32gb. It's actually the Single sim XZ that has 32gb internal. Nothing to do with region(except only the single sim variant was released in your region).

2ndly, some pixel phones takes up about 6.5 to 7.3gb for oreo system files(try a samsung or Xiaomi for size). Xperia android is as light as it gets. You probably needed a factory reset after oreo update to clear up old OS files. But hey, Xperias has the most stable OS out there(Even more than google's, do you know how impressive that is?)

3rd, you want to install and play over a dozen 1gb+ high graphics games and you got a 32gb phone??? You sound like an "electronic" gold digger. No offence but you knew what you'll be using the phone for and still got a 32gb variant? You need to check yourself.

Finally... Dude!!! Playing high graphic games while on VIDEO CALL? Who does that please? You should probably have tried that with other 6 to 8gb ram phone from 2016.

Baba, I don't want to catch you lying again... but how exactly do you play games while on video call? I mean, it's possible to get it going but does your hand not cover the camera? Oh, you probably using a dual shock controller or high graphics potrait game like "Temple Run 10".

So you connect a dual shock to a phone(Big deal actually), Start a video call(another resource hungry deal) and finally launch a Mean Graphic Game all together and STILL WONDER WHERE THE RAM GOES??? Mehn stop kidding... What you need is an ALIENWARE LAPTOP with a sim card slot.

  • AnonD-251666

Sony, like to released the flagship phone with 4gb ram, nice joke. even xa2 ultra mid range also 4gb. LOL

Daany, 01 Mar 2018Baba you lie... You keep mentioning xperia phone, xperia phone, ... moreIgnore all my comments and called me a liar! Typical blind fanboy!

Try the games, then talk.

The US version of the less expensive Xperia XZ is a 32GB of Internal memory with 3GB of RAM. ( You can buy it from B&H).

The phone needed 10GB of Internal memory for just the OS itself, and if you are not blind, go check the RAM ( Sony RAM management is bad), 2.9X RAM total, 2.xx ram needed to run the phone ( and I haven't have any game running ATM).

Yeah, the phone isn't lag all the time, but it does lag from time to time, and don't even try to play any crazy games ( like lineage 2 or final fantasy XV pocket edition with high or the highest settings, if you can!). And careful with video call while playing games, it would either restart or freeze.

AnonD-246723, 01 Mar 2018Xperia x which is mid range having 64gb rom You expect 256gb ?You do know that Sony isn't exactly a generous player in the mobile phone territory, right? Or maybe the US version is always that sucks! Either 32GB or 64GB, SD card slot won't help much, if the internal memory getting low would make the phone slow.

My Xperia XZ used 10GB for just the OS itself. So if you are crazy about apps and games you won't have much for photos and videos. And that is why I always trying to limited my app usage ( remove anything I don't really need). And for games, I always have to remove some other games before I installed a new one.( Nowadays game aren't small, if you are like me enjoy playing Korean and Japanese games, it is pretty common for their game to get into 1GB or more storage need, easily.)

  • Skiptapp0

I liked the old body style much better. The Omni-Balance design language was much more beautiful, elegant, unique and expensive looking. It gave SONY phones a different look that was immediately recognizable. Not any more. I really liked the square corners and flat back. The new design looks so cheap and the colors are blah.
Seems as though the vast majority of users like the 3.5mm headphone jack. They like the superior sound quality of hard-wired headphones. So SONY deleted it. Smart, SONY. Very smart.
Yes, at last we get a fingerprint sensor in the US, but it's in a very awkward location on the back of the phone. I liked it much better on the side in the power button.
If SONY ever expects to sell their phone in big numbers, they still have a lot of work to do, starting with "listening to their customers."
The internal specs are excellent, but the rest of it is awful, as usual. And we want better world-wide warranty support and wider availability.

Mike, 01 Mar 2018So in some regions of the world 6 GB of RAM is needed, and not i... moreWhere are you when the same thing is done by Samsung?

  • Anonymous

The way the Xperia fans defend Sony's decision to use 4GB RAM here, I'm reminded of the Apple fanatics. Oh well, they are not much different actually.

  • Alien

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018Wrong...wrong ...wrong...all wrong. All phones made by oneplus ... moreYou do realize that a phone can have 20GB RAM: If the software is not well optimized, specially for multi-tasking, that extra RAM is not going to help you at all.
So, most of the time when you get a lag playing a game or using some app that isn't a system app, blame the developer of that app, not the brand manufacturer. At least this is what is happening these days.
This is the hard truth and most of the people out there will say it's not, but only because they own a replika brand with 6GB RAM.
The real test is after about 2-3 years of intensive usage:
- is the phone still alive?
- is it laggin?
- how often did you hard reset the phone?

Bigger numbers are not always better..

  • AnonD-356176

Bad move Sony.
Should make 6GB version available in all areas, just make it a low volume supply.

  • Mike

So in some regions of the world 6 GB of RAM is needed, and not in the other? :). Usual stupid Sony marketing policy, I think they should give up on making phones.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018When it heats up and cpu throttles, no apps runs smooth. I have ... moreWhen any phone heats up enough, it can't run any app smooth. I remeber clearly when camera heating was only related to Sony. Later people beacame sincere enough to call out the SD processors. Am very sure You remember that. Then later the videos came up on 4K recordings. Well guess what... Sony in most cases recorded more 4k than any others. What say you? What happens is, sony phones temperature stays higher(NOT OFF HIGH), but higher than others most times... MEANWHILE, others cap out their usefulness even though a sony will struggle to function while being hoter.

Just an example... If a galaxy stops functioning at say 45° an Xperia will still push on at 50°. That's just my point.
And it's basically the temperature of the that very environment. The higher the external Temp, the quicker the phone(whichever) heats up and caps out. *MIC DROP*

PS. That guy(person) I replied to was basically insisting that a perfectly good Xperia can't run certain apps(ABSOLUTE BS), you on the other hand is saying, "WHEN IT GETS HOT"(which is very normal).

  • Anonymous

FromChinaWithLove, 01 Mar 2018How so? Well, if you're not blind by the fanboy love about the b... more"Xperia phone take 2.xx ram to just run the phone while it is only 3GB of RAM," I didn't know it was that bad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018Even my old Z3 don't lag with 3GB ram. So 6GB ram is really enou... moreJust from bumping up the RAM by 2GB lol

  • xzpremium user

I don't like this strategy of various specs for various region. Everbody like to have more.