Possibly canceled LG G7 leaks in full, with hands-on images and specs

28 February 2018
It has a screen notch but may never become commercially available.

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  • Anonymous

Fake, 05 Mar 2018Fake video, am i the only one who see there is no notch design w... moreNo, you apparently missed that the battery, time, & signal strength indicators are visible in white within the black status bar when they turn it over.. as the software is designed to 'hide' the notch in certain circumstances.. as mentioned in the article.

  • Fake

Fake video, am i the only one who see there is no notch design when he return to the front of the phone?

  • AnonD-598677

better never notch, its an ugly thing

  • Anonymous

AnonD-60521, 02 Mar 2018that is unexpected from a company like LG for copying the design... more~Possibly~... Anyone sees this word?

Notch my arse!

  • Xzx

If LG really gonna use the notch, i will have to say goodbye to LG and go for samsung galaxy S9. Hopefully it won't let us down.

  • AnonD-60521

that is unexpected from a company like LG for copying the design of other company phone......I think they made the right decision to pull it back.........

  • AnonD-659657

Good they didn't put this one on the market.

  • dengusoft

This notch thing is now irritating.soon we will have TVs with notches and laptops too lol! miss the good design days of xperia arc,lww,neo e.t.c

  • AnonD-468012

Samhung, 01 Mar 2018Why the F would you copy a stupid feature (The notch) that every... moreEveryone hated? Are you sure? I remember the peoples hate 18:9 and starting love it.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018and their boot loopsSeems like you have time machine and accidentally went back to 2015. The bootloop thing is so old that its really boring to read comments like yours.
And i really dont want to say this, but i must, 80% of people here seems retarded. I have so many things to ask all of you, but i will ask just one. How do you think can manufacturers expand their displays on phones while camera and sensors are on the front? They are not making notch to copy someone...they are making notch because its only obvious solution for now. Same with small bezels. Noone copied anyone here, they were just seeking bigger screens and so, its obvious that all phones will be similar.

  • Samhung

Why the F would you copy a stupid feature (The notch) that everyone hated? So dumb.

Operation-Blitz, 01 Mar 2018Then you obviously dont know LG at all..............Removal of h... moreYou are just a ignorant lying hater. First of all, LG hasn't ditched the headphone jack. So you're a liar. Secondly, Bootloop issue has been extinct since LG G6. Thirdly, Fixed batteries are required for proper waterproofing. Lastly, the reason LG G6 launched with outdated chipset was because Samsung makes exclusivity deals with Qualcomm to make the chipset exclusive to Samsung at launch. The other manufacturers need to wait a bit.

I just owned you badly with facts instead of lies. Admit it & move on. Also, never ever lie blatantly again in future or someone else will own you again. Bye!

  • Anonymous

Glad Samsung and hauwei and sony didn't follow this retarded top notch trend rip lg

  • AnonD-357157

Harsenik, 01 Mar 2018HaHaHa!!!!! everybody HATED that notch on the screen! Can you te... moreHave you considered that maybe, the notch might be one of the reasons why it's being cancelled? Maybe when they were working on it at first, they weren't aware of the fact that most people really hate that notch, and now they know..

  • saxija

but why that idiotic screen...so sad

  • Operation-Blitz

Whackcar, 01 Mar 2018Calm down everyone. This is either a cancelled device or fake al... moreThen you obviously dont know LG at all..............Removal of headphone jack,Fixed battery.......Bootloops. Oh and lets not forget how last year they had there flagship phone with the previous years processor. Shame LG dont learn from there TV department...

  • Anonymous

omfg notch again !!! stop the madness please

  • axelosaurio

poor LG... cant find its own identity.... I work for a pawnshop and all the LG's smartphones we have for sale are becoming chicken tails.. nobody want them. I miss Motorolas Nexus :´( best smartphones ever. They should make a comeback

If a user want iPhone features then they buy an iPhone. If a user wants an iPhone clone then they buy it from some shady sellers at a cheap price. Yet I only consider things starting to get really bad when Android lovers are started to force feed with iPhone notch which everyone despises.