The Motorola E398 (aka ROKR E1) could vibrate with sound too

01 March 2018
Sony's Dynamic Vibration System on the Xperia XZ2 follows in the footsteps of the first iTunes phone.

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It's like whenever Sony does something... Tech sites will call a round table meeting to dig up ways of bad mouthing it.

AA already started a campaign of how the XZ2 is a copy(Rip off) of HTC. Like seriously? The reality is, there is nothing there on the XZ2 design that has not been used by Sony previously.

And the way these sites calls Sony out, mehn am very sure it's because Sony pays no Royalty to anyone of them. Heck they even refused to pay for Side FPS in the USA.

  • Anonymous

My AMOi M636 from 2004 also could do so...

Cool fast way to drain the battery...

  • Deyan

had this phone for like 2-3 years. Had problems with phone not wanting to switch on.
But other than that was great. The vibration and light was awesome.
And it was working not just with music from the phone but outside music too. It would vibrate and light up in a club for instance. Super cool. you coulc even dial up and down the intensity of it.