Weekly poll: Sony Xperia XZ2 takes on its Compact sibling

18 March 2018
The big XZ2 has a few more features, but the XZ2 Compact is a whopping €200 cheaper.

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  • 04 Apr 2018

The new compact is really awesome. I guess it's time for me to switch back to Sony as there are no viable alternatives.
They've finally made a dual-SIM compact, dumped the ugly "Loop surface" design that ruined X Compact and XZ1 Compact in favor for late Sony Ericsson style, dumped the stupid glass back for matte plastic, made the screen longer while maintaining the same width so that it hasn't become unwieldy but the on-screen buttons no longer steal so much screen area...
This is the phone they should have made long ago. This is a glorious comeback. I'm buying it soon.

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    • AnonD-706449
    • 6j0
    • 31 Mar 2018

    jrharbort, 22 Mar 2018LCD still competes well enough against comparable OLED disp... moreLet's make it clear, LCD is no more flagship, you can't call any phone flagship which does have LCD, LCD is past, LCD is not power efficient, LCD is cheap, LCD is old cheap technology, and for love of god just name one LCD which ahs bette color and saturation than any OLED. we're talking about 2018\s flagship not 2015's. yes in 2015 LCD was pretty normal and a OLED was a WOW but in 2018 no OLED means no flagship. i agree 4K SONY LCD was really good but not better than 2K Samsung's OLED, not even close to it.
    this think cost 800Euro. ffs 2016-2017 hardware and technology and design of 1990 shiny special edition gameboy but price of 2018 flagship. that's why SONY's smartphone merket is such a flop and almost no one buys a SONY and almost everyone who bought one is unhappy and won't buy any XPERIA phone anymore.

      AnonD-706449, 21 Mar 2018LCD Display is midrange, Full HD Display is midrange, f2.0 ... moreLCD still competes well enough against comparable OLED displays, it's silly to say a screen HAS to be OLED to be flagship. Take Sony's 4K 5.5" LCD for example: Beautiful, without even being OLED.
      Name any 5" screen running a resolution higher than 1080p. It's still packing nearly 500ppi pixel density, flagship grade.
      f-stop size isn't everything. In fact, for Sony's massive 1/2.3" sensor, f2.0 pretty respectable. Any larger, and they'd have to push even harder algorythms to compensate for overexposure in brightly lit conditions. Check the photio comparison tool, it performs very well.
      Sony's EIS is best on the market, period. Better than most OIS implementations. Again, check video comparisons.
      4GB ram is still plenty for flagship phones these days, especially Sony, which runs very light on memory usage. Only 1GB memory usage to boot, leaving a healthy 3GB available for whatever you throw at it. Multi-tasking has not been a problem with 4GB on my XZ1 Compact.
      Design is definitely not pleasing, handing that to you. Removal of Jack also goes down as a sin.

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        • AnonD-706449
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        • 21 Mar 2018

        jrharbort, 19 Mar 2018Which components are midrange? I think you missed the camer... moreLCD Display is midrange, Full HD Display is midrange, f2.0 Camera is midrange, 4k 30fps in 2018 is midrange, EIS is midrange, 4GB RAM in 2018 is midrange for an Android phone.(honorable mentions: no 3.5 headphone jack for no reason, ugliest design in market *it's an uglier version of ugly U11*)
        the only flagship point in this phone is the Price. Price of this phone is just a joke 800Euro.
        FFS no idea how many people gonna chose a XZ2 or XZ2 Compact over a Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Samsung S8 or S8+, Galaxy S9 or S9+, LG V30, Huawei Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, Honor View 10 or even iPhone 8 or 8Plus?
        If anyone choose a XZ2 or XZ2 Compact over any of those phones, i would really like to know for what reason.

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          • 20 Mar 2018

          We want bezel less design !!

            Chose for xz2 compact. Am currently using a xz1 compact and I'm loving the battery life. I think the upgrade from HD to FHD was a wrong move, there goes some battery life. Personally HD looks just fine for a 4.6 inch screen. I was skeptical switching from huge Samsung Note 4 to this baby xz1 compact, but it was the right choice for me.

              For the voting purpose I chose bigger cause naturally it is better phone. But in reality I would never even consider at those ugly Xperia phones without amoled or 3.5 Jack it's just not up to the standarts

                AnonD-706449, 19 Mar 2018Non of them, they are both Ugly and Overpriced with mid-ran... moreWhich components are midrange? I think you missed the camera comparisons as well.

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                  • 19 Mar 2018

                  Non of them, they are both Ugly and Overpriced with mid-range components and poor camera. No SONY thanks, after my Z3 i would not touch any SONY phone as long as they stick to their horrible marketing, Hardware, design and innovation.

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                    • Satsuki
                    • KZ8
                    • 19 Mar 2018

                    Ambient Flow design is more suitable for XZ2 Compact than XZ2 as Compact flagship phone from Sony always been much thicker than its larger screen size sibling.

                    Ambient Flow design on XZ2 is destroying this phone. Flat rear such like its predecessors XZ and XZ1 is much more elegance and looks premium. That is why Samsung Galaxy S9 will steal XZ2 place as "premium and classy looking phone".

                    I guess Sony need to re-revised its design language, similar to what they did to Xperia X and Xperia XZ. Loop Surface design having that "classy looks" if they're willing to make it better by trimming bezels.

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                      • 19 Mar 2018

                      Shouldve added the option "None of them both:"

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                        • 19 Mar 2018

                        Anonymous, 18 Mar 2018im looking for the "None of them" option. but sadly i dont... moreOkay let me give you a simple explanation for your concept, if they put a third option "non of the two" you fans of another brands will be the first to hit this option despite how good are these two Sony phones, imagine Samsung /Apple /Huawei.... Fans hitting that option then this poll becomes useless, this concept is already happening in the comment threads where the other brands fans are flooding it with negative comments, conclusion, gsmarena decision of including only these two options in these kind polls is EXCELLENT.

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                          • mathew7
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                          • 19 Mar 2018

                          When I 1st saw the news about removing the 3.5mm jack, I started looking at the XZ1 compact. Current Z5 Compact user (ex-Z1C user). Compact:yes, XZ2:no

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                            • dWg
                            • 19 Mar 2018

                            Nokia 8 Sirocco bests both.

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                              • gEE
                              • 19 Mar 2018

                              Why no option non of them?

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                                • Bliztor
                                • u7V
                                • 19 Mar 2018

                                Both are hopeless. Removing 3.5 mm audio jack, stupid trend of 18:9. Screen getting bigger. They are dooming themselves from the very beginning, so let them fall.

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                                  • 19 Mar 2018

                                  iykwim, 19 Mar 2018here, let me try *cough 18:9 is bad. because it should be... moreomg. 21:9. LOL. hahahaa.
                                  maybe sony will start 21:9 trend first before the other brands do it.
                                  i heard manytimes from the fanboys.. they said sony always do everything first

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                                    • 19 Mar 2018

                                    [deleted post]here, let me try
                                    18:9 is bad. because it should be 21:9 after 16:9. ultra wide screen or something because I watch most of my movie collection on phone. any kind of blackbar is unacceptable. FullScreenImmersion is my belief, FullScreenImmersion is my everything, a world without FullScreenImmersion does not have light, a life without FullScreenImmersion is incomplete!

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                                      • Poltergeist
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                                      • 19 Mar 2018

                                      Anonymous, 18 Mar 2018im looking for the "None of them" option. but sadly i dont... moreIf you don't like the phone specs, just leave. Your comment is not needed. Thanks.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 6p$
                                        • 19 Mar 2018

                                        AnonD-665723, 18 Mar 2018I wish there was an option which said 'neither of them' bec... moreAgree with you. Both are ugly devices. RIP sony.