Check out our first Huawei P20 Pro benchmark results

28 March 2018
The Kirin 970 is now six months old, but is it still relevant?

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  • 03 Jun 2018

hahaha true

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    • 12 May 2018

    AnonD-743635, 30 Mar 2018"1) Skip one generation of CPU directly up to the 990, so t... moreCheck out the benchmark results of kirin 980 it scores 3.56 lakh 😨

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      • 03 Apr 2018

      Vegetaholic, 03 Apr 2018Lol, keep dreaming, do you realize that Kirin is all the ti... moreWhen the Kirin 980 comes out in the Mate 11 it will wreck any exynos chip available

        AnonD-510098, 28 Mar 2018The Kirin 970 is last years chipset and is still up there w... moreLol, keep dreaming, do you realize that Kirin is all the time behind competition? Exynos 9810 destroys this chipset and you talking about Kirin 980 matching Apple :))) it will take two years two match 9810, lol :)

          AnonD-743635, 30 Mar 2018"1) Skip one generation of CPU directly up to the 990, so t... moreMaybe, but sell a 2000$ MSRP Smartphone named "RS" with a CPU of the previous gen can't be a reality either.

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            • 01 Apr 2018

            Shanti Dope, 31 Mar 2018It's inferior to 2018 flagship standards. If it costs lower... moreEven with Kirin 970, at least p20 series have something that other phone doesnt. So same price no problem as in real world its barely any differents between 845 and kirin 970. Believe me these p20 series will make sales a lot and give a serious competition to other brands.

              AnonD-106186, 28 Mar 2018what's wrong with the 970 ?It's inferior to 2018 flagship standards. If it costs lower than new 2018 flagships, then it's fine. It's not when it doesn't.

                AnonD-212650, 28 Mar 2018They introduce their flagship SoC with mate series. So this... moreSad story. Kirin chips never had the chance to be an all-time shining champion.
                Apple chips are in the same situation, but they make it up for an obliterating performance, even SD845 of 2018 barely beats the single core performance of Apple A9 of 2015, let alone A10 Fusion of 2016 and A11 Bionic of 2017.

                  Kiyasuriin, 29 Mar 2018Actually no. The Kirin 970 was a compatitor of the 835, the... more835 has superior GPU, while 970 maybe is slightly more powerful in CPU, along with NPU processing tasks (835 doesn't even have one), but not enough to consider it "on par."

                    Kiyasuriin, 29 Mar 2018The M3 cores that power the X9810 is ALREADY on par on sna... moreAll of that, and their GPU is still behind. It's the reason they can't get pass Apple in performance. They have always been left behind in this segment, despite the fact that their CPU is class-leading.
                    They should try improving this one unit, at least up to par with Qualcomm's Adreno GPUs so then we'll have the first Android chipset that can take the Apple A11 Bionic to a serious competition.
                    The S9+ barely beats the iPhone 7/7 Plus in raw power, and the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X are still ahead. The A12 will once again fly past Androids in performance.

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                      • 30 Mar 2018

                      Anonymous, 29 Mar 2018What do you think huawei will change to snapdragon? Huawei ... moreThey got banned because of a wide variety of reasons nobody can prove (some of those include: "national security...whatever that means, overthrowing Apple as 2nd biggest manufacturer, disrupting competitions, stealing jobs etc.)

                      The only thing I'm wondering here - why are we still testing off-sceen GPU? Games don't offer the option to render at lower res than the screen's current (which is usually the native) so who cares? Yeah comparing raw power blah blah, but at the end of the day, UNLESS you specifically drop the resolution on your display, assuming your phone even supports it (which is usually a POWER-SAVING feature), it is completely worthless data since the GPU will not operate under those parameters.

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                        • 30 Mar 2018

                        Asphalt-nation, 29 Mar 2018Guys it's a fact, Huawei's 2018 P-Series flagships will shi... more"1) Skip one generation of CPU directly up to the 990, so they catch up with Qualcomm and if they put that 990 on mate 20 in October, the phone will be the first of it's league."
                        That it's not how reality works

                          Just an opinion, but it seems 835 is 3rd gen, dis one is 3.5th gen, and 845 is true 4th gen. To implicate that the Kirin 970 was meant to tackle 835.

                          Anyway, better for em to spun a variant of 970, called 975 to go against 845, and then goin all out on 980 vs 855.

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                            • 29 Mar 2018

                            Anonymous, 29 Mar 2018And this is what happens when you ruin a grounbreaking phon... moreWhat do you think huawei will change to snapdragon? Huawei get ban from USA just because not using snapdragon SOC.

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                              • 29 Mar 2018

                              Tis is all sizing up to potentially make the Mate 11\20 one heck of a phone.

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                                • 29 Mar 2018

                                Louie, 29 Mar 2018Kindly format your phone to restore the original state.their soft sucks

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                                  • 29 Mar 2018

                                  And this is what happens when you ruin a grounbreaking phone with an outdated chipset...
                                  Imagine that 40MP camera with the denoise capabilities of Snapdragon 845.
                                  Instead we get photos made out colorful flour. If the conditions are slightly less than perfect.

                                  Is there actually anybody that prefers Kirin over Snapdragon? For real now.

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                                    • 29 Mar 2018

                                    Anonymous, 29 Mar 2018Using S7 edge almost two years now and I have to say, it fr... moreKindly format your phone to restore the original state.

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                                      • 29 Mar 2018

                                      The performance is concerning. It will not affect any apps and even high-end games but given the camera-centric approach of the devices, they are supposed to be able to tackle all the image and video manipulation tasks. I was surprised that they skipped on 4K 60fps. Stabilizing 4K 60fps is difficult and their AI stabilization might have helped there.
                                      Any Mate 10/10 pro users in the comments? You can describe the performance better than the benchmarks.
                                      As far as lag in Samsung devices is concerned, as mentioned in some comments, recent devices don't have that problem. I have used S7 Edge for two years and recently switched to S9. Sure there was/is bloatware (Facebook ,Microsoft suite and some samsung apps for me) but it never lagged. I had the exynos version. The only problem I faced was that the battery life decreased after nougat update. The camera on the S9 is really good. P20/P20 pro won't release in my region so others S9/S9+ users can compare the cameras.

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                                        • 29 Mar 2018

                                        Using S7 edge almost two years now and I have to say, it freezes often and forces me to restart it. It is not the snappiest phone around and comes with a lot of installed apps that I do not use. I think I am done with Samsung, was waiting S9+ for so long and it turns out to be a huge disappointment. And the camera is just terrible, I have made a photo shooting with both, even my S7 edge makes more natural colors, S9+ over saturates them like crazy.
                                        Perhaps it is time to give Huawei a chance, unless Note 9 brings a game-changing camera, which I highly doubt...