Huawei Mate 20 goes through AnTuTu, its Kirin 980 aces the test

09 April 2018
Huawei Mate 20 launch might be six months away, but it has already posted a record score on AnTuTu.

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  • 28 Oct 2018

Fran betancourt, 21 Jun 2018I love and need big phones with everything in them,, the la... moreAhh the Zenfone 3 Ultra, that was a nice phone, I had the vanilla ZF3 (SD625) and it was a bit sluggish. The 660 is still quite oomphy tbh, but K980 will absolutely kill it.
Also the 23mp camera on it, how is it holding up? I remember people saying that at launch it wasn't good at all, really noisy.

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    • 01 Oct 2018

    As we all know , Huawei fakes benchmark scores .. Some guys with private Benchmark prooved that all huawei phones have + 50 % score as they realy are !!

    Shame of you !!

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      • Rich watarious
      • CGH
      • 13 Aug 2018

      Oh what a WOW! Huawei I call you the Pacesetters. What a serious benchmark results. AS for me I knew Huawei will never let me down. I have bought many Huawei phones than any other phones. Great Huawei good work done. You have really shown a way in the world of phone cameras and you will show more. Thank you. I look forward to seeing the Mate 20 series. But indeed I love the look of Mate 20 lite that looks like the Mate 9 Porsche design. I love it .

        Good but 6.8 screen is more like tap phone
        I like the mate 10 size and model

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          • 24 Jul 2018

          AnonD-748351, 10 Apr 2018Its not fake, but does it matter with sluggish Android? The... moreWhoa whoa.. Get out of that DeLorean dude and see the future..

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            • 21 Jul 2018


              I love and need big phones with everything in them,, the last two years I have had the 6.8 Asus zenfone 3 ultra, stereo loud speakers, 23 MP camera but a middle range processor snapdragon 652,, not capable of serious video editing.
              Since Asus seems to have abandoned me, I welcome eagerly the 6.9, two speaker, triple camera, 980 soc equipped mi max 3,, thank you for that.

                This will bring down P20 pro's price just how it brought down Mate 10's -,-

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                  • 04 Jun 2018

                  I hope huawei will make gaming smartphone and tablet with kirin 980 chip on it

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                    • 24 May 2018

                    r33fd, 09 Apr 2018I can only tell you this: Samasung AMOLED screens are simpl... moreMate 10 Pro doesn't use a Samsung display, it uses one of the largest Chinese panel maker's (BOE) OLED panel. BOE panels are up there with Samsung ones.

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                      • 05 May 2018

                      Shui8, 09 Apr 2018Dude there are hundreds of icon UI to choose from huawei th... moreWell I bet h/she´s an iphone user who doesn´t know how to customized their icons. cheap

                        Ismug, 12 Apr 2018The kirins where all ready on par with the snapdragons but ... moreCPU Performance, yes.
                        GPU Performance, no. Although, they are catching up now.

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                          • 15 Apr 2018

                          sarat meinam, 15 Apr 2018hey let us discuss about 5g, 2k+,125 dxo mark and fhd 1000 ... moreI would hope it's at least 1080p..or just over lol

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                            • sarat meinam
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                            • 15 Apr 2018

                            hey let us discuss about 5g, 2k+,125 dxo mark and fhd 1000 fps . i hope huawei engineers can achieve this.

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                              • 12 Apr 2018

                              First of all Huawei mate 10 pro only uses Amoled the regular mate 10 uses Lcd which is from Japanese display Inc. (JDI)

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                                • Ismug
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                                • 12 Apr 2018

                                The kirins where all ready on par with the snapdragons but this looks much better. I don't see the snapdragon 855 beating by much if at all

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                                  • 11 Apr 2018


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                                    • 11 Apr 2018

                                    AnonD-472515, 11 Apr 2018i think it's ok dont have headpohone jack, as what xiaomi d... moreMost people who prefer quality and convenience don't

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                                      • 11 Apr 2018

                                      JustTHAT, 10 Apr 2018Performance is good and all but I do hope Huawei doesn't fo... morei think it's ok dont have headpohone jack, as what xiaomi did to their ANC earphone, that power up using usb type C connectivity. I prefer usb type C earphone/headphone

                                        Muhamashi18, 10 Apr 2018I don't see why Huawei needs to follow everyone else and co... moreI have snapdragon 800 and its perfect no lags in games (a slight slowdown sometimes) but you know people will keep saying its benchmark score is below other chipsets, its outdated etc honestly imo SoC updates should be a three year cycle first year major announcemet and second year just overclocked version of it and maybe some little extras and third year another major update
                                        And name of major and overclocked version should represent by small number change like 820 and 821 not 835 and 845