Samsung leaks its upcoming devices in its own Android App

25 August, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note, and Wave 3 will be revealed on September 1 at IFA in Berlin.

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  • ahmed

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2011As Nokia n9 is capable of running Android apps..similarly S... morehi no informastion yet about n9
I dont thing so run andrioad
I watched final review videos on youtube the browser not multi touch

  • ZIYA

galaxy nate is a i9250i

  • Anonymous

Note is I9220, and its bigger than 4.5"

  • andrizoid

I think the Galaxy Samsung Note thingy is going to be competing against the HTC Flyer. It's gonna be a media powerhouse. Probably hooks up to your television, plays video games, has a media hub. Something that will touch on multiple spectrums of diverse needs. Business, pleasure, night life, something that becomes part of your life that can be shared with the world. That's what I got out of the commercials.

  • Anonymous

totally agree with u

  • Anonymous

samsung pls upload camscanner for bada . all other app maker like android, bberry , apple, windows they so pls bring camscanner for bada app ,

  • Anonymous

As Nokia n9 is capable of running Android apps..similarly Samsung should at least do something for that it could get a hope to rise..other wise Samsung should quit to Samsung prefer to launch more android powered smartphones..and Bada only one or two for a year....

  • @mig

Mig, 27 Aug 2011Samsung should just drop Bada. It's useless! Only a few w... moremaybe you have flashed the phone wrongly

  • Anonymous

samsung is really in good position these days
in my opinion nokia will be replaced by samsung as the world biggest phone makeer and apple will be replaced by samsung as the biggest smartphone maker soon!

  • Mig

et, 26 Aug 2011hope wave 3 will be another monster from Samsung, which wil... moreSamsung should just drop Bada. It's useless! Only a few weeks ago they released the official Bada v1.2 for the Wave S8500 here in SG. Now my phone frequently restarts and I noticed a decline in battery life. I cannot access the top part of a webpage due to the browser showing the address bar when clicked. Just drop it Samsung!

  • jayzzz

the new upcoming I9250 4.65 amoled smartphone is the galaxy note

  • chen

mark, 26 Aug 2011i wonder what apple devices there ripping off this time. or... moreWhen henry Ford first released "The car" then all of a sudden, cars started all looking like CARS, do you think they slaughtered each other in court??? I think Apple is a little worried. Android has released the hounds!

  • et

hope wave 3 will be another monster from Samsung, which will rule the smartphone world along with SGS2.........go samsung go................

  • Anonymous

AnonD-15234, 26 Aug 2011Why do doubt that? The only thing that android have is the ... moreThe thing about Bada is, it is fast, but if you fully use it like you say, you still cantdo much.

  • FaraZ

I think that Galaxy Note is probably an electronic notebook...u know..E-paper & else

  • Anonymous

I can't wait for Wave 3. Not because of Bada, but because the original Wave (s8500) was a groundbreaking phone of unmatched quality and battery life for a Smartphone. It was the most complete smartphone actually, in my opinion, very underrated.

  • Anonymous

3D display 4.5 inches

  • _tiMiR

Galaxy Note a new handset in touch n type series (Galaxy Pro)with dual core engine...but still expecting something vry mch new than whats around the world...

  • Anonymous

galaxy note is 5inch mini tab. it is my idea.

  • xfox

I think it will be a tab with a pen or a keyboard