Samsung leaks its upcoming devices in its own Android App

25 August, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note, and Wave 3 will be revealed on September 1 at IFA in Berlin.

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  • Anonymous

we want flexi pads....

  • The Detonator

Galaxy note might be similar to amazon's kindle( e-book reader).

  • shantanu

We request samsung to introduce handsets supportinng dual micro-sd card slots ,the lcd screens should have minimum pixel density of 180 dpi for all smartphones. A.nd please samsung include secondary video call camera for most of your smartphones.

  • mark

i wonder what apple devices there ripping off this time. or maybe they have learned there lesson in plagurism and developed new devices.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-15234, 26 Aug 2011Why do doubt that? The only thing that android have is the ... morethey should do the same with symbian.i mean a lot of people just say whatever they dude even compared nokia 500 with galaxy s2.i mean common .grow up

  • akeelrocks

Thank god it was not samsung galaxy s3 because i just buyed samsung galaxy s2.

  • Anonymous

Agree. Stop trying to look like an iPhone Samsung.

  • AnonD-18978

The Galaxy Note looks like a 2.3 running Android to me. Well, lets wait for it to arrive.

  • AnonD-19430

galaxy note will be similar to asus eee note

  • AnonD-15234

Mohsen, 25 Aug 2011I hate nokia and google.because Iranian and i cant download... moreI think you have a problem with your own country not with nokia or google or other company. You have to understand that many countries don't meet the standards, it's plain simple. And secondly.. what does this has to do with samsung unpacked app?

  • rorenz

i think the galaxy note will be like the eee pad transformer...

  • AnonD-8103

maybe it's the rumored galaxy with the qwerty slide keyboard... (galaxy note)

  • AnonD-15234

Cvetex, 25 Aug 2011I expect that Wave 3 would be all about multimedia.The acce... moreWhy do doubt that? The only thing that android have is the big app support, that's the only difference in term of functionality. In term of stability, 0 time response, graphics.. well I gotta say that bada looks better. I'm not suggesting that android is not good, I'm just saying that people should stop trashing bada without fully using it.

  • B3AR

I think the Galaxy note will be a bar-qwerty cell phone, or a slider-qwerty cell phone.

  • Anonymous

with the way that Apple is keen to stop Samsung and its Androids devices, its good t see that Samsung is pushing forward with making Bada OS.

Bada OS 2.0.1 is pretty awesome ... whereas Bada 1.0/1.2 had a Android Lite feel to it, Bada 2.0.1 has gone in a different direction, yes it has many elements from the bigger brother Galaxy S 2 with its Touch Wiz 4 UI but it really works nicer on Bada OS than Android 2.3.3

Go Bada or go home ... shame that Nokia have all but killed MeeGo.

  • Papa_Bear

Design Bear, 26 Aug 2011I do not wanna see another Iphone/pad-look devices....Thats good because you wont... Samsung are their own unique brand

  • Steve Jobs Uses SGII

Anonymous>> Maybe thats why Steve has resigned
How do you want apple to follow the lawsuits on so many devices ? Hahahaha that's the reason and personally can't wait for Wave III. Wave is the way to go for serious multimedia fanatics(super AMOLED,excellent video capture,impeccable audio quality,and needless to say the video player is second to none) is just tweaked with a few games for children.....

  • Wolf

Oh no! I hoped there will be a windows phone release, but the name "Note" doesn't sound much like a smart phone :( Was hoping to see the windows version of galaxy like the rumors...

  • coolman 159

hay gays i can wait the galaxy tab 7.7 coooooooooooool

  • LaW

is that it, i was expecting nexus prime and a 720p galaxy s2 varient, oh well, i think its MWC 2012 for them, mainly galaxy s2 sucessor