Samsung leaks its upcoming devices in its own Android App

25 August, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note, and Wave 3 will be revealed on September 1 at IFA in Berlin.

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  • samsung fan

alex, 26 Aug 2011galaxy note, notebook? Maybe sth like mini tablet with >... moreThe Galaxy note is a mini paper notepad gifts that comes with every purchase of the Super Galaxy S3 I9300. Pretty cool in shape which looks like a Galaxy s2 and includes a small pen. :-)

  • Prosenjit

galaxy note will be something new but i think it's a mini tab.

  • Cod3rror

No Nexus or Galaxy S III? I guess I can scratch that show off my list

  • Anonymous

note? new device? a flexible pad?;)

  • Dyl2thrill

AnonD-2663, 26 Aug 2011Seriously, no one outside the US gives a toss about android... moreNot true, android is the most popular OS in Australia and New Zealand. We definitely give a toss.

  • Design Bear

I do not wanna see another Iphone/pad-look devices....

  • Anonymous

my guess of the "note" is like the HTC flyer, with a stylus

  • AnonD-2663

Seriously, no one outside the US gives a toss about android anymore.

  • Dude

Mohsen, 25 Aug 2011I hate nokia and google.because Iranian and i cant download... moreI think it is due to the policy of your country to control the access right for internet content. Don't blame google or nokia, but check with your own country's policy first, maybe they are the one that do not give permission for iranian to have access to ovi and android market. Peace!!!

  • Reader

I think the Galaxy Note is a Keyboard-version of Galaxy S II but with better hardware, or it's a competitor to Acer's Iconia Smart with a large screen and stylus use like HTC's Flyer but with 4" to 5" screen.

  • AnonD-19389

Mohsen, 25 Aug 2011I hate nokia and google.because Iranian and i cant download... moreFor Android.
Have you tried to use MarketAccess or something like that? maybe you will have to use a rooted device for that, not sure...

  • alex

galaxy note, notebook? Maybe sth like mini tablet with > 4.5" display......

  • Anonymous

Doesn't all these product launches reduce the value of all the Samsung devices, as it increases the obsolescence rate?

  • Anonymous

Maybe thats why Steve has resigned
How do you want apple to follow the lawsuits on so many devices ?

  • Anonymous

too many phones on the market, nothing REALLY new from samsung. If I strip off samsung logos from them would u know what make is it? lol dont think so

  • Mohsen

I hate nokia and google.because Iranian and i cant download any think frome ovi store and android market,for what?for this that we are from Iran,a country with best culture.
Its so bad.we give mony to them but they insult to us.
Gsmarena is a so big site,tell our problem to google and nokia.

  • Cvetex

I expect that Wave 3 would be all about multimedia.The accent would probably be on big AMOLED screen and better HD camera.Build quality should be as good as on the previous models.I dont know how the new BADA OS would look but I doubt it would be better than ANDROID 2.2/2.3

  • AnonD-19381

My guess is that the GALAXY Note will be Samsung's competitor for the HTC Flyer. It should include Duo-Sense technology in order to use a pen for taking notes. Makes sense, huh?

  • Stadtionalist

I vote for "Galaxy Note = Next SGSII with hardware keyboard and tweaked SoC"

  • sket

Note? Hmmm... could it be a previously leaked i9250? That Galaxy device is suppose to have a 4.7" screen. Could that be enough screen realestate for a stylus of some sort? You know - Note, good for taking notes?

Personally, im waiting to see what the Wave3 will look like ;)