Samsung leaks its upcoming devices in its own Android App

25 August, 2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note, and Wave 3 will be revealed on September 1 at IFA in Berlin.

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  • BauBau

or, it kud be touch screen with stylus pen, like Htc Flyer! maybe, something to take easy notes, like "notebook" real!

  • Oz

where's the nexus prime?

  • osirawboy

the galaxy note will surely be a quwety style phone considerly the name note

  • Mickwa

Would be nice if the teasers actually played.

  • AnonD-16342

Too many products will destroy the exclusivity..... looking like HTC is the only company in the Android sphere which is sensible enough....

  • mobzdon

dear samsung , am eagerly waiting for waiting for 1st sep ... bt i cant wait now wen i saw this gsmarena updation ... pls .... reveal it all ,, otherwise ma heart will stop... actually am waiting for wave 3 ,,,, hmmm wats that surprise ??? galaxy note ?
anyways sam, u are rocking day by day ,,,, all the best ,,,, catch the good minds all over the world ,,,,

  • Ashura

Tadas, 25 Aug 2011Samsung Galaxy Note is a new phone-tablet hybrid with 5.20 ... moreSource?

  • Tadas

Samsung Galaxy Note is a new phone-tablet hybrid with 5.20 inches screen.

  • anonymous

lol a 7.7 inch? just bring out e 8.9 inch alrdy...

  • AnonD-79

gsm arena soon will have to launch a new update "samsung mobile/tablet finder". u input your needs & there will be something for you. just wish they replace their crappy resolution screen in the entry level with something usable.

  • AnonD-19367

addition: i juz checked into wave's samsung apps portal the app is also there for bada phones

  • Anonymous

Samsung... you're progressing too fast!