Nubia Red Magic gaming smartphone announced, RGB LED extravaganza in tow

19 April 2018
Nubia Red Magic is another gaming-oriented smartphone with fancy body and RGB LED lights. It packs a 6" display and a Snapdragon 835 chip.

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  • Anonymous

Edges Inspired by a battleship who thinks this nonsense up?

  • Abidhussain


FromChinaWithLove, 20 Apr 2018Madfinger game? Seriously? You really think that are more graphi... moreOh and one more thing Madfinger games is a developer from Czech Republic not American...
And I too had a Nexus 7 2012 so I know how well optimised their games were for Nvidia chips back then cos of their tie up. Besides until Unkilled all their games was built on the same engine. So graphics were not too different.
Shadowgun Legends is a brand new engine and a huge leap forward in terms of graphics.

FromChinaWithLove, 20 Apr 2018Madfinger game? Seriously? You really think that are more graphi... moreSo u haven't seen how good looking Shadowgun Legends is did ye? U just assume from ur previous exp that it's just okayish? Pls watch YouTube gameplay video of it and u will know why it's the best looking game on Android right now.
And I already told u in my previous post I play HIT and it runs in the best graphics settings possible on One Plus 3T without any kind of lag. On my One Pus One it runs on Medium settings without lag and that's cos in higher settings the phone heats up too much throttles after a few mins.
I also played Final Fantasy Pocket Edition last year without any issues on my 3T.
One Plus have a track record of producing the best performing phones and having a bloat free and clean OS certainly helps. I dunno abt ur phone but I can tell ye unless it's poorly optimised or there is throttling due to heating a Snapdragon 820 is still capable of running any game for Android at the max settings and an 800 can run even the demanding games at med.

Athull, 20 Apr 2018Lol u joking right? Or r u living under a rock? I am not talking... moreMadfinger game? Seriously? You really think that are more graphics intense than HIT or lineage II ? My old Nexus 7 have no problem playing their game, I remember playing their dead trigger ( the first one ) on my Nexus 7 and it was that graphics and RAM intense.

As I already mentioned, most American games ( because of the style they choose for the characters as well as the environment and details, most phone have no phone running them ( even the midranges and the old phone).

If you think my eyes got problem, how about you run HIT with highest settings on your "old"phone/or current phone to see the results. There's no point making this conversation into a argument like talk.

Try final fantasy xv pocket edition, try lineage II , HIT, darkness unborn, or even try Dynasty warriors unleashed. If your benchmark is the madfinger game like shadowgun.

I mean I have no problem playing Titanfall or the other, ( or maybe you're end up right, my xperia XZ simply suck).

  • AnonD-676655

Things that could make this phone better: stereo speakers(front facing preferred), stock android(if the new rom doesnt have anything to offer), i could go with a 835 for the price but a 845 would be better, better camera as AR is becoming a thing.

  • AnonD-527635

Aside from the gaming aspect, the design is gorgeous. Like a futuristic and alienated design. I'd totally rock this.

FromChinaWithLove, 20 Apr 2018" arguably the best looking game for Android now i.e Shadowgun L... moreLol u joking right? Or r u living under a rock? I am not talking about Shadowgun Deadzone I am talking about Shadowgun Legends the latest game. It's graphics r way better than any shooter for Android. If u can't see that then ur eyes need to be checked. Besides if HIT is ur benchmark game then I can let u know that even that run smoothly maxed out on my 3T and in med settings on my OP One. Just cos u had a badly optimised phone doesn't mean the Processor and GPU r bad. I also had a SD 615 phone briefly of Alcatel. And it was struggling to run even the simplest games. My friends Moto G(the original one) with a SD 400 did better. And SD 615 Adreno 405 was both newer and almost 2x more powerful than Adreno 305 in SD 400.

  • Alien

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018thats just bs, and you know it. adreno 320/330 is definitely ahe... moreYou do realize you're fighting over some lame mid range processors, right?
Who in their right mind (assuming they the have technical skills) would choose a mid range phone over a high-end flagship?
I'd rather buy a 2 year old Sony or Samsung flagship than a brand new mid-range phone..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]thats just bs, and you know it. adreno 320/330 is definitely ahead, worst case on par with 506. sure 625 is champ when it comes to battery, but is no performance king, and its gpu is weak. your experiences with g2 are the result of lgs engineering and bad software choices, not socs bad performance. we're still at the point where old flagships are in most cases ahead of current midrangers.

  • Alien

Even though I'd never buy a chinese brand, I admit this phone has one great design!
But I still wouldn't buy one..

Whats the difference between this new age of 'gaming phones' as opposed to any flagship? The specs are basically the same arnt they? And lets face it, the games on all app stores are only average at best, no serious gaming titles, or have i missed something?

  • AnonD-472515

Nzi97, 20 Apr 2018Well, you had problem with your phone aren't you, even if you sa... more'There are also three vents for some sort of air cooling and graphite layers for quick and even heat dispersion'

I think this is different from other smartpohone.

But if they can give lower price than other flagship and have opportunity to upgrade/combine/extend controller will be great.

  • Anonymous

Design not bad for chinee Nubia not a copy of anything

FromChinaWithLove, 20 Apr 2018Your 1+one run all the game on high settings ( you meant all the... moreWell, you had problem with your phone aren't you, even if you said gaming phone is needed(no still not), from the products launch so far, i still don't see the difference, it still use the same SoC as any other generic flagship, as oppose to like, gaming laptop where they use HQ variant of the chip as oppose to U and dedicated GPU that run at higher clock and power consumption depending on the provided setting in the software

Let's get real, gaming phone is not a thing, unless a manufacturer come out with a "true" gaming phone with custom SoC that focus on Graphic(Samsung and Huawei can pull this off)

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018Lol. Those games are super old. Try to game on brand new games l... moreWanna hear surprise, those are the game my friend play on redmi note 3
Haha, no complain here from them

  • Anonymous

what a joke!! 835!!!?? just die already, red magic! all those hype for this!? 😠

Athull, 20 Apr 2018My One Plus One can still run all games on high settings. Only i... moreYour 1+one run all the game on high settings ( you meant all the old game or maybe game like Candy crash etc? )
I don't think that your 1+one can even run darkness unborn in the high settings without lag. Let alone, games like HIT or lineage II.

Athull, 20 Apr 2018What ur talking abt is optimization of games. Some do it better ... more" arguably the best looking game for Android now i.e Shadowgun Legends " ? R u serious?

Look most American games on Android aren't that much graphics intense, and even the other guy who reply me with other games that he name dropped here aren't that good looking, and of course you'll have no problem of running it.

If you really want to know how good your old phone is( or how good you think it is), try some of the new game please. Try the Korean one, or even the Japanese one.

Try lineage II, try HIT, try darkness unborn, there's more.

  • Nedo

Like 399 price better :)